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Taking the new Guzzi for a spin

Discussion in 'Ride Reports - Epic Rides' started by Bommes, Aug 3, 2020.

  1. Bommes

    Bommes Been here awhile

    Sep 2, 2013
    The Netherlands
    last bit of day 3

    Once finished setting up camp I'm all dried up and also I finished my beer.
    I change into some decent clothes and walk towards the restaurant the owner told me was the best with in walking distance.

    IMG_20200709_203115858 (Small).jpg

    I take my time walking over there, wearing my flipflops I'm not the fastest walker.


    Typical Italian apartment building, makes me think why they even build like this.
    There is so much space here, ground is cheap why would you want to live like this with out a proper garden, on top of each other.
    When letting these thoughts go though my head the answer come to me.
    Of course it's way cheaper to build like this, material cost drop, things can be combined (water heating, aircons, etc) .

    I reach the restaurant after like 20 minutes of strolling down this street.
    The owner was totally right, diner Piedmont style.

    Starter Ravioli filled with a delicious local cheese.

    IMG_20200709_211644242 (Small).jpg

    Main: Bistecca coming from the grill with potatoes sliced and baked to perfection.

    IMG_20200709_213116 (Small).jpg

    And on my request a nice bowl of fresh fruit to finish it off.

    IMG_20200709_215622129 (Small).jpg

    Half a litre of wine and a bottle of cold water to accompany it all.
    And a good strong espresso to finish it off.
    40 euro's later I walk back to the campsite with my belly stuffed.
    Well it feels more like tottering back, what strait line..??

    Once @ the campsite I hit my bed strait away and I fall asleep with in 1 minute.. I think,, right??
  2. stokerel

    stokerel Been here awhile

    Oct 22, 2010
    Wild Eastern Europe
    Loving your style and the ride report :beer

    PS: 30 degrees for Milan, mid-July is pretty 'cool' haha. It can get much hotter than that.
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  3. Bommes

    Bommes Been here awhile

    Sep 2, 2013
    The Netherlands
    I know, think at the end of the afternoon it was way past 35 degrees. can't actually remember what my Guzzi dash gave for a temperature reading.

    But I know it can get hot there, spend 4 months working there in the summer of 2017.
    Little bit closer to the sea, in a little village called Spigno Monferrato
    I remember the days trying to fight back the ever growing blackberry bushes, on the hill we lived, while it was reaching 40 degrees.

    Next days report will also be talking about a very hot day..
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  4. Too hot, but nice.
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  5. JoséLuiz

    JoséLuiz www.alpesdemoto.com

    Oct 30, 2010
    São Paulo - Brasil
    I love the Guzzi.
    Didn't you visit the museum at the Guzzi factory?[​IMG]
  6. FoggyLC

    FoggyLC n00b

    Jul 5, 2019
    @Bommes, thanks for the amazing report.
    as a local, living 10 minutes away from Mandello, is always great to discover how "my" place is seen with fresh eyes.
    I hope you enjoyed the tour, and thanks also for giving me great ideas for the next weekends!
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  7. squadraquota

    squadraquota mostly harmless

    Oct 23, 2007
    So you made it to the Mecca and Medina of the Guzzi Universe :D
    Well done! No museum then? You missed out on something. That now empty little lake side park is absolutely crammed with bikes and tents during the bi-annual Guzzi Raduno

    Didn’t the Pianura Padano remind you of home? Just as flat …

    Spigno Monferrato… friends of mine live just outside of that village, running a B&B… when still living in the Netherlands, he was the (back then) Guzzi distributor sales manager…
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  8. Corneel

    Corneel Adventurer

    Jun 23, 2015
    The museum is closed due to covid.... i tried to go this year ... Maybe a tip. The little shop valpolini is cheaper for guzzi parts than agostini. They will even ship to the Netherlands (they do to Belgium)
    Nice report. Sad to see problems on a new bike though.
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  9. Kayakgk

    Kayakgk Long timer

    May 8, 2004
    Great report, I am filled with envy. The clickable links in the report are very cool also.
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  10. Bommes

