Tent Space Sign-Up Thread

Discussion in 'Trip Planning' started by geode, Jul 4, 2006.

  1. Trip

    Trip Unkempt

    Feb 3, 2005
    OK, crap. You FF's can stay here if ya like. My place sucks. Nothing like the great shops and land posted by others. And I am a sorry host. Bring yer own beer, sleep on the floor or in the backyard. My music collection sucks so don't even think of uploading any of it.

    I've had a few ADVriders stay here and they all say they will never come back. I don't blame them. But if you need a place to stay at the crossroads of the south, give me a shout.

    That would be Denton, Texas. 30 miles north of the Dallas/Ft. Worth metromess.

  2. Badger

    Badger Been here awhile

    Jul 10, 2004
    Slaughter, LA

    Baton Rouge, Louisiana

    I'm a little north of Baton Rouge Airport and a little south of Slaughter, LA. I've got three extra acres for lots of camping, but pretty bare conditions right now.

    Carport and Basic Tools
    Tire Changing / Oil Changes not a problem
    Have truck and trailer if recovery is necessary
    Internet / WiFi
    UPS / FedEx (inbound tires / parts)
    Washer and Dryer, Bathroom, Shower (if you're nice to the boss)
    Fuel and ATM close by (@ 1/2 mile)
    Camping in back yard for a couple of tents if needed
  3. native

    native You got to hold on

    Jan 24, 2006
    Austin, just north of downtown

    No extra beds but I have tools, garage, truck and access to trailers and a network of moto friends that can get just about anything done, anytime.

    If yer really hardup for a place to camp there's room for tents in the yard, the dogs might lick you to death tho.
  4. JRP

    JRP Old guy Supporter

    Apr 4, 2004
    Hampden, MA
    6 acres of woods to camp in, also an enclosed porch which will keep you out of the weather, room for one sleeping bag or two if you are friendly, hot shower and home cooked meals [per your request with enough advance notice]
    forgot to add wireless INTERNET :deal

    Workshop now added, will sleep several out of the weather.
  5. RAW

    RAW Long timer

    Jun 14, 2003
    Lots of secluded camping space.

    Halfway between Johnson City, TN and Asheville, NC, right on the state line off of I-26.
    Shop space with covered patio also available.
  6. Lurch II

    Lurch II Been here awhile

    Jul 6, 2001
    Vermont, USA
    Berlin, VT

    Bed, porch, barn, lots of fields. Whatever turns your crank. Beer in the fridge (sometimes), some sort of edible food usually available.
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  7. Visian

    Visian Look out!

    Aug 23, 2001
    Clyde, NC... but north of I-40, off off NC 209 in the mountains.

    Great view, flat n' grassy, primitive. If we're there in our house, you're welcome.

    You must be able to ride through my twit filter: gravel road up the side of the mountain with a few steep switchbacks.

  8. 2much2do

    2much2do Motorpsychlist

    Oct 4, 2005
    Sweet Home, Oregon
    Here's another possibility in Oregon. I'm about 15 minutes off of I-5, on Hwy 228 between Sweet Home and Brownsville, OR. For proximity to a larger town, I'm about 35 miles northeast of Eugene. I have 10 acres, with tent space by the Calapooia river. If it is raining (often the case), we can probably find or make a dry place. I'm not much of a wrench, but I have a few tools.

    There is lots of great paved and unpaved riding close. I'd be glad to help anyone plan out a ride or two in the area.

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  9. deerslayR

    deerslayR Spodely Adventurer

    Oct 29, 2003
    Sands of South Jersey
    In the sands of south Jersey.

    Dennisville, NJ 08214 is the town.

    25 miles SW of Atlantic City, NJ

    6 miles to Sea Isle beaches.

    18 miles N. of Cape May.

    Have tent space on 6 acres, outside shower, storage space, some
    tools I may (or may not):D know how to use.
    Noisy, but friendly dogs. Noisy, but friendly spouse.

    November 26th, 2006 edit
    This just in.
    Got a kewl new sleep/sofa so no one freezes to death in the winter.
    Plenty of indoor floor space, too.
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  10. scratchypants

    scratchypants Loathes the impolite

    Sep 30, 2003
    Route 138 Godmanchester, Quebec. 2 miles north of the Constable, NY border.

    3.5 acres, garage and tools.

    Site consists of 1.5 acres of lawn, 1.5 acres of field, .5 acre wooded. The wooded section backs on to the Trout river (don't get excited, no trout).
  11. disconnected

    disconnected brap

    Feb 19, 2006
    I have plenty of room four about 4 tents south of pittsburgh, 1.3 miles from interstate 79.. I have garage space with tools. stop by for a beer and a ride in the Laurel Highlands of PA, or rip the twisties of West Virginia with me...


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  12. ]I)Money

    ]I)Money D NOT I Supporter

    Mar 8, 2006
    Central central.
    Jefferson City, MO
    Got: bed, couch, futon, for a total of 5 without resorting to floors:rofl
    Also got: crappy garage, some crappy tools (my snap-on box got stolen):waysad

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  13. FreeTheBeast

    FreeTheBeast BDR ambassador Supporter

    Jan 23, 2004
    There's room for a couple tents in the back yard. Nottingham, NH - middle of nowhere, center of everything.

