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Taking the new Guzzi for a spin

Discussion in 'Ride Reports - Epic Rides' started by Bommes, Aug 3, 2020.

  1. Bommes

    Bommes Been here awhile

    Sep 2, 2013
    The Netherlands
    A new year a new ride report, I had my doubts whether I wanted to ride this report.
    Normally when I am on my trips I start writing right away, that way I rule out the forgetful brain and it also keeps me busy while on the road.
    Stopping to make some pictures, writing stuff down, etc.

    But now there was something that didn't feel right, I didn't got to the point where I pulled my laptop out of the top-box and start writing.
    What it was.. I don't know I.. maybe when I write this report that will come to me.

    To start at the beginning or is it to begin at the start..??

    The 15th of may I bought a new bike, my first ever new bike, what the first new vehicle I ever bought.
    Had my share of new company cars but never I put my own money into this kind of thing.

    IMG_20200424_104509997 (Small).jpg

    Well actually I bought the bike a few days prior to that but on the 14th I got the call I could come and pick up the thing on the 15th.
    Jep that sounds a bit odd that thing, but that feeling all ready came a few days later.

    For all you guys and galls that missed this story.
    I decided to buy my self a new Moto Guzzi V85 TT.
    Which I bought @ a local Guzzi dealer because of his very fast delivery time.
    I visited his their shop, pointed one out in there to my liking and a short weeks later I got to pick it up.
    All those hard-cases I didn't want, just the center-stand and the engine crash-bars is what they had to leave on the bike.

    FB_IMG_1589536549369 (Small).jpg

    After a few days it was living up to is name... the oil came dripping out :(

    IMG_20200519_113823212 (Small).jpg

    The shop came thru, they gave me a loaner to use and started working on my bike.
    A few days later my beautiful new bike was hanging in the straps like it was some sort of study object in a tech class.

    IMG_20200529_133225157 (Small).jpg

    It took them 2,5 weeks to get it sorted, waiting for a reply from the factory and the new parts.
    But finally i got the call i could come over and pick up my Guzzi.
    Happy like a small kid in a toy store I took it out for a few rides.
    I went and visited a few m8's in their mancave and whilst we all where standing around my new bike and talking about it I noticed there was oil dripping out from the same spot under the engine.

    IMG_20200624_204759458 (Small).jpg

    But now my planned motortrip was close, and I had a new bike which was leaking oil again.
    Wednesday I saw the leak, called the dealer on Thursday to hear I could bring it over here next weeks Thursday.
    And the Tuesday after that my trip should start..
    This time they didn't offer me a loaner bike, no they didn't had one ??
    I let them now very clearly how un happy I was with this, 2 times in a row oil from the same spot (coming form between the engine and the gearbox), excessive heat from the engine en the lack of power (compared to the loaner I got during the previous repair).
    But nothing changed, bring the bike next week, and nope no loaner, to bad for your holiday is all I got as a reply.
    I could bring it next weeks Thursday, and no by no means they could have it ready the Tuesday after that.
    I didn't wait until that Thursday but drove over there 2 days prior to that.
    With a very sad face and even some more strong words about the feeling this gave me I left their shop that Tuesday... walking home..

    Because I'm not the person that is easily discouraged I decided to prepare my Vespa GTS 250 for the trip.
    End 2019 that had a proper big service, I even bought an extra luggage rack for it.

    IMG_20200411_171616299 (Small).jpg

    In other words it was ready to go, and tbh kinda fun to go on big trip again on my small Vespa.

    But.. the same day (Tuesday evening), just before closing time I got a call from the Guzzi dealer.
    That morning they had a brand new V85TT delivered, exactly the same as mine (hhmm what a coincidence).
    After talking to the Guzzi importer for the Netherlands they agreed to swap my bike for this new one.
    With a bit of work they could have this new bike ready Saturday, 3 days before my planned trip.
    My oil dripping bike would be fixed together with the technical support from the importer.
    But for me: the swap was not just for my holiday, the new one would be mine to keep.
    The old/new one would be sold by them after they fixed it, but that would not be my problem anymore.

    That Friday evening they called me my new bike was ready for the pickup.
    Saturday morning I drove from the other side of the country (small country but still a few hours riding)..
    We where there camping with our little caravan (small rv trailer, very small)
    But anyway, I drove home, left the car there, walked to the shop (1 hour walk) got the bike delivered and drove it home.
    Got back in my car to drive back to the campsite and my girl.

    That Monday (on my 44th birthday) I put my bags and my Tomtom on the bike and with just 11km's on the clock and just driven home, the Guzzi was ready to go.

    IMG_20200624_164800255 (Small).jpg

    Because of the first service, that had to be done @ 1500km I searched for a Guzzi dealer/shop somewhere along my route.
    And I found one in Mandello del Lario, the birth town of all Guzzi's.
    Okay I did change my route a bit to go there.. :ricky
    I could not think of a better way to break in my new bike, then to take it back "home".