    Bommes Been here awhile

    Sep 2, 2013
    The Netherlands
    Dag 4

    Vertrek: Pavia, Piemonte, Italië
    Aankomst: Peveragno, Cuneo, Italië
    Afstand: 499 km [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Route: My route app link
    Overnacht: Camping Il Melo, Peveragno

    I had a good night, it was nice and quiet on the campsite, well it was actually dead silent.
    Or was that the wine from last night..??:hmmmmm
    I woke up early and I hit the shower for a nice lone rinse and wash.
    I have no food left so I make my self a good strong cafe while I am busy packing my camp and strapping it all to the bike.


    When all my gear is on the bike I ride off to a small market square which a saw last night.
    There were a few bars and shops there, they might have some coffee for me and something to eat.
    Oh yeah, I park my bike next to an old Africa twin with a Swiss number plate on the back and even before I completely get off my bike the Swiss dude is waving like crazy from the other side of the terrace.
    I noticed his bike on the campsite,seems he also thought about getting some breakfast here.
    I answer his wave and make some gestures that I first need to go inside to order something to eat.
    How do you even gesture that??
    Anyway he understands and I walk inside the bar and order a croissant, a coffee, a sandwich and 2 cans of soda from the fridge.

    Again I side I join the Swiss and the owner of the bar brings me my order.
    While I am busy assimilating my breakfast the dude doesn't stop talking :fpalm
    Somehow I have the feeling he has been on the road alone for along time..??
    Luckily his English is pretty good with this strange German/French accent, kinda funny actually. (Mister Flick from Allo Allo).
    He tells me all sorts of story's about his previous travels, about his more then fabulous Africa Twin, his son, his wife and what not..:hack

    15 minutes later I finished my breakfast so I thank him for the company and climb back on my Guzzi
    Today I want to cross the Piedmont towards the French border so tomorrow I can ride a piece of the TET there.
    Or maybe today when all goes right on the road.
    So my goal is Ponte di Nava.
    But first let's ride..


    and making pictures which go on social media..


    Out of this village I merge onto a highway and a short 10 minutes later onto the pike.
    Only for 5 minutes though, and 50 cents of toll and a few moments later I find my self int he middle off the Risotto fields.


    A far as the eye goes these green fields with a bunch of small canals between them.
    Really cool to see how they solve this growing the rise thing.
    They fill up a field with water, and trough those ducts and canals they keep the lot filled up to the right level.
    The roads through these fields are strait as an arrow, but it feels good here.
    Very small villages, churches, fields, fields and then some
    Oh and those big silo's where they store the rice.


    I take short break at a really nice church and I open a can of cola, take some pictures and take a look around to see if I can light a candle here.
    Jep, but again one of those stupid electric ones.

    Almost all these churches are devoted to Maria, that suits me. Not being religious but I some how Maria and the whole image around that kind of does something for me.
    Okay thinking something to be beautiful has nothing to do with religion but... well, okay. you get my drift.


    After a good hour and a half I finally reach the Piedmont hills.
    The wine area around Asti and Alba .


    In the mean time the temperature rose quit a bit so I put my jacket ont he back of the bike.
    Even with the zipper open this "retro" Leather jacket is way to much in this weather.
    Okay it will save my skin when I fall, but being boiled inside doesn't leave much of me in that event of a fall.

    What comes next are many small roads, up and then again down countless hills, through the vineyards, village in and out.
    I just go past Asit (glad I did) but my route takes me right into Alba centre..:baldy
    The temperature rises to 32 C according to the little reading on the dash.
    Even without a jacket I cannot ride on much longer like this.

    In one of the next village's I stop at a supermarket to get some grocery's for my lunch.
    And to be in the shops AC for a few minutes.
    A short drives later I find a nice resting area on the side of the road.


    I take off my shoes and just lay down on the bench in the shade.


    I take my time to revive my self, drink a liter of orange juice and eat some sandwiches.
    Nothing wrong with this spot, under the trees, just lovely.
    The sky is starting to cover up a with some thin white clouds, that cut's down the suns power a bit.
    That's welcome for the next few hours driving.


