Standing on pegs ILLEGAL?

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    My wife grew up in Montana. When I read this post to her, she said, without missing a beat, " Yup. That's how I passed my driver's test. On the first try. At 15."
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    You can get a ticket in CA for impeding traffic on the interstate if going too slowly. Was responding to a CHP call years ago to tow a POS RV someone who abandoned it on the I-15. The tongue was messed up and couldn't properly tow it. CHP said TOW IT get it off my freeway. So hooked it with chains best I could and was towing it going about 20mph and was pulled over 5 mi later by another CHP for going too slow. He read me the riot act but after expanation he let me go after verifying my story by calling other officer. Same crap here in CO and it involved Troopers and my boss getting involved. Boss had no clue you can't impede traffic by going too slow on the freeway. That one involved going slow so I wouldn't crack an oil pan on a Jetta with a wheel lift. Weak suspension will bottom out a pan on the wheel lift cross member and is expensive to fix. Was pulled over by CSP going too slow but he let me slide with explanation.
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    Useful IMHO