SW Motech Trax Ion and Trax Adv

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by LazyR, Apr 24, 2020.

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    Feb 20, 2018
    As my tax returns are about to come in, I am looking for a set of luggage for my new bike (Husqvarna TR 650). I am looking for hard panniers and it seems like the only option is SW motech Trax (or the cheap plastic ones).

    I understand the Ion is basically an improved EVO (or ADV light), with the corner not being a part of the construction anymore. I am looking for a reason to pick one over the other (currently the edge goes to the Ion for the price difference). Has anyone had one or both of these and care to weigh in? And more importantly: has anyone throughly crash-tested them? :muutt

    Thanks in advance for your insights :clap

    I also would prefer soft-bags for weight and personal safety reasons, however my travels take me quite a bit more through civilization instead of deserts than I'd like to admit. I really love having lockable panniers so I can leave the bike alone for a minute, when going into a shop for example. For the more local and technical rides/trips I will probably get a nice, maybe slightly used, set of soft bags as well