    I love the surroundings here, a few years ago I spend 4 months living and working in this area. Near a little village called Spigno Monferrato
    The village's the nature, the roads, the easy living.
    If you stay outside of the triangle Alba, Asti and Aqui Terme it's nice and quit here.
    The real Italian live :D
    Agriculture, cattle, rivers, and tons of excellent restaurants everywhere.
    If you like riding this is the spot for you, okay the asphalt is not always that good but the endless twists and turns are perfect to emptying your petrol tank.

    Oi.. 10 picture limit... and also it's time for me to stop writing for tonight.
    Have to get some stuff sorted here and it's an early works morning again tomorrow.

    Will add the rest of day 4 in the next few day's. :augie
  11. Bommes

    Bommes Been here awhile

    Sep 2, 2013
    The Netherlands
    And writing again...:D on with day 4.

    Left you all while I was resting it out on the side of the road.
    After half an hour hanging around I get on with my route again.
    After endless twist and turns I finally reach the end of my in advance made route for today. Nava, Italy

    Up front I searched in google for a campsite in this town and I did find one, Campeggio La Fattoria,
    But once here it all looks grey and deserted and I don't see a campsite.

    I drink another cola and eat my last sandwich, meanwhile wondering what to do.
    It's only 2:30 pm now and there is still time left to try and ride a piece of the TET today.
    I can feel the kilometres I rode so fat but I can always give it a try.

    I load the TET route into my phone and ride off again.


    The grayness is coming down on me, or I'm going uphill. :hmmmmm hhmmm.
    Not really the best weather to get on to the French / Italian border route.
    That's kinda high up in to the mountains...
    but anyways I'm here now so let's try and see how far I can get.


    Not that far.. it's 3:15 now and after 5 minutes I am stuck on a Frana.
    That's an Italian word for a road slide out, behind the van on that picture the road is completely blocked. And a crew of workman are fixing it.
    The alternative route is.. right and uphill.
    And yes that's bloody steep.
    But but.. my bike is heavy, I don't have that much experience riding off-road, and, and and..

    So i turn my bike around.:dunno
    Back on the asphalt I look on the little map on my phone and I see that I can reach the TET a bit to the south.
    But, a bit to the south here, on these roads, means first going back east, than back west and at last a bit north.
    So all in all a good hours drive.
    Okay worth a try, there is plenty of daylight and fuel left.
    Also good on drinks, but not much to eat left.
    Even if I have to go camp out in the wild somewhere, I want to go up onto those mountains. :lol3


    Again Maria appears to me, this time living in a tree...hhmm :-)
    I take a picture and send it to my girl.,

    After a good 5 minutes riding I hit yet again a Frana...


    The possibility's are getting less and less.. maybe someone is trying to tell me something??

    I rethink my plan.
    Over here it's grey, there are drops falling, and to be honest I am to tired to get onto the TET now.
    I click on the map in my navi and I see I am really close to France.
    Sospel pops into my mind.
    Should I cross the border this evening and go there??
    I know a nice campsite there and I know where I can get something to eat.
    My tomtom tells me that if I leave now I will be there round 7:30.
    Okay that's doable.

    I ride past yet another Mariachappel and yes I do stop there.
    Oh yeah, this time there are real candles, the first time this trip. :rayof


    After yet another 15 minutes riding I suddenly recognize this route.


    I was here before, with my Vespa, back then on the Hunt for Luigi and Jean-Pierre.
    I remember I loved this road.
    The energy comes back to me and I up the pace.
    Blasting from one twist to the next I am really enjoying my self now.
    I turned off the music in my helmet a few hours ago, and now I can really hear the Guzzi roar.
    The exhaust is really decent but the sound coming from the inlet once you wack open the throttle is kinda addicting.
    The grip this thing has is super, these Anakee Adventure's are not really for the rough off-road stuff but for these kind of roads they stand their ground.