    The route for this year had been changed like a dozen times all ready.
    First plan was a trip in May, so no high mountain passes due to the snow.
    Then Corona came and the trip got cancelled.
    Then the restrictions where lifted a bit so new trip for July, meaning high passes are possible.
    Next was a different trip for me and the Vespa.
    And now another trip for the new new Guzzi, less highways (for a proper breaking in the engine) and a visit to Mandello del Lario.

    (next post with the first travel day following, first I need to work a bit now..:D have some patience please.. )
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  2. Bommes

    Bommes Been here awhile

    Sep 2, 2013
    The Netherlands
    Day 1
    Departure: Nuenen, The Netherlands
    Destination: Port, France
    Route: My Route app link
    Distance: 737 km
    Passed the night: Camping du Lac

    Tuesday morning ready to go...:-)

    IMG_20200707_071449232 (Small).jpg

    With just 11km's on the clock

    IMG_20200707_073256947 (Small).jpg

    My route:
    From Eindhoven towards Metz (FR) on the highway, just before the Luxembourg border on to the local roads.
    Past Nancy (Fr) again a stretch of highway en the last bit to Port (Fr) again on the local roads.

    Dag 1 (Small).JPG

    Some people on a different (Dutch) forum went on and on about highways not being good for the break in off a new bike, so I took it easy.
    Various speeds, pulling in to every gas station along the highway, merging back in, 4th gear, 5th, 6th.
    Tucking in behind a truck, overtaking, 120km/h for a short period of time, back to 100km/h again, etc, etc.

    Finally on the road again, love it.
    It was still a bit cold so by the time I reach Belgium (1 hour ride) I had already stopped for a few times and every time I had put on more clothes.
    So by the time I crossed the Belgium border I was dressed with all I took along that had long sleeves.
    Better, scarf tucked into my helmet and coat, gloves over my coat and my thermal shirt.

    Once I got of the highway the curves began..:ricky
    One village after the other but the roads were empty so the kilometres racked up nicely.
    Oh and of coarse the sun started to shine and the temperature went up.

    IMG_20200707_112215635 (Small).jpg

    Time to stop for a selfie and send it to my girlfriend, a bit of social media and back in the sadlle again.
    Right on the mark, 12:00 o clock I passed a nice little bench by the roadside so I pulled over for a quick sandwich which I took with me from home (peanut butter ftw).
    A nice cold bottle of jus d'orange and a few of those sandwiches later I took of again.

    IMG_20200707_120614439 (Small).jpg

    The stretch on the local roads was great fun.
    Not that much curves but there was hardly any traffic on the road, the weather was good and the surroundings were totally different then back home.
    Bit of music in the Cardo in my helmet, singing along.. The good life.

    IMG_20200707_141807737 (Small).jpg

    IMG_20200707_173311584 (Small).jpg

    By now the temperature has risen sharply so gone with the thermal shirt and from my top box I pulled out my summer gloves.
    Oh and the lunch had to go.. well I'm sorry but that's also what has to happen.
    Being an old time boyscout I don't mind taking a dump in the Forrest.
    Actually I prefer that over a gas station where a dirty trucker is trying to get rid of his lunch in the booth right next to me...:(:

    A bit past Nancy I got back onto the highway and the routine started again.
    4th, 5th and 6th gear, overtaking, slowing down, exit onto a gas station, merge back into traffic, etc, etc.
    Again the kilometres went by pretty fast and once I reached Dyon I could exit the highway again.
    The last stretch through the Jura there will only be back roads..:clap

    Around 6 o'clock I rode onto the campsite in Port.
    Up front I found this one on Googlemaps.
    Not that it was that special, but it was easy to reach and right on my planned route.

    With the 3 French words I could speak I checked in with the like 90 year old lady of the house/campsite.
    Those 3 French words were the reason for her to open up the story book..:doh
    To my surprise I kind of managed to make a bit of sense out of it all.
    I could not talk back much but from what I got out of it she knew people that lived in Eindhoven (where I left this morning) bladie blabla.. :hmmmmm

    After some more stumbling on my words I finally got round to look for a spot to pitch my tent.
    That was not really that hard, besides me there were just a few camper vans, a few caravans and 1 more tent. That was about it.

    IMG_20200707_184433074 (Small).jpg

    The campsite was right on the shore of a nice lake.

    IMG_20200707_205832022 (Small).jpg

    Okay the showers and stuff was a bit dated..

    IMG_20200707_210521320 (Small).jpg

    But for a motor trip this will do just fine.
    The grass was nice and green, the facility's outdoors, so I give this campsite a thumbs up.

    While I was pitching my tent I had my self a nice and cold beer.
    Gotta love the little cooling bag, few freezer packs in there and a couple of cans of beer and soda.
    When I was done with the tent, on the first night of this trip I rode into the village to find a place to eat.
    Okay that could have been done without the bike, within 2 minutes I found a Italian restaurant.
    Just like on the campsite no one was wearing a facemask here..
    For me this was also the first moment during this trip I thought about the Corona hustle.

    On the road stopping for gas I put my facemask without thinking about it.
    I didn't even notice then how or what measures all the gasstations had taken in France or how the people uphold the rules.

