Tall guys looking for vintage / retro small size 2 stroke

Discussion in '2 smokers' started by dieselcruiserhead, Apr 15, 2013.

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    Subject basically says it all. My wife has a little 80 cc scooter that tops out at 40-45 mph and I'd like to have my own wheels of some sort that isn't my KTM, and it needs to look cool of course.. :)

    I'm totally Down with old mechanical projects as long as they don't need too much work once they are adjusted. I definitely like the "off road" style look of 60s and early 70s "trail" style bikes etc so that's ideally what I'm looking for. The problem is they are just so small and I'm tall!

    What do you guys think, any suggestions on what might fit me? Also not opposed to larger and more CCs or even a cool retro dirtbike or maybe even a real motorcycle. But these 80cc and similar are nice and cheap which is nice..

    One bike I'm considering is a 80cc Yamaha Trail Master. Along the lines of this. Because it has motorcycle styling I thought it might fit better?


    Would this work? Any other suggestions?