Ten days going west from KC - newbee

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    Jun 27, 2006
    Winhall, VT

    I am going on my first long ride on my 1200GS. Got ten days off, a Garmin 2610 and a credit card.

    I thought initially to go to SD then Yellowstone and down to UT - Moab - Monument Valley and back via NM to KC.

    On a second thought I thought it may be a bit much for ten days so I may just start going straight west on I-70 to UT Down to Moab travel around the parks and byways there and back through NM.

    I have never done anything like that before so I would appreciate any recommendations: Must sees, Routs, Places to stay, eat, visit and such.

    How and where do I get routs for my GPS?

    Thanks a bunch


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