    On this campsite how ever...
    A few orange tapes over the doorknobs to point out those not to be used.
    Per 2 washing sinks one of them was taped of with the same orange tape.
    Don't use those..!!

    In this restaurant only the outdoor seating was open for customers.
    But there all the seats are usable, no 1,5 meter distance here, no social distancing, no facemask, nothing.
    Not with the owners and not with the customers..:fpalm :dunno

    However I didn't want to catch this Corona shit so I kept my distance, made sure I got a table on the empty side of the terrace, used my facemask when I went tot the toilet, etc.

    And for the diner.. I ordered a nice Pizza and a cold beer.. :wings
  3. AZgman

    AZgman Addicted to curves

    Jan 1, 2014
    Gilbert AZ
    Interested in how you find the V85TT on the road. Some have reported that it is "agricultural" (boer) in nature.
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  4. MrKiwi

    MrKiwi Long timer Super Supporter

    Oct 16, 2009
    New Zealand
    Following along..
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  5. Bommes

    Bommes Been here awhile

    Sep 2, 2013
    The Netherlands
    I love the way it rides, no it's not as fast as a new beemer GSA or a KTM 12something adventure.
    But it rolls along just nicely, has a good soundtrack when wacking open the throtle.
    It also handles very well, not the fastest to change direction but I never encountered any problems on the twisty roads, the hairpins or what not I rode over during this trip.
    And trust me I found the smallest of turns and bumpiest of roads.

    My previous bike was a Vstrom 1000, the old model (2006) that had a fair bit more punch to it but I like this Guzzi better.
    No not because I want to justify my purchase..:D but the overall feel is just better, it rides better, better brakes and suspension.
    It did give me a fair bit of saddle pain so that's something to look after, maybe a nice bit of sheep skin, or just rack up some kilometres.

    But please do stay tuned for the following days, I will talk (just a bit) about the bike.
    For me these reports are more about the trip, but seeing it's a new bike (for me and also fairly new on the market) I will sure add some of my thoughts about it.
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  6. Motoman66

    Motoman66 Green Rider

    May 2, 2016
    Curious to look at your comments on the Bike. I love this Bike design but always wonder about reliability and US Dealership network. Currently ride a Kawasaki Ninja 1000 SX. Looking for Gravel Road / Jeep Trail Bike for the CDR next year.
  7. Night_Wolf

    Night_Wolf Leg Humper

    Feb 17, 2006
    Lat: N 90°00'00" Long: N/A
    Reliability is also my concern, but I picked one up anyway & my local dealer is about 45 minutes away (Canada) I'll be doing as much work as I can, on the bike myself as their $150 per hour shop rate is crazy. This bike has a lot to live up to for me, as I am a big fan of the Wee Strom with 90,000 + trouble free km, but I am hopeful that this will be the bike, I wish the Wee Strom was (middleweight shaft driven adv bike with reasonable power) Time will tell if I made the right decision, but it's off to a good start
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  8. squadraquota

    squadraquota mostly harmless

    Oct 23, 2007
    Quite odd to see a blown seal on a new bike, I thought Guzzi had that sort of thing figured out by now. I own a a few from the old days, bit of a different story back then. Seems you may have got the proverbial Monday morning mishap.
    Ever been to Mandello? It’s the Mecca of Guzzi folk, now that you own one, you’re supposed to bow a couple times in the direction of lake Como and offer a few spare parts…
    The place has a good vibe. Be sure to check out the ice cream at Costantin and visit the factory museum. Free entrance, but only 1h per day. And maybe less in the holiday season, much of Italy pretty much closes in august.
    Local dealer is Agostini, founded by a former factory racer, now run by his daughter I believe.
    Enjoy the ride!
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  9. Bommes

    Bommes Been here awhile

    Sep 2, 2013
    The Netherlands
    The mechanic at the dealer found the crankshaft seal was leaking oil, and told me that he saw that it was not mounted properly.
    He replaced it for a new one, but then 2 days later it was leaking oil again.
    From the outside I could not pinpoint were the leak was. It came dripping down from the little opening on the bottem of the clutch housing.
    But it was also sweating oil on the connection betweeen the gearbox and engine.
    The clutch is a dry running part so the oil visible there can only come from either the crankshaft seal (again) or the gasket between the different engine halfs.

    Anyway, they took it back and are going to make it a good bike again.

    I visited Mandello, more to come in the next few day reports. :D
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  10. Bommes

    Bommes Been here awhile

    Sep 2, 2013
    The Netherlands
    Day 2

    Departure: Port, France
    Destination: Chianocco, Italy
    Route: My Route app link
    Distance: 380 km
    Passed the night: Campeggio Tizanella, Chianocco, Italy

    I woke up very early this morning, it's just past 6 am but I get out of bed anyway to take a quick shower.
    The rest of the guest on the campsite are still fast asleep so no need for my facemask.
    The shower is one of those "pull a chain above your head to get water" type of things.
    If you stop pulling the chain the water stops.
    This ask for some thinking this early, how to get water, soap and both my hands on my head to wash my hair..
    Eventually I manage, the water is warm enough to keep the cold morning chill out.

