Suspension Compatibility - 2009 to 2011 R1200GS ESA

Discussion in 'GS Boxers' started by GHO100, Sep 16, 2019.

  1. BJMoose

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    Oct 15, 2018
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    ^ The bike is equipped with ESA and I would keep that. Thanks.
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    I change shocks on all of them, my 17.5 , the day after bringing it home.

    Klause at EPM and Hyper Pro is my go to set up..including on my ‘08 with DMC side car...
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  3. (I^2)R/746

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    Oct 12, 2012
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    So I replaced the suspension on my '11 with some Tractive front and rear. With ESA. Interestingly they abandoned the preload stepper on the front as it makes no difference (which I can attest to). I wanted to keep the ESA for basically one purpose: when the pillion jumps on I push a button instead of cranking a knob. For this convenience I gave up being able to really dial in the compression and rebound to suit my taste. It's pretty close and does suit my needs it's just not ..... really custom. I purchased them from Beemershop after a talk with Ted (I live 2.8 miles from there). From what I understand it's similar with Ohlins, Touratech and other "high profile name brands". Ted was very curious as to why I wanted to stay with ESA and not have the adjustability but at the end said the Tractive was what he had on his daily rider.

    The Tractive setup was about $2k. Third bike I've used Beemershop to set up. Happy with all of them. Spent more on my F800GS (but it really is quite good). Do all the install/uninstall myself. Give them a ring get an honest answer.
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    A reply to the original question. I know you already found the answer. The ESA units of all GS / GSA prior to 2010 and past 2010 are not interchangeable. Before 2010 Showa manufacturer, after 2010 WP manufacturer. The damping stepper motors are indeed from 2 different generations. The number of stepper motor incremental steps is double for similar damping change compared to prior 2010 (stronger motor).

    Good luck with yr choice. Any technical questions feel free to ask.
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    Not sure if that's correct, when I had my Showa units from my 2010GSA redone by Wilbers, I mounted used WP units as an interim solution and they worked just fine. Didn't throw any errors and worked as expected.