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    Noob here. I bought a S10 with touratech rack and panniers. Very fancy love em. That being said, just the two side panniers without the rack are $1539 :eekers. That makes em road bags right? Imagine taking a dirt nap and damaging one that'd be crazy. I've never done that, however, so who knows maybe they're that strong. Anyone have a touratech rack and are using soft panniers on it for offroading? Especially looking for input from those that have experience hitting the ground with them :muutt. From what im reading soft bags is the way to go because 1- if leg hits it while pushing off less bad 2- your gear eats rocks instead of bike. gear cheaper. thanks for the help
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    Aug 20, 2002
    That's why I sold off my pristine OEM panniers, which with the mounts cost about $1500 in Japan, and added Givi racks instead.
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    I have the narrow Touratech panniers and have dropped the bike a couple of times with zero damage as a result. There is a stabilization bar on the back the has two elongated holes, I've had the bolt slide a bit so you can see the pannier is not level. Easy to loosen and re-align. Other than that just a few scratches. I like them because they are durable and they can be locked. I've found hey work well for the application.

    Soft bags have their advantages and disadvantages, crash and not worry about damage. They look good. Security hassle.

    Getting a foot caught is poor technique, hard bags or soft.
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