    I take a little stroll on the campsite, man this is old stuff.. (just like the owner)

    IMG_20200707_210729898 (Small).jpg

    These ping pong tables have had better times I think..
    But for the 10 euro's a night this campsite costs I'm not complaining.
    Better than that, this is one to save in the favorites.

    IMG_20200708_062835650 (Small).jpg

    I take another selfie and send it to my girlfriend, she's also awake, has to start her workday very soon.
    Very understandable she's a bit jealous, I'm taking this trip and she's back home working..

    IMG_20200708_062916642 (Small).jpg

    I take my time, packing my stuff, make some coffee and within half an hour all my stuff is packed on my bike and I'm ready to go.

    IMG_20200708_073417193 (Small).jpg

    Right across form the campsite there is one of those big French supermarkets, it's still closed but the gas station works. So I fill up the Guzzi with some fresh juice.
    I follow my route to the next village looking for a bakery store, I need some breakfast.
    Yes, strike

    IMG_20200708_080758727 (Small).jpg

    A baguette, a Croissant and a eclair.. hhmmm me likes.
    My girlfriend absolutely goes crazy for those eclairs so wise as I am, I'm not sending a picture of this to her..:wink:

    My route for today starts with a short stretch of local road but after 10 minutes I merge onto the highway.
    Direction Geneva.
    Luckily it's very quit on this highway so I put the cruise control on 90 km/h and enjoy the view.
    At Allonzier la Caille (just a short distance north form Annecy) I leave the highway and going thru Groisy I reach my first "pass" for this trip.

    IMG_20200708_094536144 (Small).jpg
    Col du Collet if you set your mind to it and wack open the throttle you will fly over it without noticing.
    Well not completely because there are few 100 meters unpaved on the top of this pass.
    When I was here on my first solo trip (on my Vespa) I rode this pass as well.
    Back then I left my campervan (RV) at the campsite in Groisy and this was the first pass I rode when I was following the "Route des Grande Alpes"

    The weather was great, and it was still very quit on the roads.
    My route leads towards Beaufort, seems to be a very popular little town. Every time I come here it's fairly busy.
    Now is no exception..
    I stop @ a local supermarket to buy something for my lunch, an apple, some little yogurts, something to drink, a bit a salami, etc. Inside the store it's facemask time again and the sign on the door tells me only to come in solo when traveling in groups.
    On the other side of this town I follow the road towards a small reservoir, Lac de Saint-Guérin

    IMG_20200708_103548837 (Small).jpg

    IMG_20200708_103611155 (Small).jpg

    From this little reservoir you can cross over towards Bourg Saint Maurice.
    For now that's my goal, but first past this little reservoir.

    IMG_20200708_121530207 (Small).jpg

    IMG_20200708_121647839 (Small).jpg

    10 picture limit.. on to the next post..hang in there..
  11. Bommes

    Bommes Been here awhile

    Sep 2, 2013
    The Netherlands
    Directly past the reservoir the asphalt disappears and the time for some gravel is there again.
    Not really a challenge, complete family's in their simple Renaults pass here.
    But I think a hole lot of my self, standing on the peggs, concerning this mighty mountain. :super

    IMG_20200708_122032163 (Small).jpg

    This little pass is super pretty (hence all those family's also being here).
    Years ago I was here on my Vespa with my exwife on the duo seat.
    Last year I tried to ride it as well but then snow blocked my path coming from the other side.
    Now there is nothing stopping me reaching the highest point.
    Just a few 100 meters prior to that there is this very idyllic little lake, well more a little pond.
    But still it's to pretty not to stop for a moment.

    IMG_20200708_122823494 (Small).jpg

    By now I'm starting to feel the need to eat something so I stop and pull the baguette out from the top case.
    This year no Nutella, although I brought it along with me but for some reason I am not feeling the need to put it on my sandwich.
    The salami I bought in Beaufort tastes way better for now, I also eat my apple and the yogurts.

    IMG_20200708_122851306 (Small).jpg

    On the highest point of this little pass there is a parking lot filled with small town cars and even a few of those very big white campervans.
    I used to own one for years, from small ones to very big ones. I was never afraid of a little backroad but I don't think I would have taken a big van like that on this gravel pass.

    On the south side I find my self on the asphalt again and the views here are sublime.

    IMG_20200708_131355485 (Small).jpg

    I roll down the mountain and before I know it I ride right into Bourg-Saint-Marice.
    Despite the Corona crisis it's very busy here, traffic jam all through the town, in this heat..
    I didn't plan to stay in this town so I try to get through the jams as quick as a can.
    Jumping the line at the traffic lights, passing cars when ever there is room.
    Just outside the town I find myself behind a little VW campervan, so I look for a clear spot in the on coming traffic.
    I overtake the thing and right as I am back on my lane in front of the van, leaning into a corner I ride over a zebra crossing.. Those white lines can be very slippery..
    And yes they are slippery here as well.
    The Guzzi takes a big step sideways, only to find the grip next to the stripes..
    Wow.. that sure scared the crap out of me, and for the next few kilometres I take extra care in driving carefully..

