Sturgis on BMW = bad idea?

Discussion in 'Americas' started by ride on joe, Jan 20, 2008.

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    There is usually a BMW club rally at the same time at a campground near Sturgus. Check the BMWMOA website in the spring for the details.
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    I went up in 1998 for work. I was there for about 10 days. We did take the bikes up in a trailer along with all the stuff we needed to set up for our booth. I was on my purple 93 GS, it stuck out like a sore thumb, but it was fine. The guy I was working with was riding a HD & I think he felt a little goofy about riding around with a guy on a purple BMW.

    We were working and had little time to ride, but I did get to go up Spearfish Canyon for breakfast.

    The worst part was all the noise. Everyone thought their bike sounded cool and unique, and that everyone else wanted to hear it. After about the 10,000th one I was ready to go postal.

    The best part, trailering up!

    The BMW dealer had a super low mileage (3K) 10 year old (1988) KLR650. It was cheap $1,200, and there was just enough room in the trailer to bring it home.
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    If you ride your bike there you'll never get to break in your trailer!

    As you ride up when you get 20 miles away you'll see trailers EZVERYWHERE, take a moment and think "Silly wabbits trailers are for boats" :rofl

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    Jun 4, 2007
    Been there on my Gold Wing from NJ. It was funny, gassing up three states away. There's a dude in his greasy boots, worn jeans, black H-D tee shirt and fingerless gloves pumping diesel fuel into his $40,000 pick-up, say'in how I should get a real bike. I told him how he would fit right in with all the other, Candy Ass Trailer Queens.

    Which can be a problem. It is the trailer capitol of the world. 500,000 bikes and 400,000 trailer drivers. there is a serious lack of riding skills during bike week. It's a wonderful place to ride any other week of the year.

    If some friends of mine who had never been there wanted to go, I would too. But otherwise no thank you. It is something to do, once.

    Oh yeah, there is a lot of very exposed ugly flesh. Key word ugly.
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    She won't care what you ride! Be sure to stop by and see us. Barb
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    If you want to ride around more than 1 day in the Black Hills it is best to buy the SD State Park pass. The best part about having the pass is being able to zoom by all the other people paying their daily entrance fee every time you ride in a park, and there are many.

    At least that is the way it was in 2003 when my son (then 15 years old) and I were there on the BMW for 2 weeks. We rode from Ontario, slept on picnic tables in rest areas, camped rough every night even close to Sturgis.

    My son still talks about that trip more than the one next year when we each had our own bike.

    We met very interesting characters, some were hard core riders, others just there for the social events. Nobody ever said anything bad about the BMW, many were interested when we stopped for gas etc.

    I wanted to see the place for 2 days, my son wanted more so we ended up in Sturgis a long time but we rode 100 to 200 plus miles very early every morning before the hills became crowded.

    ItÂ’s a MC trip, ride, trailer, do what you want to as long as it is fun for you and the people you are with. :freaky

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    We rode out after the bike rally, cheap camping, no traffic from Deadwood around to Devils tower and weather was perfect!:ricky
    Being from Ohio we though this was a big laugh in Wy.:lol2
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    Do it on the beemer. I stumbled across the Hot Springs HOG rally back in 05 and had a blast for a few days. Not only was I on a GS but I was English so you can image the fun, games and comments...... :D :1drink :D

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    I've been many times and always on my BMW. Like others have said there are all kinds of bikes and all kinds of riders. Ride proud!
  10. Big Single

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    Sep 4, 2007
    In my late teens, I worked as a bouncer at a biker bar frequented by the Outlaws in the Milwaukee area. The real bikers had no problem with any European bike. They did frown on Japanese bikes. (They also frowned on bathing and the brushing of teeth.) We wouldn't actually toss them until they violated the unwritten code of conduct of the gang. That threshold was fairly difficult to cross. We'd give the Sergeant of Arms a glance and if given the nod, the offender would get unceremoniously tossed out the door. Some resistance was part of the ritual. They were expected to take a swing or two and we were expected to knock them to the floor and drag them kicking and screaming out the door without too much brutality. Most of them enjoyed seeing their brothers tossed. The following weekend, their bumps and cuts would be forgotten.

    If anyone at Sturgis gives you a hard time it's most likely because they're weekend warriors. In other words, persons of no consequence in the biker world.
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    I went to Sturgis in 2005 and DID see plonkers doign jsut that. Their women drove the trailer on to wherever they were staying.

    I shared a house with a group. 2 of which trailered from Tulsa and discussed whether they would need new tires before the next years trip to Sturgis.

    I was on a Valkyrie and was saddened at the morons who would not make eye contact wiht the lowly Jap bike rider.

    Bunch of lame brain posing wankers. I wouldn't drink a beer so I could piss on them if they were on fire.
  12. M56-mike

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    May 12, 2008
    I say go, Just got back yesterday, was there 4 weeks ago for the first week of the ralley. I was with 6 Harleys 550 miles out. First few days I caught some crap from these guys by weeks end They were tired of me using half the fuel, not smoking, not starting hard, and ridign away from them. Had 3 more on the trailer on the way home than the way out. I ride a GS with a pipe, they called me the Chain-saw, by tips end the lippyest of the Harley guys said "man that chain saw is kicking my ass". Fun riding Id live in that area if I could.
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    I found it funny that the HD does not have a dealership in Sturgis, but BMW does. lol So I stopped in and got a BMW Sturgis hat. Of course HD does have a clothing store in Sturgis that is 3 times as big as the BMW dealer.
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    I see no reason to be there? You can drink beer many places. The Black Hills are a far second place to anywhere in the Rocky Mountains! SD to hunt makes sense, but as destination on my bike , never will I go.:D