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Taking the new Guzzi for a spin

Discussion in 'Ride Reports - Epic Rides' started by Bommes, Aug 3, 2020.

  1. NitroRoo

    NitroRoo Been here awhile

    Nov 5, 2007
    Charlotte, NC
    Nice report, really enjoying it!
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  2. Bommes

    Bommes Been here awhile

    Sep 2, 2013
    The Netherlands
    Day 5

    Departure: Peveragno, Cuneo, Italië
    Destination: Salbertrand, Italië
    Route: My Route app link
    Distance: 215 km
    Passed the night: Camping Gran Bosco, Salbertrand, Italië

    Day 4 has taken its toll.. I have trouble getting started this morning.
    Last night I took a quick shower before I went to sleep while it was drizzling a bit, this morning though the weather is just great.
    I love this campsite, the village is within walking distance and there is a great restaurant.
    It has a small supermarket with a good assortment, bakery, etc.
    The campsite is very quiet and easy going, and like most Italian campsites there are few year round places.
    The pitches for tents, caravans and campervans are apart from those "regular year round gues places"
    There is a small swimming and the showers/toilets are in decent order.
    But most of all I like the ambiance.
    It's quiet here and your near a "normal" Italian village.
    Just outside the campsite there is a Donkey that brays like crazy, there are some fields with beans growing, a few soccer fields, etc.
    Okay enough with this campsite commercial :lol3 but remember this tip from me.:D


    Just before 8 I get out of bed, get dressed and start packing my stuff.
    I don't even get round to making myself some coffee..??
    I have nothing to eat left so once I am packed I am gone.


    From the campsite I first go into the village, time for some grocery shopping.
    Normally I would have done my shopping @ the alimentari, but I am way to sleepy now.
    I buy my self a bit a fruit, a few sandwiches and a croissant.
    When I exit the shop there is this women making pictures of my Guzzi.
    When I approach her she asks me if this is my bike and with some Italian English she explains me that her husband also has a few Guzzi's.
    He also did a test ride on the V85TT and he loved it but for now to new and expensive. We use Italian and English to have a talk, they once visited the Netherlands and they liked it a lot there.
    Very cool to be talked to like this, happens also when I am traveling with my Vespa.
    When I was on my V-strom I totally got ignored.. :scratch:ear

    After the small talk I eat my fruit and croissant and get on my bike.
    Time to hit the road, I want to do some souvenir shopping for my girl.
    Cuneo is really close by, so i look it up in my tomtom and ride there.
    I already had a small idea what to get her and after only 5 minutes in the town I find a shop that has it, so 10 minutes later I am back on my bike.
    Yesterday was the last day I had beforehand routes for, so today is open.
    I have my mind set to so some off roading.
    A few weeks ago I saw some cool off road tracks on Instagram, going over a hills crest. They should be close by here somewhere.
    But now I am here I cannot find them anymore.

    What I do know is that I was here before on my Vespa and back then I could not pass over a mountain pass due to the snow. I think that will be melted by now..:-)
    So I look up Colle di Sampeyre and have nice seat in the saddle.


    Via Dronero I ride onto the SP422 and at Stroppo I turn on to the sp335, up to the pass.
    !!!! Al of a sudden there is lot's of cyclists, that come down the mountain side like complete idiots.
    Cutting off blind corners and I need to hit the breaks regularly not to hit them full on.
    See, the thing is I hate cyclists like Gargamel hates Smurfs.
    Well not all of them, but guys like this that act like complete idiots.
    Like they are alone on this world, out the door with their own safety, let's go round corners blind on the wrong side of the road..:hack

    I tell them how I feel about them in Dutch, that will teach them.. :devildog
    If it was up to me I would hit them head on but I am being the smartest, so I slow down completely until the trees are gone and I can see a bit more.



    On top of the pass it's very busy a lot of cars, and a few van's with some cyclists hanging round them.
    Social distance..?? face mask..?? panting heavily they are barking in to each others faces.
    Okay if I cannot run them over, let them infect each other with Covid.
    Well done like this..


    The views here are excellent, nice pass and a good view onto Monte Viso.
    On the Sampeyre side of this hill I ride down, back into the valley, and once down I decide to take a left.
    Infront of me there is this old XT600, I saw them before on the coll.
    With his girl on the pillion seat he went down that pass really slow, now on the other hand he is riding like Rossi.
    He blasts from one corner to the other and within 5 minutes I am lost behind him.
    Okay.. being local,knowing your way has the upper hand over power and better grip.