    IMG_20200708_141116977 (Small).jpg

    Via another reservoir, Lac du Chevril I ride on into Val-d'Isere.
    With caution, but with a fair bit of haste I cross through this village/town.
    I don't like it, ski resort towns in summer.
    They have an odd, creepy feeling to them.
    Use hotels, resorts, etc, all empty.
    To me it feels ominous, so I'm not hanging round here for longer then needed.
    I do need to go to the toilet by now.. sorry but writing ride reports means share everything, not??
    Anyway, though this village, and up onto the mountain on the other side.

    IMG_20200708_144331471 (Small).jpg

    I find my self a quit place to stop and take care of the toilet problem.

    IMG_20200708_144406020 (Small).jpg

    Relieved I follow my route again.
    This pass is amazing, Col de l'Iseran.
    But oddly enough with the passing of the years, me getting older, I start to find my fear of heights is acting up more and more.
    Strange.. with out it being on purpose I stay on the left side of the road, away from the abyss on the right side. odd :dunno

    On top of the pass I put on my best smile, take another selfie and send it to my mother this time.

    IMG_20200708_145654298 (Small).jpg

    She also likes it when I keep her in the loop.
    And now she reacts immediately to tank me for the picture.
    A few minutes later she reply's saying something about the height of this pass.. :lol3

    The views here are spectacular, this is the best the Alps have to offer.

    IMG_20200708_145749993 (Small).jpg

    It being half of July there is still a lot of snow here.
    Also I see the "pink snow".
    I heard something about that last week.
    Seems to be a bacteria of some kind, turning the snow lightly pink.
    Not very dangerous for our health but because of the pink color the snow takes in the heat from the sun quicker.
    Causing it to melt faster.

    IMG_20200708_150138621 (Small).jpg

    the 10 mark again.. on to the next post..
  12. Bommes

    Bommes Been here awhile

    Sep 2, 2013
    The Netherlands
    On the other side I return back to "normal" level and search for a spot to take small break.
    Not much I see meets my wishes so I keep riding on for now.
    Just prior to the road up onto Lac-du-Mont-Cenis I finally find a good spot.
    A nice little "shed" where I can get out of the sun.
    That's better.
    I also adjust my handlebars a little bit backwards, just before I left I put them up and away from me.
    But my shoulders are starting to kill me en my lower back as well.
    So, back and a bit lower, let's see if that relieves the strain on my back.
    I take my time, a good half hour out of the saddle, a liter of water and a few biscuits.
    After that it's back into the saddle.
    Going up..

    IMG_20200708_161528807 (Small).jpg

    IMG_20200708_161840922 (Small).jpg

    I've been here before, who hasn't that visited this region.

    IMG_20200708_162214895 (Small).jpg

    IMG_20200708_162229467 (Small).jpg

    But now I follow the road on the other side of the lake, the gravel side.

    IMG_20200708_163329800 (Small).jpg

    This is also easily done, I think every motorbike can ride here, but it's nice to see the surroundings from a different side.
    It's even more quiet here then on the other side of the lake.
    Coming in from Italy, the south. are these big clouds.
    They are coming from down out of the valley onto the weir, very strange sight to so.
    Especially when riding over this dam to the other side.

    IMG_20200708_163749405 (Small).jpg

    On the other side, again, I ride down towards the valley, into Italy.
    Target for today is Salbertrand..
    There I want to spend the night on a campsite so I can ride to the lake Como tomorrow.
    But from here it's a short stretch of highway to reach Salbertrand, to only return over that same stretch tomorrow.
    For now I don't have the energy anymore to do that, so no way.
    The first Italian coffee bar I see I stop the Guzzi.
    I order a Café Lungo and a cola.
    My energy and alertness seem to have left for now, so time to recharge a bit.
    I empty both drinks and rethink my options.
    The Guzzi also needs some fuel, way past the 350km's and only now it needs fuel..
    I love it..
    I decide to not go on to the highway but to ride in to Susa to find a gas station.

    When I find one and whilst filling up the tank I notice the display on the pump is showing the wrong liter price.
    I fill up the tank anyway, will solve that later when I need to pay.
    In my best Italian I ask the dude whats wrong with the display and point out the wrong price.
    No problem he tells me that inside on his computer the price is correct.
    Just to be sure I use my phone to calculate if it is correct, it was, so I pay him.
    So I continue in my best Italian and some English, because by now a very nice girl has showed up helping us translate.
    I ask them if there is a campsite nearby, yes there is, 10 minute drive down the local road, direction Turino, there I will find one.
    They tell me how to get there and I ride off (in to the sunset ...j/k)
    By now the temperature has risen even more so I stop for just one more time to take off my jacket.
    This thick leather jackets is way to much for this heat. (yes please do come in with the comment... ATGATT.. but not for now)

    IMG_20200708_184046458 (Small).jpg

    A quarter past 6 is ride onto the campsite.
    The owner is not wearing a facemask but he keeps his distance.
    He directs me to a empty spot and I pitch my tent.
    I pull out a beer, not so cold because of my freezer packs not have seen the inside of a freezer since I left home 2 days ago.
    I open google and start a search for something to eat.
    At the entrance of the campsite there is also a little place to have diner but that doesn't look all that good.

