Sportstour in the Alleghenies

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    No excuses this time, I just went for a ride. My Nephew told me to "stop over", so I headed his way and he joined me. We stopped in Windber so he could fill his tank, then we headed east on 56.
    Here's the view going down Pleasantville mtn.
    We tried running some small roads towards Bedford, but twice got Detoured for road construction projects. Eventually we made it back out onto US30, then turned onto Upper Snake Spring road.
    Nice view of the ridge as you head north-ish.
    We rode past a lemonade stand, beeped at the children running it, then made a U-turn and went back. I figured they couldn't be getting much business on that lonely road, and their parents confirmed that thought. I got the regular and my Nephew chose pink.

    Here's the view from the lemonade stand. We had our drinks then turned our empty cups back in for disposal. There were a couple more cars that stopped before we pulled out, but I think they were friends or relatives, the way they pulled right in and parked in the driveway.
    I think this next pic is closer to Loysburg…… not certain. Nice scenery regardless.
    From Loysburg we headed south on 36, then north on 26, then took a turn toward Cypher. Here's a steel bridge crossing the Juniata river.

    I was searching for a road in this area that I was on years ago. It had a nice view of the river below. Thing is, I don't remember if I saw that view in the summer or winter. Or even if the road was paved.
  2. c1skout

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    Sep 29, 2009
    Western PA
    I guessed my way to Bowser Farm rd. I think this is the one I was remembering. Nice farm view in the river valley.
    We gained some elevation and then the road turned to gravel. Somebody doesn't like to run his shiny Monster far on gravel, so we stopped for a discussion and decided to turn around. I took this pic as my Nephew led the way to a wide spot.
    we stopped at the wide spot, had a snack and BS'd a bit before heading out the way we'd come. I'll have to come back and explore some more. This may be the road I was thinking of, but I'm not certain. Good enough excuse for another ride.

    I took some "new to me" roads after Cypher. Here's a landscape from one of them.
    We blundered past Halls Mill covered bridge, then spun around for a picture. Don't think I've seen this one before, but I've been in the area plenty in the past.

    I got us back out to 26, then south to 36, on up to 869 to head back toward home. Here's a farmscape from the New Enterprise area. The wind was HOWLING through this valley today.

    Closer to home on 869 we stopped at the men's room along Bobs creek.

    Our last stop was at a local tasty-freeze for an ice cream. I got a twist.

    That's all for today. Mid 70's, cloudy, only a couple drops of rain. Made a nice little loop, got about 125 miles in. I think I've got some gunk in the Enfield's carb, it's got a part-throttle stumble that seemed to get worse through the day. I'll yank that apart this week and see.
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    Nice pics of a nice ride. Thanks for taking us along.
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