    I have seen this high pass into France before on google maps and my expectations weren't that high.
    I thought it would be very crowded with trucks and that it would mostly be straight roads.
    I turned out to be the opposite.
    There are signs that trucks are forbidden, most of the time that's a give away for good stuff to come.
    I follow the example of the XT600 rider and open the throttle.
    The Guzzi makes his way up the mountain making all the right noises.
    Okay the 80 horses don't make it a real race bike but I am enjoying my self to the max.


    When I stop for yet another pictuyre 1 of the 2 guys I saw on the col di Sameyre comes riding by.
    One of them was riding some sort of naked bike, the other a bit older VFR
    When I pull up to speed I find my self in between them, the dude on the naked bike in front of me, and the other on the VFR following me.
    What follows is a few minutes of fooling around with the guy in front of me, he has the power and the grip and know's how to ride his bike.
    The dude on the VFR is taking it way slower.
    We balst up the mountain side and before I even notice we are on the highest point of this road.
    I will sure return here, very nice piece of road. :yum


    Up on the pass it's kinda busy and I have to wait a bit for the opportunity to make a picture of my bike with the sign behind it.
    France - Italy
    My Guzzi get's a lot of views here and a few thumbs up.
    I look around and take a few pictures, get back in the saddle to ride down the French side.
    I don't really have a goal or route so let's see what the rest of the day brings.
    Writing this I cannot remember correctly but I think there was a guy taking pictures a few corners down the road.
    Just like a a few other high passes in the Alpes, to take pictures of the riders passing by.
    I try looking it up in google but I cannot find it anymore.
    Anyway could be I remembered it wrong.

    10 pictures again,,, time fly's when writing/having fun.
    The rest of this days report i will add later on, time to walk my dog and take a nap :-)
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  3. Moto Guzzi always gets thumbs up from me.
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  4. Bommes

    Bommes Been here awhile

    Sep 2, 2013
    The Netherlands
    Okay.. I got some spare time.. on with the report.
    Sorry to keep you al waiting this long.
    Holiday season has ended here and as a project manager I actually have to do some work from time to time.

    I left the story on top of the Col de Angel

    On the French side I ride down into the valley and I stop in La Casse
    Once there I take a look in Google maps to see what options I have.
    I see right away that Col d'Izoard is really close by.
    Okay let's go there then,.



    I love this pass, and again it comes to me why the Routes des Grandes Alpes is this popular.

    izoard screen 1.JPG

    Still without a plan I ride into Briancon, not even noticing that I am in Briancon.
    I recognize the town but still not register what town. So just on auto pilot I ride through it.
    Guessing which direction I have to go I just ride towards it.
    Of coarse that didn't work and on the edge of the city I stir the Tomtom.
    It's hot and I am kinda done with riding for today, but it's still early, so what to do...
    I mess around in the Tomtom and I hit a spot on the other side of the Col du Galibier.
    I put the Guzzi in first gear and ride off, time to get out of this town.

    Not completely there with my mind I just follow the Tomtom. And before noticing I am riding in the wrong direction.
    I put in a spot on the other side of that Col and well this Tomtom makes up te fastets route towards there.
    I didn't noticed that and now I am riding towards the Frejus tunnel. :baldy
    Man this is not what I want now.
    Anyways I still follow the route that the Tomtom gives me.
    I hook up behind a group of BMW GS riders and the trhottle goes to the end.
    And again I got to let go.
    Not because they are local, or they even looked like they know their way around.
    But it's simply the lack of power int eh Guzzi. Those new GSA bikes have a few pony's more so every time we exit a hairpin I have to let go.
    Braking into the next corner I can make up for some of that but I cannot keep this up.
    So a few corners later I have to let go.

    I cross the border into Italy again and make a quick stop to get my bearing again.
    Salbertrant is really close by and I want to go offroad a bit more this trip.
    Today is Saturday so the Assietta is closed but there must be some other gravel roads up there to ride up to.