    With a 5 minutes drive I find a Pizzeria with very good reviews so after I rested a bit on the campsite I hop on the bike again.

    IMG_20200708_194343319 (Small).jpg

    For just 13 euro's all you can eat pizza and a first drink.
    Good place..:wings
    The deal is: slices of pizza until you cant eat no more.
    Every slice has a different topping, nothing to chose just eat and say stop when your done.
    Oh no wait, turn over a little stop sign that is on the table.
    Feeling hungry so, come on bring in those slices.
    After like 8 slices I give in.. sooner than I thought but they are smart.
    The toppings are heavy, with lots of cheese and they take their time. Making your mind think your full sooner.
    So I turn around the stop sign only to find them bring yet another slice, desert time.
    The topping is sweet, one with Nutella another with some sort of custard.
    Well they will fit in as well, I will sleep standing up tonight or something..:fpalm

    Today was great, as usually I rode way much kilometres, was in the saddle for way to long.
    But come on it's my holiday, I have to get to Mandello , hop hop.. keep riding. :ricky
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  13. AZgman

    AZgman Addicted to curves

    Jan 1, 2014
    Gilbert AZ
    Excellent travelog!
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  14. BlueBluer

    BlueBluer Adventurer

    Mar 24, 2014
    Dijon - France
    Enjoying the read and pictures - keep them coming - also taking notes for my future travels.
    When you stop to go in a shop or café for exemple, is you gear secured (against theft) on the bike ? Or you just hope for the best
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  15. Bommes

    Bommes Been here awhile

    Sep 2, 2013
    The Netherlands
    Thanks for the compliment..:thumb
    To be honest I don't even think about my gear/luggage wen I leave my bike somewhere.
    I put my helmet on the mirror or on the tank, put it on the steering lock and that's it.

    But I never leave it somewhere for very long, in and out a supermarket.
    I know they can take your stuff within a minute but I'm not letting that influence my ways of travel.
  16. Q-tip

    Q-tip Adventurer

    Feb 1, 2011
    Bommes- Awesome story!
    Love the bike, love the pictures/scenery/location, love the editorial.... Please keep it up; best thing I've read on the internet in awhile!!
    ...now I need to get back to "work"....
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  17. nick949eldo

    nick949eldo Long timer

    Jan 31, 2010
    Inverary, Ontario, Canada
    Great fun. Enjoying your trip report and a bit jealous of the scenery. Good old Guzzi. Glad to hear the new ones work as well as the old sloggers.

    Keep it coming....

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  18. Bommes

    Bommes Been here awhile

    Sep 2, 2013
    The Netherlands
    Sorry for the delay guys, like I said there was actual work to be done in the past few days.
    Not even time to ride my bike..:nah

    Day 3
    Departure: Chianocco, Italy
    Destination: Pavia, Piemonte, Italy
    Route: My Route app link
    Distance: 350 km
    Passed the night: CampingTicino

    Today I have the first break in service planned, the 1500 km one.
    To do that I have to get to Mandello del Lario on the Lago di Como, I made an appointment @ Agostini (@squadraquota just like you thought).
    The Guzzi shop in town..!

    The route I made @ home also had a bit of TET in it, going from Condove up north into the mountains.
    But while I am busy packing my stuff I have my doubts, maybe this is not a very smart plan.
    The appointment @ the shop in Mandello is at 2 pm (give or take, still Italy here).
    If I find my self in trouble, stuck bike, fallen over, what ever in the morning I will not be able to make that in time. :hmmmmm

    While my mind is busy with this I'm packing all my gear back on my bike for the second time this trip.

    IMG_20200709_075414459 (Small).jpg

    Unfortunately I have to wait for the reception to open.
    I still have to pay for my stay and I gave the camping owner my freeezerpack, and I sure want that back.

    Together with me there is this older German couple waiting, I think they also want to pay.
    Their ways of travel consist of a very big BMW GSA with a little trailer behind it.
    And you will not believe the size of their tent and all the stuff they carry with them.

    The bike is completely stuffed with all you can find in the Touratech catalog.
    Over here we call that a fairground bike, not to my liking.
    But hé every one it's own.
    I think they are close to being 70 and still they travel together on this bike.
    And also sleeping on a mat on he ground in their tent.
    I wish when I reach that age I'm still able to live that way, traveling the continents..

    Just past 8 the reception opens, I pay for my stay and leave.
    200 meter down the road I turn my bike around to go fetch my freezerpack. :bluduh
    For sure if my head was not attached.. :baldy

    The frist village I ride through I stop @ the local bakery shop and with my facemask on I buy myself some breakfast.
    A croissant, a few sandwiches and a few can's of soda. Oh and also a beer for tonight when I reach my campsite.
    Most of these shops sell cooled cans of drinks, so I put those in my little cooler bag. Just live to have a cold drink while pitching my tent after a long day riding.

