State Bridge to Telluride, CO - Dirt Roads and Tracks Needed

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    Hello fellow inmates,

    I'm planning another trip to Colorado next summer to redo part of the COBDR. I completed the COBDR in 2015 on my R1200GSA. My friend, Chris, did not complete the route due to bike problems.

    Here's the link from our last trip to Colorado:

    My favorite part of the trip was Telluride to State Bridge. We want to return to do that section in July.
    Does anyone have any good dirt roads/tracks to get us from State Bridge back to Telluride? We can patch together several tracks if needed. We don't mind throwing in a little pavement if there is something that we shouldn't miss. We'll be on smaller bikes this time. I'm going to ride my new 2018 KTM 350 EXC-F. Chris will have a similar bike.

    Hopefully, this time Black Bear Pass won't be so crazy.