spun bearings on BMW hubs

Discussion in 'Vendors' started by woody's wheel works, Jan 19, 2007.

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    [Do you repair hubs that have been damaged by spun bearings? I have obtained a reat wheel that has internal hub damage. It would require machining the hole and putting in an appropriate sleeve. Is this something that you could do? I would loke to be able to go back to the original style wheels instead of my current Lester wheels
    [Wayne Johnson]

    hi wayne,,we have several ways of dealing with them,,,i build a ball bearing conversion too,,, it's popular because you eliminate all the drudgery and cost of the bmw tapered bearings and their set-up,,,can machine brake surfaces,,,you name we do or have done it,,also have a good supply of serviceable used stuff,,,some of it requires wheel disassembly,,,just tell me your $$$parameters and we'll get ya the most bang for your dollar...woody