    I get back on my bike to follow the route I made @ home.
    2 turns later I stop again..
    I type Mandello del Lario in my Tom Tom and hit "fastest route".
    I think I rahter be there, hanging around, maybe explore some back roads around the Lago di Como then here, still 250 km's away.
    With in half a kilometre I merge onto the highway (all toll roads here) cycle through the gears until I reach 100km/h and hit the cruise control button.
    I turn up the music inside my helmet, sit back and relax, taking in the scenery.

    The closer I get to Milan (Milano) the higher the temperature rises. Also the traffic is getting denser and denser.
    So I stop and pull into a gas station regularly, getting a drink and stretching the legs and old knees.

    IMG_20200709_111349035 (Small).jpg

    By now it's almost 30 degrees celsius (86 Fahrenheit ) not the kind of weather to be riding on the highway.

    The Guzzi is taking it all with ease, the fuel tank is just ginormous.
    I topped it off yesterday just before reaching the campsite. This 250 km's to Mandello is peanuts for the V85.
    The dash says there is still over 200km's to go on the fuel left in it's belly.
    With just 100km/h on the dial, tucked behind the screen it's also very comfortable on this bike. Not much vibration, although the saddle is something to get used to (for me it is).
    After an hours driving it's making my behind hurt.. :nah

    After a few more turns and a few tunnels I cross the bridge that is in the middle of the Lago di Como right into Lecco.
    Some more tunnels later the signs say "Mandello del Lario" and I leave the highway.
    Like all these towns in Italy on the banks of a lake or near the sea.. it's very busy.
    The traffic, my thick leather jacket and just the bustle is starting to do my head in... ppfff :knary

    My second every video editing attempt .. be gentle on me.. :nod

    IMG_20200709_115112203 (Small).jpg

    I ride past the campsite I had planned for tonight and ride into to the towns center off Mandello.
    Via some small back alleys and little streets I kinda ride into a pedestrian area.. oeps.
    But hey come on I am on a Guzzi, no body is going to mind one bit..

    IMG_20200709_115448793 (Small).jpg

    The street I rode into come to a dead end @ the lake, right next to the back door of a fancy restaurant.
    I put the guzzy on the side stand and start to take my riding gear off.
    From the window of the kitchen I see some worried looks, don't think they get that many very pale, bit strange looking guys undressing there..
    From my luggage I get my swimming trunks and within 5 minutes I'm floating in the slightly cold Lago di Como..

    IMG_20200709_120510496 (Small).jpg

    Wow.. very nice getting this heat out of my system.. I needed that.
    I sit down in the sun to dry up a bit, make my self a sandwich with salami and open a can of soda.
    It's only 12 o'clock so still plenty of time left before I have to get my self and the bike to the shop.
    I thought it would open after their siesta at 1:30 but that turned out to be 2:30 according to the note on their door I saw when I just rode past it.

    Half an hour later I am dry enough, so I put my kevlar jeans back on, a shirt. But the jacket is staying on the back of my bike, to much heat for me.
    Around the corner there is this icecream shop (gelato) and I get my self the first Italian icecream this trip..

    After I finish that I ride to the famous picture spot near the Guzzi factory.

    IMG_20200709_125454623 (Small).jpg

    And shoot some pictures

    IMG_20200709_125638522 (Small).jpg

    But still it's way to early...:dirtdog
    Maybe I can ride to the campsite, drop my gear there, maybe pitch my tent, etc.
    By then it will be the time to drop of my bike @ Agostini

    So I ride towards camping Spaggia (beach) and change my mind again.
    Oh yeah it's one of those days again... doubt, changing plans, not knowing where or what to do.
    Before I reach the campsite I find my self a spot near the water to sit down.
    I open another soda and a bag of Lays.
    Trying to hatch a plan.
    Listen, a lake like this is brilliant, but a lot of people think the same.
    Making it busy, no mega busy.
    Not the thing I like, well at least not now.

    Sitting near the water, under a tree on a little wall, looking @ the water, the people jet skiing and stuff.
    A few dudes jumping of a jetty, over and over again..
    This looks like a holiday.
    The time passes and besides it's so hot that I take of my Kevlar jeans again and put on some shorts I don't do that much more.
    A quarter past 2 I ride towards the Guzzi shop and just like a true Dutchman I am there way to early..
    In font of their shop there is no shade to be found so I am overheating fast here. chambring to the max.

    IMG_20200709_144430083 (Small).jpg

    When the door opens my jaw drops.
    This looks like a part of the factory's warehouse.
    A huge row of V85's, not even ready for sale, screens not mounted, tape all over, etc.

