Stealth camping at cell tower sites?

Discussion in 'Americas' started by dox, Aug 3, 2011.

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    Oct 3, 2005
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    As an employee (middle management) at one of the big four national wireless companies, and one who is involved in cell site management, I cannot stress enough the tip from page one that 99% of the time we lease land from private property owners. That said, most of the towers are not held by the carrier, they're typically held by one of the big three tower companies (e.g. Crown Castle). Most of the lease space is fenced, which means you're not to be inside the lease compound. Other than that, it's a novelty to camp near a cell tower but you're on private property and subject to the risks that are associated with trespass. As a motorcyclist, only you can decide if the risk is worth the reward.
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    I trailered my GS to/from Cleve OH to Hamilton MT last fall for my BC trip. Drove as far as I could and when I got tired I looked for a cell tower. Pulled into the site, unfolded my rear seat and crashed for the night in my car. Did that 2 nights going out and two nights returning. I made no effort to conceal my presence - just pulled in as far as I could and was outside the fence - I was visible from the road. No one bothered me. I was up at sunrise and on my way - after making coffee and havin' a smoke of course!
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    The only thing keeping me from camping at these and similar locations is the abundance of garbage and broken beer bottles.
    It's a sign to me of the local partying site and I'd rather not be in a location where I can be easily found.