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Ta Oy to Dong - The BIG Bamboo bridge and Ho Chi Minh Trail ride.

Discussion in 'Asia' started by Brian_BKK, Dec 19, 2014.

  1. Brian_BKK

    Brian_BKK Adventurer

    Jan 22, 2012
    G'day All,

    This is a great ride from Ta Oy to Dong following the Ho Chi Minh Trail all the way.

    A real big Thank you to Chris (AKA- Steve C Canyon) for the help and track.
    Check out Chris's site here.. http://www.thehochiminhtrail.com/
    A wealth of information.

    Also big thanks to www.gt-rider.com forum.

    You have to see and ride the BIG Bamboo bridge..

    Just amazing.




    To get to this amazing bridge you have a great little ripper of a ride from Ta Oy along the Ho Chi Minh Trail..

    Lots if small creek crossings




    Zipping along some lovely parts of the HCM Trail.. Some great climbs up the hills too.


    This was quite funny.. They wave, so I slow down to say hi.. As I stop.. They all run and hide.. (In the video below)


    Some wonky bridges to zip over


    More fabulous crossings.


    After the BIG Bamboo bridge the road is wide and graded all the way to Dong.



    A short video of the HCM Trail ride below



  2. Hawkmuscle

    Hawkmuscle n00b

    Sep 3, 2013
    Washington D.C.
    Good trip! In November 2013 the bridge was wiped out in the center of the river, we took a water taxi. That is cool they rebuilt. The museum seemed unreal. :lurk