    I go upstairs and register @ one of the guys working there.
    Very cool guys hre.
    When they notice my family name they can't stop talking about it .
    Nistelrooij, not know by people that don't like soccer, but over here people who do all know him.
    Jep over here the legend still lives, so we joke a bit about his bank account vs mine.
    The mechanic comes up to fetch the keys of my bike.
    And after a few more minutes typing all sorts of stuff into his computer they guy behind the desk tells me to come pick up my bike @ 5 pm

    IMG_20200709_144626572 (Small).jpg

    I stroll into the village and in a very nice little church I lite a (electric) candle for Maria.

    IMG_20200709_162714 (Small).jpg

    10 picture mark again.. hang on so I can write the rest of day 3 in the next post..
  19. Ruud Van..very nice trip and video.
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  20. Bommes

    Bommes Been here awhile

    Sep 2, 2013
    The Netherlands
    Once in the village I find my self a nice bar with a few chairs outside.
    Being the only guest I sit my self down and order a Cola.
    This financial injection will sure help this bar through this Corona Crisis.. :loco

    IMG_20200709_150021796 (Small).jpg

    It's July, peak season, but it's deserted, look @ the picture above, emptiness.
    Bizarre, I start to wonder how my businesses will not make it thought this rough.

    Of course this bar is a bit themed...

    IMG_20200709_150246045 (Small).jpg

    I roam around the village a bit more and I go into another gelato shop to get another icecream.
    Man this one is even better.

    IMG_20200709_160220 (Small).jpg

    This water sport life also is very nice, boating, floating, splashing, checking out the people, being checked out by those others.
    Would be lovely I think, bit of dreaming

    5 o'clock sharp I return at the shop, pay my bill and put my kevlar jeans back on and leave this place.

    IMG_20200709_170247801 (Small).jpg

    I find a little part of Mandello I didn't see before (up hill form the railroad track).
    Much more modern, newer buildings but also nice to have a look around.
    This sure is a place to return to later on a future trip.

    But for now a little plan has hatched in my mind.
    I mess around in the tomtom and search for Pavia.
    Just a bit south of Milan, and also a bit on the way of tomorrows route that I had planned.
    Tomtom tells me that I will reach the campsite round 7pm when I leave now.
    So I hit the starter button on my Guzzi and ride off again.

    The highways around Milan are living up to their name, being proper Italian highways
    I love this, makes me think off the old computer games (need for speed series)
    Only now this game is real life so better stay on your toes if you don't want to wake up dead next morning.
    This is eating away my energy, especially with this heat.

    Just past Milan I stop to fill up the tank and get my self a few can's of cold cola.
    I also order a good strong Café and a few biscuits.
    Just over half an hour to go to the campsite, this new energy is what I needed.
    To be fair it's way to hot to ride around on these highways.
    I wear this little scarf when I ride and making that wet every time I stop helps a bit in this heat.
    tbh after like 10 minutes riding it's completely dry again, but in my mind it;s like 10 degrees cooler.
    My leather jacket is still on the back of the bike, maybe it's time to think about something to wear in these temperatures instead of this leather oven.
    For now just don't fall..

    After the service I can rev the engine past 5000 rpm.:ricky
    Not that that adds much power wise but it's nice to finally pull on to the end.
    Little bit of revving, blasting though the gears, with out imitating a jet fighter.
    Man this Guzzi sounds sweet, love it.
    The inlet roars when you wack open the throttle, it shakes when idle and it pulls to your left when revving it. :raabia

    After like 20 minutes I exit the highway only to find my self in the middle of the risotto fields.
    I love the Piedmont, if there is a place where I want to move to, its this region.

    IMG_20200709_191720830 (Small).jpg

    It's just like a few 100 meters to go to the campsite so I stop to make a picture and a selfie.

    IMG_20200709_191736126 (Small).jpg

    Looking @ that picture now my face shows the heat and the energy being gone.

    After a few more minutes in the saddle I reach the campsite.
    Arriving there I meet an owner that takes the Corona rules very serious.
    I have to read the stricter "campsite corona rules" right there while he waits until I red it all.
    With a infrared thermometer he checks my temperature. (37,5 C) he writes down my name, phone number and email address.
    In case there is Corona outbreak they can reach me and inform me.

    IMG_20200709_192644962 (Small).jpg

    Hahha always makes me laugh these WiFi passes and stuff.
    Come on in these times of 4G (5G over here by now) cellular networks who needs WiFi.
    Open up your network, who cares.

    I find my self a nice pitch, put my bike on the side stand, put on my swimming shorts and jump into the pool.
    First things first. :wings
    I have the pool all to mu self and with in 5 minutes I start to finally cool down again.
    second swim today, this is a proper holiday after all.

    Still wearing my swimming shorts I set up camp.

    IMG_20200709_203100929 (Small).jpg

    Very nice campsite by the way, good pool, lot's of shade, big trees, open pitches and very good showers and toilets.
    They have a bathroom idea here, 1 small space with a toilet, sink and shower.
    Gives you plenty of room to put your clothes whilst showering with out all of it getting soaked.
    BUT there is like a gazillion mosquito's here. :hair
    If I stand still for like half a minute they all attack me.

    a few more pictures to go so on to the next post to group them together.