    After 15 minutes I turn onto the parking place in front of the campsite Gran Bosco
    I get of the bike and am a bit lost, check in you would say..??
    But now I just don't know..
    I sit down on a small wall in the shade and start looking in my phone with out any purpose.
    When I check into the campsite nowt he day is over, no more covering distance then.
    HHmmm how to plan the rest of the ride days when I want to be home on Tuesday.???

    After a long hour hanging round I eventually walk up to the reception and after checking in I can follow a guy on a mountain bike on to the campsite.
    He points out a spot, and an other one...
    Yes just what I need now, more choices..:uhoh
    Sometimes I have trouble picking a carton of milk in the supermarket.. so now being totally cooked I cannot by the life of me pick out one of these 2 spots..

    5 minutes later he's here again on his peddle bike with a few other bikers right behind him.
    I point towards a spot underneath the trees in the shade and ask him if I can pitch my tent there.
    And that turns out to be no problem.


    I set up camp and open a can of drink and sit my self down on one of the benches here.
    It's nice to have a look around here,when you're just like me, liking all that is aventure, there is plenty to see here.
    No race bikes here, off road is the theme.
    That also shows with the cars, big 4 by 4's with roof tents.
    I'm the only dutch guy here, most of the bikers are German and there are lots of vans with trailers filled with bikes arriving.
    All of them German.
    This campsite is have no problem business wise during this Corona time.

    Despite there is only German being spoken around me it's still a real Italian campsite.
    Next to the field with all the tents there is this small ball field, and the Italian children are shouting for the loudest to claim the ball.
    In the middle of the tent field there is these 3 girls, early 20's and like proper Italian girls there are trying to get the maximum tan.
    They are laying there 3 of them in their minuscule bikini's on their towels in the middle of all these big German dudes. Who are stinking, sweating and just talking about bikes...:gdog


    My tent is right under the trees. and an hour after sitting down I go lay dowen on my bed.
    That doesn't take long before I am fast a sleep.
    Around 6 pm I wake up , exit my tent and walk towards the restaurant to reserve a spot for tonight.
    Well that's what I thought.. clearly I am way to late, all is booked.
    I ask if then I maybe I can have a take out pizza, and after waiting long, really, while the dude behind the counter is looking @ his list with reservations I get told that is possible,
    7:30 pm I can pick up my pizza, I tell him I want a quattro stagioni and while I;m at it I want a beer to go.
    Yes one of those half liters Birra Mioretti please...:jive

    I walk back to my tent, sit down on the same bench again, grab some peanuts and open my bottle of Moretti.
    There is still people arriving, this field is getting packed..

    On another field there is this unit.. come on..


    For you american dudes this is just a small car with a tiny unit ontop of it but over here.. its humongous.
    I take some pictures and send them to my girl, telling her that I found our new caravan.


    The thing is towing a small trailer with a Vespa GTS on that, yep exactly the same as I got.
    Only now painted in the same color as this pick-up truck.
    Clearly there is money to spend here.
    A few hours later I see the people that own this unit.
    A girl half 20's and a dude way past 70.
    Okay, either she is traveling with her grandpa or she found her self a good sugar daddy..:lol3

    I talk a bit with the Germans and at 7:30 I go picK up my Pizza.
    I finish it in like 5 minutes and right after that i go lay down on my bed again.
    Okay, clearly I need to catch up with a bit of sleeping, half an hour of internet I fall a sleep.
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  5. Night_Wolf

    Night_Wolf Leg Humper

    Feb 17, 2006
    Lat: N 90°00'00" Long: N/A
    Someone has to ask :deal where are the pictures of the Italian beauties in their minuscule bikinis :tb :evil
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  6. Pavement Optional

    Pavement Optional Adventurer

    Jun 18, 2019
    CurveAlice, Oregon
    I have to say, that camper unit on top of the truck is pretty sweet. And yes, by American standards, not very large.
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  7. What! Not talking to the ladies! Waste. I noticed the same in Japan, ladies talk and have fun and men play with PlayStations or phone. I have a laugh with the ladies with my bad Japanese.
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  8. Bommes

    Bommes Been here awhile

    Sep 2, 2013
    The Netherlands
    Okay this took a while.. sorry guys and girls :shog

    It has been a very busy tome for me, actually in the meantime me and my girl went ion a trip with our caravan trailer. And I even went on a 4 days trip with my bike again.
    Will write a report on that one as well, it was a trip down the France TET so lot more off-road.

