Stupid things heard from sales people

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    It was a long time ago and I cannot bring them back at will, sadly. However, one lady was looking at a new car and it was at the intoduction of two speed wipers ( there is a clue as to how long ago) and she looked at the stalk which had the numbers 1 and 2 on it. She asked what it was and I said the wipers. She said "how clever is that? You don't need both wipers on if there is only you in the car do you?" I agreed with her of course, as a good salesman should.:jack
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    May 10, 2005
    Recently - looking for a Triumph Tiger 800. Dealership has a pair of Explorer 1200s (xC and xR) that I walk over to - to see if there are any other ADVs there and the sales guys comes up. I explain what I'm looking for.

    "Well, this one is 1200 (the xC) and this is the 800" (the xR)
    "I don't think so" I say: "They are two variants of the same platform - that's clearly the same motor"

    "Well the Sportsters have the same-looking motor on the 883 and 1200, - and these have adjustable windshields."

    " ???????"

    ( seriously, I swear that this is what he said )
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    Sep 6, 2014
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    I went to a Yamaha dealer that was recently acquired by a multi-line shit fest type chain dealership. It was obvious out of the box the "sales guy" didn't ride motorcycles, didn't particularly care for motorcycles. Maybe he was a side by side expert? I will spare everyone the whole tale of woe, but as we are settling on a price, (WR250R) I asked for a tech to help set up suspension (sag) as part of the deal. He said "oh no we can't do that" me-why not? He says "the whole sub-frame and seat has to come off" I lol'd and said do yourself a favor and never say anything like that again. No, I didn't buy from them.
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    Interesting. Most stories I hear are the opposite - a lady n00b getting talked into, not a good starter, but a high-markup heavy machine just not suitable for a smaller individual who's starting out.

    The problem in this dialog was, obviously, the sales-dood wasn't comfortable dealing with a woman rider. Probably he got into the dealership as a rider, not as a sales professional. He didn't seem to know, or know how, to find out that your wife knew how to ride and wanted a good road bike - and had an idea what size she wanted.

    The sales pros, and I've seen this...they are the ones with the stupid blather about riding modes and improved widget cases on this year's model. They understand numbers - that is, which finance companies can get around low credit scores, and how much product he has to move to keep his job or move up. They'll be the ones selling a full-dress Harley to a junior female exec whose total time on a bike was one trip with a hunk when she was celebrating college graduation.

    The trick is, of course, the happy medium - offer advice, maybe, but the customer is going to decide what he wants. PART of the problem, seems to me, is that selling motorcycles, or other powersports, so HARD with the economy what it is. Only the strongest survive - and the strongest might not be the ones with the best product knowledge, but only the finest-honed killer instinct.
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    Jul 21, 2006
    It doesn't come with another countershaft sprocket.
    Do you have the key?
    Yes, but it doesn't come with another countershaft sprocket. There's nothing under there but paperwork.
    Rummage, rummage.
    Oh shit.
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    Apr 10, 2016
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    Not impossible, but when it come to vehicle sales, let's just say the salesman doesn't get the benefit of the doubt.

    Besides, he had several hours to put that line together...perhaps the bike I bought was already "sold" before I made the calls and the travel that got me to the other dealer?

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    Feb 21, 2011
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    OK so I am buying a new car and the salesman turns the stereo up loud and I can't hear the car. He goes on and on about the stereo. When we get back to the dealership I offer to buy the stereo but not interested in the car.:lol3
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    Jan 3, 2005
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    I went car shopping with my sister to give advice. We were looking at one she liked, I had the hood up and the salesman was telling us about how the car had been completely serviced. I pulled the dipstick out and held it up, the oil was black as coal. We all looked at the dirty oil, and he didn't skip a beat. :photog
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    My 17 year old daughter is looking at a Subaru with her mother, I was at work. My wife tells me they get back from the test ride and the sales man asked what do you think? My daughter says "you said it had been checked for an inspection sticker? What about the exhaust leak?". He says "we will fix that". And she says "It is leaking coolant and oil." He says no it's not. She opens the hood and steam is rolling off the engine. He says "it's just water you must have driven through a puddle". Daughter says "no it's coolant, it smells sweet". Wife says he was standing with his mouth open as they left.:rofl
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  10. flei

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    While i am sure it is certainly true there are at least as many stupid customers as there are salespeople, IMO the salesperson should be held to a higher standard. s/he is supposed to be a "professional" who is knowledgable about what they are selling (i.e., knowing his product), as well as ethical (i.e., not willing to put someone on a bike that will kill them). A "stupid" customer is one thing. A "stupid" salesperson is quite another.
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    depending on what he meant by just serviced, if the car was run for 30 minutes after the oil will be black
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    Visited a car dealer that had a used car in the model I was interested in, short way in to the test drive there is a smell of oil and smoke from under the hood. Pulling in to the dealer car starts to rattle and oil pressure light comes on. Open up to discover oil running down the block from what is clearly a crack. Without missing a beat salesman says " so if we seal up the leak will you buy it"? Shook my head and got out of there quick

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    My old Suzuki Samurai (with a carb) takes a lot longer than 30 minutes to blacken the oil, just sayin'.
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    Not exactly a sales story but I moved back to the states from being out of country and was kicking around for a job but not rushed as I had planned for it. I ride everyday and had ridden all through Central America the year before and have restored old bikes and usually keep a garage full. None of this is relevant but to say just like you guys I am a motorcycle nut.

