Swiss long time globetrotter arriving in the U.S.

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    Good day fellow american bikers

    My name is Thierry, I’m 59 years old and from Basel, Switzerland. Since January 2008 I am living my dream and ride my motorbike around the world. My epic journey started in Mexico-City and will also end in Mexico-City. The 1st leg was Latin America, the 2nd leg brought me from Europe all the way to Far East following the south route, on the 3rd leg I explored Ozeania and then drove back from Far East back to Europe, this time following on the north route. The 4th leg was the crossing of Africa and now I am on my 5th and last leg riding across North America back to Mexico-City.

    For the first two legs I used a BMW F650 Dakar, the third leg I did on a BMW F800GS. For Africa I rebuilt and modified a Suzuki DR650 because I wanted to have simple and lighter bike for that continent (which proved to be a very good decision!). And now for North America I use again the BMW F800GS…

    If you are interested to see some pics/footage from the previous legs you are welcome to visit my website or check out my Facebook timeline.


    So for the last leg I shipped the bike to Anchorage, Alaska, early June this year and I am now on my way south back to Mexico-City. Currently I am in Vancouver. I think to cross the border to the US in about 1 week from now. My goal is to arrive in Mexico-City approx. by end of next year – end of 2020. So this and next year I want to do the 3-corner loop (skipping the northeast) around the Unites States - including a winter break when I will store the bike somewhere (probably in Florida, depending how far I will get until end of October / beginning of November and I find somebody who is willing to store my bike at his place).

    Why I am writing all this? Well, I would love and was hoping to meet some of you fellow bikers somewhere in the US. I will stay quite a while and cover a decent distance in the US, hence it might be possible that I will pass near your home town. Wouldn’t it be nice to meet, have a few:beer together and exchange stories? That’s all part of the adventure and travels, isn’t it?

    It’s a long time dream of me to visit and travel the US on my motorbike. I’ve read and heard too many great stories of bikers who travelled the US – now it’s my turn and I can’t wait to see all these fantastic places with my own eyes…

    So hopefully I’m going to meet the one or another of you. I wish you all the best, good luck and always safe riding!

    Cheers from Vancouver :wave


    PS: You can follow my trip here:

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