    Turns and twisty's and then some.. this is bikers heaven. :wings


    And the views are awesome, this part is just woods, hills and these roads..


    A touring top tip from me:
    If you are ever near this place, go find the SP17 near the French border.
    It's my kind of heaven..


    Go look it up and put it in your route,
    Also alot of fun on a Vespa I know from experience.

    10.. again 10 pictures already ..
    For today it's also time to go to bed for me (almost 11pm here) the dog is already fast asleep and so is my girl I think. :snore
  12. I have been to Asti, long time ago. Its a beautiful part of Italy. You are lucky.
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  13. Coffeeman

    Coffeeman Coffeeman

    Oct 17, 2014
    Reading, UK
    What a great gift this personal, honest, brilliant blog is. Thank you. You have visited many places I have on your trip and shared many thoughts. Appreciated. Jealous. Stuck in the UK with restrictions. I think I will appreciate the freedom even more when it arrives in the next 1 or 2 years.
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  14. simondippenhall

    simondippenhall Simondippenhall

    Apr 19, 2006
    Hampshire, England
    Loving your ride report, including the detail. Thank you. Although 20 years with a Guzzi Cali II never really wedded me to the idea of a Guzzi, your experience with the v85tt (other than the original horror story) is making me think again.....
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  15. Bommes

    Bommes Been here awhile

    Sep 2, 2013
    The Netherlands
    Like I said in that report: I love the Piedmont.
    I have been through almost all off Italy, from way up North in the mountains to the south most point of Sicily and back into the far most point of the heel, Puglia.
    Every region has it's bests and worse but somehow the Piedmont ticks all my boxes.
    Although the very good climate on Sicily also has is attraction.
    Wow that is a proper compliment.. thank you very much..
    And those restriction.. I have a feeling we all will be back into those restrictions in the very near future. :(
    Seems like it's not only my experience, almost every journalist that tested it like it a lot. And from what I read in the users forums it seems like there is not a lot of trouble and things going wrong with them.
  16. tomass

    tomass Been here awhile

    Jul 7, 2009
    Ramona, CA
    Met a guy in the Safeway parking lot in Chino Valley Az with his Guzzi, said it was the best most comfortable bike he had ever owned. His was not as clean as yours had some serious Arizona miles on it. Nice pics and RR beautiful bike!
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  17. Bommes

    Bommes Been here awhile

    Sep 2, 2013
    The Netherlands
    On with the last bit of day 4


    Still on the SP17 in the Ligurian hills, blasting from one hairpin to the next.


    Just like the previous time I was here my mind wonders to the desolate life it must be living here.
    There is not 1 straight road in sight and the forests go on and on.
    What if my Guzzi fails here.. that would be a long walk for some help.

    Hee and yet another one..


    There should be a way onto the TET here somewhere.... I tried to go up there before with my Vespa.
    Back than the TET made the exhaust brake off the Vespa, and after a roadfix with a bungy cord it made me leave that route with my tail between my legs.

    Now I don't even come that far, there are proper big rocks on the track and the bike is to heavy.
    And although I had my energy back from all the twisty's a few moments ago now it's gone with the wind.

    I take another break, drink some orange juice, and I found some left over cookies in my topcase.
    I rethink my plan, yet again.
    I have been to Sospel before, twice and to be honest I don't feel like going there again.
    Time to make new memories is what one of my best m8's always says.
    It's the same m8 that loves beetroot that much that he tells every one that he want's to be buried under...:hmmmmm

    I dab around in the navi, turn the Guzzi back down the hill and again with my tail between my legs I bail.

    On my way up I rode past a hikes that gave me a friendly smile.
    Now I am going downhill again I ride past him again.
    While passing I say to him: Bike to bike, balls to small.
    He laughs out loud and gives me the thumbs up.


    Again I ride past that awkward hotel..


    It's humongous and completely deserted. That pool turned into be a proper mosquito breeding pond I think.

    Google street view link

    Very strange place, I looked it up once back home.
    Turns out that it was build opened like it should be, but the guest never came. Well not enough to cover the cost.
    So it went bankrupt, and they tried to sell the remains a few years ago for like 19 million euro's.
    Today that price dropped to like 3 or something in that region.