    Well a local Harley dealer needed a sales person. For shots and giggles I decided to go to an interview. My first bike was a Harley and have had a few and have always had a soft spot for the brand. Regardless this is an interview so I wore slacks.

    We talked a bit about bikes and he got the picture about how much it runs in my veins. Not to mention I have a fairly impressive resume. Well come to find out the manager doesn't even ride.

    Here is where it gets crazy. He turned me down right then and there. No biggie I was just fishing anyway. But he told me why...I wore slacks instead of an interview. Me a motorcycle fanatic with tons of sales experience and who likely knows more about their bikes than they do got turned down by a guy who doesn't even own a bike:lol3

    Well all I could do is chuckle. Truth be told I had walked into that dealer a few times already and never once did anyone offer to help me. Three months later I went in again this time went in to actually buy a bike and again no one spoke to me. I rode up the road and bought one from their competitor. Then went back to running the company I ran before I moved away.
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  15. sparkingdogg

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    Apr 15, 2014
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    Little ole me: How much is this one? What's your best price?

    Idiot salesman: How much do you want to spend a month?

    Me: That's not relevant in any way, shape, or form. What is your best price? Go ask your manager (snicker) since that's what you will say anyway. I have a blank HELOC check in my pocket, and want to buy a car today.

    Salesman: Well... how much did you want your monthly payment to be??

    Frickin' tard follows me out to my truck after I just shake my head and walk away. Actually tried to open my locked truck door to talk some more. I turned up the stereo real loud (had amp and subs) and he stood there for a good 5 minutes. Still trying to talk over 140 db music and rolled up windows. Finally bored, I gave him the finger and drove away. He actually looked confused. :confused

    I bought a different car that same day, from a different dealership, where the salesman wasn't a riddle talking ass hat.

    "I will have to run this past my manager" has to be the biggest line of b.s. ever to come from a salesman's mouth. After a few of those, I tell them "how about I talk to the manager myself and avoid the middleman b.s." to which I have never received anything but a look of confusion. :lol3
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    Jun 2, 2009
    A few years ago my wife was trying on leather riding pants and the female sales person asked her what type of bike she was riding pillion on. I think the sales person wished the ground would open up and swallow her as my wife through gritted teeth explained that she was no pillion, she rode her own bike.

    Another time my wife was shopping for a helmet. The sales person, who knew us both as my wife had bought a bike there, directed all his attention to me. "Hi Zuma what can we do for you?" "Better ask my wife". He couldn't take a hint though. As she tried on a helmet the sales person turned to me and gave me a spiel about what a comfortable helmet it was. I felt like saying "Yeah, it's so comfortable I can't even feel it on my head". My amused look, plus the death stare he copped from my wife seemed to finally alert him to his mistake as my wife then finally got some attention from him.
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    Is it the salespersons job to stop a customer buying a bike? Is it the manufacturers job then to not make one that is too big/fast? Is it the laws for allowing first time riders to buy whatever they choose? It just goes on doesn't it? I have employed sales staff in the past who did not know the product at all but I could tell that they were good salesmen and they turned out to be so. They worked for me, not the customer, because I paid their wages/commissions and they were not employed as safety consultants nor psychologists. They sold what the customer wanted to buy unless he/she could sell them something with more profit in it. That is what they do.

    I employed a lady salesperson once with no previous experience or any knowledge of cars whatsoever but I thought she had some drive in her. Within six months she was top salesperson, not just in the dealership, but in the state, and nearly in the country for that particular brand, Mazda. The only rule I had for my staff was "do not tell lies and don't make things up". Because it used to come back on me eventually.:D

    How many times do we hear these on here? "freedom of choice" and "nanny state" as arguments against regulations. Now you want the sales staff to be the nanny's and stop the freedom of choice?
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    Maybe if it's a diesel but if gasoline I strongly doubt it.
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    Nov 11, 2016
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    He probably read a brochure somewhere.

    I do happen to like most Harleys, especially the look of the Fat Bob. But I am sorry, the only dirt a Harley should get near is unwashed tarmac.

    I am in the process of buying a bike after many years of not really riding. And I have never ridden on road before. Practically every salesman I spoke to insisted that I go buy a beaten up cheap as possible 125 to get back into it before buying a newer or bigger bike. (I am stubborn so gonna look at a 660 Tenere today.)

    Holy crud that is a beautiful machine there (And yes I know that I have proven to have terrible taste a few days ago)

    The sad thing here is that this is very often the case. Probably more often than not actually. Because most husbands are dickheads who want to control every part of their wives' lives. As long as I can remember my mother was not allowed to choose her own car.

    Sounds about right.

    Would love to hear some idiot customer stories. Pretty sure I will be featured in one or two of them at the moment.

    He was probably worried that he would end up on the "stupid questions" thread if he asked whether she has ridden a bike before.
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    Jun 2, 2009
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