    But I left the story with day 5, so on with day 6

    Day 6

    Departure: Salbertrand, Italië
    Destination: cliffheanger.. :lurk
    Route: My Route app link
    Distance: 1080 km
    Passed the night: same cliffhanger

    Despite this campsite is fairly busy , during this Covid pandemic that is, last night was very quiet.
    That half liter of beer, and all those other cans I had last night made them self noticeable last night.
    Like every guy that is getting older, I think had to get out of bed like 2 times.
    I also woke up very early this morning.
    But because my program for today is fairly easy going I get back in to my sleeping bag after the morning wee.

    All that aside I am up and out before the crack of down and I trow my gear on the bike.
    A moment I thought about leaving all my stuff here and booking an extra night.
    Then my bike will not be packed with all that gear and that would make it a bit more easy to ride some of the off road trails nearby.
    But that would make me feel restricted, in my freedom of movement. Like yesterday the entire day went totally different that I thought, leaving my stuff here would make that impossible.
    5 before 8 I am ready to take off, but the reception will open at 8:30...


    I gave them my cooling element yesterday and I do want that back.
    So waiting in front of the reception I click around in my navigation.
    A quarter past 8 the dude on his bicycle is there again and he gives me my freezer element back.

    Today I want to ride the Assietta so I go find the road up to the Colle delle Finestre.
    It's just a short ride from the campsite.
    On my way there I stop in Salbertrand to stock up on some food @ a Alimentari.
    Again, I have to wait there as well, they will open at 8:30.
    I buy some sandwiches a few cans of soda and also due etti di salame.
    200 grams salami.. :thumb
    The woman in the shop tell me that the bar across the street will open shortly and that I can get some sweet pastry's and good coffee there.

    But I don't want to wait yet another time this morning so I climb on my bike and tide towards Susa.
    There is the sighs towards the Colle delle Finestre are just all over.
    Not to be missed.
    In 5 minutes I ride uphill, turns hairpins.
    The road is still quit and a bit wet underneath the trees so I take it easy.
    After 4 hairpins I stop and call my girlfriend.
    There something going on and after 45 minutes on the phone I disconnect.
    I hit "ride home" in my tomtom .

    Sometimes things turn out totally different than thought off, luckily I'm not that difficult with changes..
    I ride down the mountain and another 5 minutes later I turn on to the highway, direction Lyon.
    Just before the Fresus tunnel make a quick stop @ the petrol station.
    This one is in the middle of the road (between my lane and the one off the on coming traffic) , all ways in for joke or strange situation those Italians.
    What ever makes it takes to make stuff less obvious :loco
    I order a Cafe Lungo some sweet pastry's and go the toilet.

    5 minutes later I climb back in to the saddle and I pay the 26 euro's toll for this tunnel...:uhoh


    It's like an oven in here, in the middle off the tunnel the road goes uphill so the heat just gathers there.


    28 degrees C. pfff

    And the other side o the tunnel the sun is out. The Italian side was cloudy.
    Always fun those tunnels through mountains, totally different weather on both sides.
    Makes it nearly impossible to predict I think.

    For now I am okay in the saddle so the first few 100 kilometres I ride without stopping.
    The temperature keeps rising, and I am not going to get burned again so I keep my jacket totally zipped up.
    Underneath that I'm wearing a thin long sleeved shirt, for now this is doable.

    Just before 12 I stop a bit north of Chambery to fill up the tank and to go the toilet.
    Longer than needed I will not stop, takes up to much time.
    Now I smell my stable.... :D


    I'm starting to get a bit hungry and right after the next tollgate on the A^North of Lyon I stop again.
    I can park my bike under some trees and there is a nice little bench with a roof so I can sit in the shade my self.


    While i'm busy making my self a sandwich there is this French lady arriving with her grandchildren.
    She asks me if they may join me on this bench, sure..of course.
    So much for being a scary bikes.. :hmmmmm


    While I'm busy eating my sandwich my new caravan drives on to the parkingplace.
    I take a picture and send it to my girl.


