Tell me about vinyl siding

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    I'll venture to say that 90% of the homes in Canada has vinyl siding. No matter what the cost of the house.
    I'm on my 5th house with the stuff.
    I never do anything to it, except one house I had, one wall that was shaded all the time needed a rinse every couple years.
    Some spray nine in a bucket with a broom and it was back to new in 20 minutes.

    My parents place has the same (original) siding since 1984. I helped install it when I was 15.
    They're considering replacing it just for the sake of change. But it still looks good.
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    I dislike a home that "looks" plastic and vinyl "looks like what it is", plastic. I remember reading an article where this newspaper writer (back when we read real paper and they hadn't either layed them off or retired the writers) who had mowed her yard then a rock flew and busted her vinyl siding in an ugly manner. She called her insurer, got a quote from some place that did vinyl siding and her quote was like $700 or so. Long enough back it was serious cost for repair. Seems they "saved" old siding to match tints, etc., for such repairs which added to the cost which still didn't meet her deductible.
    That article stuck with me as it reminded me of calling the wood window mfg. who built my windows (with vinyl jambs) to ask why they were crumbling from UV damage (we live back in the woods! not on the desert!) and he said they were first generation vinyl and that they were now building with like 3rd generation stuff. He also told me windows needed to be replaced every so many years. I was quite pissed off by that point and asked him if every 15 years was his point of shit canning all my windows. After some further nasty talk he shipped me enough new vinyl jambs to redo my house and I've used a few on the south side exposure as we talk vinyl 40 years later here...
    I really dislike the "new look" where builders try to integrate too many materials such as plastic, brick and stone into a house wall. The three little pigs got it right? but my logs are still ok too.
    My MIL's white vinyl turns green here in KY the same season it's cleaned.
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