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    So, Sept 19 2020 we ran Hwy 72 West to Florence then turned North to catch the far West tip of Trans America Trail leg 19 and run it back Eastward (backwards). We had ran leg 18 in the past and it was more exciting but 19 was still worth the ride. Had one detour, but managed to get that done and wind up just the other side of where we had to turn around so nothing lost but time. We wanted to include 18 but time was short when we reached the "end"/beginning of 19. We hit Hwy 64 just South of Lawrenceburg and finally went through Pulaski without running from a storm. The most spectacular thing happened in a camera off moment when I THOUGHT it was on. Ugh. There was one shallow flat rock creek crossing that had algae growing on the bottom, slicker than owl snot. @Pepperlady can vividly describe it for you from her point of view, but of course without proof others claim it didn't happen. @jrm927
    Looking back the only reason I made it was the thin layers of that flat rock micro stair stepping down more on the upstream side. I happened to choose that line, and it was slick but I think the corners of each layer ending here and there gave me just enough grip to keep recovering on my way across, and the lower power my bike has doesn't self accelerate the traction loss as bad. I was wiggling too but the camera has video stabilization built in, and its mounted on the handle bars which the counter steering to the back end made it look like I went through with no problem. If you listened hard you can hear me talking at that creek crossing. I said, "Its SLICK, its Slime slick, trim your power". I conviced her that all the dark green/black was slime and that maybe the dirt brown section being deeper the algae couldn't grow over there and might not be slick. It was slick the complete width.
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