    For the Americans reading not much but for us here in Europe this is just absurdly big.
    The fuel consumption on one of those things is like 10 times of what a normal modern city car uses.
    Why I ask my self do we even bother to save energy when there is still people like this wasting it all..:fpalm

    Through what'sapp it's easy to share your current location so every time I stop I send my girl the location I'm at.
    After this sandwich and the Cola I get back on the bike and ride on.
    The journey is still doable, still no pains or stuff like that, so no complaints.

    What follows are many many kilometres, glad it's fairly quiet on the roads.
    But the temperature keeps rising, so every stop I drink a bottle of soda to keep hydrated.
    The Guzzi is behaving like it should, not missing a beat.
    The fuel consumption is getting higher though with 140km/hour on the cruise control.
    That's a bit disappointing, my v-strom 1000 was a fair bit more economic with these speeds.
    Anyways's the Guzzi is easier to ride at these speeds and cruise control is super nice.

    After passing Dijon the ride to Nancy is a long one.
    Just before Nancy the reserve light comes on.
    Another 145km to go on this tank.
    HHmm am I going to make this to Luxembourg??

    The "kilometres to go" keep going back further.. and to be honest I am starting to worry if I will make it to the desired tank stop.
    On the last incline towards the Luxembourg border the Guzzi tells me there is -- km's to ride...:doh
    But... I make it, and at the petrol station I fill up the tank with 22,3 liters of petrol.
    Didn't I read somewhere that this tank holds 23 liters.. :toney oaky.. that was close..

    After filling up the tank I quickly go to the toilet, I feel the need for a nice cold soda but there is like 30 people waiting in front of the shop.
    Long live the cheap tobacco here... bah..
    Well what ever I still have 2 can's left in my luggage.
    I empty one in one go, get back on the Guzzi and leave this way to crowded parking and merge onto the highway.
    Home is like 300km's from this border..

    By now my body is starting to act up.. but okay there is like 700km's passed today.
    On one of the parking places in Belgium on the E25 I stop again to eat my last sandwich.


    Looking @ this picture now I see that my smile is a bit different after all those kilometres.
    It's a quarter before 7 pm and there is 220 km's left to go.
    Manageable I think, round 9 o'clock is what tomtom tells me.


    This last stretch I don't stop.
    I bounch over the E25 (thanks for the Belgium roads), the closer towards Liege the worse this bouncing becomes.
    But it's still quit on the roads, I ride next to the Maas through Liege towards the Netherlands.
    Maastricht follows and with the new tunnel I pass that in a heartbeat.
    I can remember the traffic jams that used to be here. They could take well up to an hour.

    Just before Weert I almost get knocked of my bike by somes ort of dips&*( in a Mazda CX5.
    Guy behind the wheel wearing a baseball cap, one of those GTI riders (over here that's a proper stereotype, for the cops enough to profile them on that).
    On the right lane he overtakes a few cars and slams his car in front of them back to the left lane.

    Apparently 140km/h is not fast enough for him.
    This makes me wonder every time.
    I ride all those kilometres with not once a feeling of being unsafe, through all those country's .
    But back in my own country, a young dude in his to big to fast company car almost runs me off the road.

    For me it's easy I let go of the throttle, drop my speed and he's gone.
    In front om me I see him flashing his lights to the cars in front of him thast dare to be in his way..

    A quarter past 9 pm I pull up the curb @ my house.
    My girl saved me something to eat and she all ready put it in the oven for me.
    I take my luggage off the bike and put it safely in my backyard.
    This thing hold up perfectly, and the ride is great.
    Besides the bad millage on the highway and the some what warm knees there is not a thing I can find wrong with it.
    Okay being completely honest it could use a bit more power, I only notice it when I try and keep up with the new horsepower cannons from BMW or Ducati.
    That could also be due to my riding skills, I am not like Rossi at all.

    screen izoard pictures.jpg

    Feeling all fuzzy because of the long ride and the wind in my ears I go to bed just after 10pm.
    Glad I still have a day off tomorrow, I need to recover a bit from this.
    My shoulders and upper back are hurting badly not to speak of my behind..
    It's doable a 1000 + kilometres in one day, that's good to know for the future, but I'm not going to do this very often.:D:jack

    Hope you liked my report, starting this trip I planed it to be a few more days longer.
    But due to circumstances I got home a bit early's, hope it's still in the right section of these forums, not being quit the epic ride length. ??

