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Support near Cape Town South Africa offered.

Discussion in 'Africa & Mid East' started by Tau Anvil, Nov 6, 2018.

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    Thanks for the Hospi
    Thanks so much for the Hospitality Tau, been home for a couple days now and finally caught up. Great Braai, beer and rum. I also did stop and get some Biltong and it is very delicious, my dog also agree's. However I need to send you some of my local jerky at some point in time. Unfortunately I was too busy eating and drinking to get any pictures of the Braai.

    Also for those wondering about the rental, I got mine from http://www.motorbikehire.co.za/ as I wanted to try a Tenere 660. It was one of the cheapest prices I saw in the area but I still thought it came out somewhat expensive. I was not super enthused about the 170 ZAR/day tire fee either, but I've heard other places are doing this too. Dalene was super responsive and friendly, but the paperwork was a bit concerning as the terms were very strict for a dual sport rental. I had no issues however, but I did not get a chance to go off road. I read some scary trip advisor reviews after I had picked up the bike, but I got a prompt refund. She was surprised the bike was so clean. As for condition, I know they stopped selling the 660's there too, and it was quite clean, but had a aging clutch cable and also did have some low RPM issues. I haven't ridden a new 660 to say if it was completely normal, but felt way different than my Super T. She also suggested a driver Mansur, who was super friendly and helpful, but expensive. I would suggest him if travelling w/ 3+ people and gear, but otherwise use uber if your looking for cost wise. Apparently he also does adventures like dives with great whites, safari's, and has condo's for rent. I could look up his info if anyone needs, but he does seem like he is a higher end service.
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