TAT Type map from Miami to Georgia?

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    Oct 10, 2007
    Hello riders,

    I am a newbie to the sport, and at work I do not get to do much except read and read and plan. I will be able to take off work for two weeks in 6 to 8 months, and I am trying to plan an Adventure Ride.

    I ride an 08 KLR650, and my experience is limited. I posted a question on a different side of the forum and "TAT" came up. I've spent about 4 hours today reading about it, and it seems it is something I would LOVE to do, but realistically I wouldn't have enough time.

    From Miami to TN is about 1000 miles, so that is at least 2 days before I could make it to TN and start the TAT ride. At a rate of 200 miles per day the most I could ride the TAT would be 2000 miles (less than half of it), then I would have 1500 to 2000 miles to ride back on the slab. This would barely give me enough time to make it back, and it would be assuming nothing went wrong during the trip. All in all it doesn't seem to be a trip I could undertake with only 15 days. That is what leads me to this post.

    Does anyone know if there are enough legal unpaved roads to take me up to the northern end of Florida (stayinig towards the East) and then loop back down (staying on the West side). Florida is flat, but I would like to think there would be some interesting sight seeing.

    The advantage of trying to do a trip in Florida would be that I wouldn't be "too" far from home, so if something major happened it would be much more managable to get the beast back home.

    Any adivce on how to find these roads/maps would be greatly appreciated :)
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    Aug 10, 2007
    Eastern VA
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    Check with SWAMPY!
    He is in your general area and does a great job of things.

    Paging Swampy...Hay, is this thing on?