    Hoo hold on..

    Again I take a break, drink a cola and eat some candy.

    Just a bit to go, I changed my route to take me a cross the French border near Fanghetto.
    I found a campsite at Breil-sur-Roya and as far as I can remember there where also some places to get something to eat there.
    So back in the saddle, hang in there just a little longer.
    When cross the border the road and surroundings become very nice to the eye.
    Nice gorges, river, etc... but no time to fool around it's 7:30 pm.


    I reach Breil-sur-Roya but.... the campsite turns out to be closed. ..okay now what :baldy:2cry
    Googlemaps, Tende there is a campsite there.
    Those last few kilometres are doable.
    After 20 something minutes I ride into Tende and I notice that I'm starting to gethungry.
    So I look for a restaurant with some people on the terrace, park my bike in front of it and ask if they have table to spare for me.
    Yes.. so I sit down, order the first ting I see on it and a beer to go with it.
    With that beer in one hand I sit and wait, resting and waiting for my food.

    After diner I ride to the Municipale camping in Tende.
    Once there.. I almost have to cry, this makes me very sad.
    Grayness everywhere, puddles, clouds in the sky.
    Under the trees it's very dark and it's almost full with people camping.
    The last few free places are on the far end of the campsite, way to far from the toilets.
    I feel down, this is not what I wanted for now, not the campsite and not the feeling.
    My phone rings, it;s my girlfriend and hearing her voice inside my helmet picks me right up.

    I know a very nice place to stay, back into Italy over the Tende pass.
    Peverango is what I type into my tomtom, and it show 10pm arrival time.
    Okay buckle up, and hang in there, I ride off into the drizzle.
    Hairpins all over climbing towards the Tende tunnel, the pass is closed and even if it wasn't it's way to late to go up those gravel hairpins.
    For the first time I'm here the traffic lights @ the tunnel are showing a green light, I ride up behind the last car in the line.
    Just before we enter the tunnel I over take that car so I wont be the last in the line once in the tunnel.
    That was a good choice, not long after I see their headlights fading away in my rear view mirrors.
    Slow geezer..

    Coming out of the tunnel it's no longer raining... yeah.. :D
    I over take some more cars and when I reach Limone Piemonte it turned completely dark.
    I hook up behind a line of cars in front of me, nice to have some taillights to follow in the dark.

    Once I finally reach camping il Melo it's pitch black dark.. and the entrance gate is closed.
    Okay didn't see that one coming. can't go past it either (trust me I tried) .. now what to do.
    By now my brain cannot think in solutions anymore. .. so..


    A few minutes later a couple comes walking up to the gate which they open.
    The guy asks me if I want to sleep on the campsite ... YEAAAHH and he tells me I need to wait.
    After a few minutes I see the light coming on @ the reception and the barrier opens.

    I check into the campsite, pitch my tent and drink a beer, the last thing I had left to drink.
    I lay down on my bed.
    Back in Italy.. :happay

    Today I got in the saddle round 8 am, by the time I reached this campsite it's 10 pm.
    What a day,.. I loved the riding and the roads :ricky, I had my tail between my legs, been the wisest and turned around, ate some food, drank alot of cola, backed in the sun...
    And almost the whole time I was in the saddle of this new Guzzi.

    What a thing it is... awesome, my behind kind of hurts and I had to get off a few times due to that sore ass..
    But what a ride it is
    I love it. :raabia
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  18. Wait to you get old, everything hurts...nice trip. Have some good food and wine and rest and you will be ok.
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  19. Pavement Optional

    Pavement Optional Adventurer

    Jun 18, 2019
    CurveAlice, Oregon
    Nice write up. I'm really liking that Guzzi, there's a lightly used one for sale not far from me. My Vstrom is just fine, but so tempting....
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  20. Pbro63

    Pbro63 Been here awhile Supporter

    Dec 7, 2015
    Temple City, CA
    Just do it, you won't regret it.
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