    Leave me some comment on the stuff that's good or not good about my report.
    I just finished another trip on my bike, the report on that one is still in the making.
    Thanks for following along.:beer
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  9. fortrider

    fortrider Been here awhile Supporter

    Oct 6, 2005
    North Rim of the Poudre at 8000 ft.
    Looks like a great ride after a shaky start. Wonderful write up report. We are planning to ship our bikes to Europe next year and ride for several months. That is providing a vaccine and we are allowed in the country from the US. Great photos and looks like a great ride.
    Thanks for sharing.
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  10. Night_Wolf

    Night_Wolf Leg Humper

    Feb 17, 2006
    Lat: N 90°00'00" Long: N/A
    So how many miles/km did you go on the tank where you added 22.3 liters? Average speed for that tank of fuel if you know it
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  11. sitivene

    sitivene n00b

    Apr 29, 2018
    Entertaining report, thanks.
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  12. Bommes

    Bommes Been here awhile

    Sep 2, 2013
    The Netherlands
    Sounds like you have a very nice trip planned, there is tons of great stuff to go check out on this continent.

    I'm sorry but I haven't got the slightest idea..:confused

    Thanks for your compliment..:-)
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  13. fastring

    fastring Been here awhile

    Aug 5, 2012
    Monroe, GA
    Nice ride report and pictures, thanks for sharing!
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  14. NSFW

    NSFW basecamp4adv Super Supporter

    Feb 20, 2007
    Burbank CA
    i enjoy catching up with your rr and i'm buying coca-cola stocks.....:D

    the trip to Mandello brought back some great memories and i was lucky enough to go inside even though at the time the place was closed. at the time, there was a bunch of classic car enthusiast booked a tour and they invited me to join them.

    love to see more of your travels.....:y0!
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  15. borscht zanetti

    borscht zanetti Pura Vida ! ... eh?

    Aug 20, 2008
    Trail, BC Canuckistan
    Ruud is a great Striker, but you are An equally good Motorcyclist! Thanks for a great report.
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  16. Bommes

    Bommes Been here awhile

    Sep 2, 2013
    The Netherlands
    I guess you all are wondering why I went home in a hurry like that..??

    Well the day before I left was my birthday, and my girlfriend woke me up @ midnight, right on the first minute of that said birthday.
    And she gave me some news..:hmmmmm
    The day after I left on my trip, happy and all, being the man with the bike I am.
    Not thinking about anything else then my trip.

    During the days that followed I had a lot of contact through whats-app with her.
    And the morning of the day of my return a loooong phone call.

    Well no dragging it out any longer the news she gave me, was that she was pregnant. :clap
    It was a planned action, even with some help from the hospital, so the news was super.
    And like I said being the man with out the hormones and all the female emotion in my system I just rode off.
    Thinking nothing more that: pregnant is pregnant.. that's going to take 9 months (give or take) so for now ...

    But you'll out there with girlfriends or wife's that have been or are pregnant know that I couldn't be any further from the truth :baldy:hack
    All the pregnant hormones where raging though her, wanting me to be right there with her.

    And in hindsight... I made some better decisions in my life then leaving on this trip. :becca
    Since this trip I went on another short (4 day) trip, no report on that on yet but maybe when I find the time I will write something.
    Did some TET in France.


    Now a good 4 months on our way in the pregnancy all is well with her and the little baby growing inside her.
    Well actually not all, last week we found out she seems to be diabetic.
    Lot's of women have that during pregnancy.
    But this early on, means that's she had it even before the pregnancy.
    So now we are under close watch by the doctors, and she has to measure her glucose level 7 times a day and when needed inject insulin.
  17. MrKiwi

    MrKiwi Long timer Super Supporter

    Oct 16, 2009
    New Zealand
    Great news on the baby front, but not so great about the diabetes.

    All the best for you guys and pending parenthood
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  18. Night_Wolf

    Night_Wolf Leg Humper

    Feb 17, 2006
    Lat: N 90°00'00" Long: N/A
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  19. choppahead

    choppahead Been here awhile

    Jun 1, 2011
    Lakeland Playland
    Great trip report, nice bike and congrats on your baby. Hope all goes well for all three of you.
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  20. Essbee

    Essbee Been here awhile

    Jul 10, 2009
    Durban, South Africa
    Great RR, meneer, pity it was cut short, but, good luck and best wishes for the next chapter in your life!
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