Sync The Planet 2017

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    Have you heard of SYNC THE PLANET?

    I first heard of it in 2015 and immediately loved the idea, mainly because riders will participate at the SAME time all over the world. So, I’m here to spread the word and to ask you guys to join and tell all your friends about it. For more info, see the new promo video on you tube. It should answer most questions.

    IF you have more questions, go to their Facebook page at

    There are always riders from different countries looking for someone to do this ride with so check it out and if you plan on riding, let them know so you guys can ride together.

    There is a guy that intends to do a live Youtube video of his ride but, it seems that he must have 1000 subscribers to be allowed to do it so please, subscribe to his channel at:

    Tell your friends and go ride guys. It’s an awesome idea.