Spring Smokey Mountain Ride

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    I have always gone to the Smokey Mountains area off and on in the fall for the last 50+ years and decided to to it in the spring time for once. The weather between NE Ohio and there finally settled down in mid May so the trailer was hitched to my Majesty 400 and off I went. I have finally seen the error of my ways and decided 250 - 300 miles the first day on the side roads is much more fun than 400 plus miles on the freeway. After all, I'm retired and have 7 to 10 days mapped out. About eight hours later I am 30-ish miles from my evening destination, Ace Adventure Resort in Oak Hill WV. It was a wonderful day of secondary and tertiary roads in Ohio and WV. Then it happened. My back tire picked up something that opened a gigantic hole and I started to swerve. I am not too worried about it until I hit the fork stop and was thrown off the high side.

    Now the adventure really begins. I remember seeing my hands hitting the road. The next memory is I am under a blanket, in an EMS meat wagon, all my clothes cut off me, and the EMS techs talking about the life flight arrival. I must have been out for quite a while.

    Then comes the Q&A session.
    EMT: What are you doing in WV?
    Me: I'm in WV? I don't know.
    EMT: Were you going north or south?
    Me: (pause) I don't know
    EMT: Where were you going?
    Me: (longer pause) then in a scared voice -- I don't know.
    EMT: Can you name your grandchildren?
    Me: Jesse, Katherine, Kevin, (pause) and . . . Christina would kill me if I forgot her.
    At the end of the 20 minute nausea inducing life flight to Charleston WV my marbles started to stack up and I got my memory mostly back. 20 minute flight, I must have been in the back of beyond.

    After examination the trauma doctors found a really deep bruise going from my jaw to neck to shoulder to armpit down the right arm and down the right side of my rib cage.

    My helmet was quite beaten up with deep scratches going from ear around the back to the other ear and showed other signs of damage. I will be replacing it. The scooter was totaled. They also found a broken collar bone and a tibia plateau non-displaced fracture. It's been two months, the bones have healed, now comes another month or two of outpatient therapy for the knee. The collar bone is taking care of itself and no therapy is needed there.

    I am miffed -- I am missing one of the finest riding seasons I have seen in Ohio for a long, long time.

    I am lucky. I am still on the green side of the grass and I will eventually heal to ride again.
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    Close call mate. Hope you have a speedy recovery.
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    Sorry to hear about your mis-adventure.

    hope you heal up quickly!