    This thread is a really nice jesture, and a damned fine idea. Good to know there's still some good old fashioned friendly people left out there.
  14. overlander

    overlander Gravel Travel Tours Supporter

    Apr 25, 2003
    Wicheetaw, KS but longing for Texas
    I have a patch of land near I-35 in the Wichita KS area. It is available for camping by a lake with shade trees and I have a garage that has workspace, tools, and a large dry area to throw down for a stay. I regularly host travelers who need to do their own service in a secure environment. It's available for advriders looking to stretch their travel $$
  15. TG6

    TG6 Adventurer

    Aug 30, 2005
    Gabriola Island, (just off Nanaimo) B.C.
    I've got lots of room inside and out if you need a place to stop on
    Gabriola Island, British Columbia, Canada.
  16. Hawk

    Hawk Pretentious Fukwit!!

    Apr 22, 2005
    I can offer tent camping, or a couch with lots of beer and always a good meal.

    I have a full shop, with every needed tool to include a tire changer.

    Very close to Powder Springs, GA

    Shoot me a PM or email if you need a place to sleep.

  17. Motorcyclist

    Motorcyclist Drag a Bag! Supporter

    Sep 9, 2004
    Madison, CT
    I am near downtown Madison, Connecticut, about 1/2 mile off Exit 61 on I-95. I can offer a spare room, plenty of tent space, a shower, food or whatever else you might require for a pleasant stay. I have access to a nearby garage, tools to work on a bike if need be (including a tire changer), and some mechanical skills (emphasis on some). Any AdvRiders and guests are always welcome. PM me and we will work out any details, specific directions and I'll leave the light on for ya.

    Dealer Info:
    - Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Triumph, Victory & Aprilla dealers located in New Haven (20 miles)
    - HD dealer in Branford (15 miles)

  18. Mr. Ray

    Mr. Ray Glistening Shaft Supporter

    Mar 18, 2006
    Slower, Not Slowest.
    We're in.....we have room for tents in the yard. We have a grill and I would cook you a meal if you didn't want to go out to eat.

    I always have enough free beer for 3 armies!! I like to help people work on their bike and have a garage and tools. We live less than 30 minutes from the Blue Ridge parkway and we're surrounded by some of the best roads in the Southeast.

    Now the bad news.....We have billions of hungry mosquitoes.

    All are welcome
    Pisgah Forest, NC 28768
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  19. SQD8R

    SQD8R Eat squids and be merry

    Jun 16, 2004
    The Village: 52.9144° N, -4.09615° E
    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

    Tools, sleeping accommodations, outside parking but in one of the safest neighborhood in the City. Hospitality - we have beer! Currently living in suburbs closest to the best riding in Ontario and some of the best in Canada.

    Best to touch base with me early; I'm not on advrider as much as in the past.

    January 2016 - no changes.
  20. DR. Rock

    DR. Rock Part of the problem

    Aug 30, 2006
    NYfC, yff
    La Donna Fugata and I are happy to host:

    The AdventureLoft™ -- Broadway / Houston area.

    +Sofa-bed (sleeps 2)
    +2 Air-beds (each sleeps 2)
    +Roof-deck garden with grill, hammock
    +Laundry, Wi-Fi
    +Kitchen available (we like to cook), or...
    +16,108 restaurants nearby
    +Relatively safe street parking
    +Extra motorcycle covers / locks, for street parking
    +Discount rates on trauma surgery and critical care
    +Off-street space with a motorcycle lift and basic tools for a quick oil or tire change, or a simple project or routine maintenance.

    No garage (unless you want to pay through the nose).

    Please PM, email, or call ahead 917-216-1595 (best) to arrange.

    The AdventureLoft™ Guest List:
    11/06 Judy & PowerT from GA (on their way to & from VT)
    6/07 Edna & Gillies from NM (Ride report here.)
    11/07 Meathead & Steverino From the dirty south (on their way to eat lunch)
    12/07 Serendip from Denmark (on the last leg of her long journey) & again 4/09 & 6/09, and 6/10.
    6/08 KCDakar From KS (on her KC to Alaska trip)
    6/09 Kariina &
    tsiklonaut from Estonia (on their RTW adventure, Estonian version here.)
    8/09 Lar Z from CA (on the go around the U.S.)
    9/09 Miquel Silvestre from Spain (on his Back to America Tour)
    10/09 Erica on her Highway to Hell tour from L.A. and back
    10/09 Alisa's first stop on her year of solo motorcycle vagabonding
    6/10 Dave, (Werewasi) from Oz on his North American
    Suibom trip
    6/10 Loftus (Bloochdog), BWDR ambassador, attending his buddy's wedding
    7/10 Gabe & Char from the U.K. finishing up their RTW trip with a send-off for Gabe to the TAT.
    7/10 Dave (AlbertaStrom) on his Cross-the-Continent trip
    9/10 Daniele Ciccone (Daninviaggio) on his RTW trip
    3/11 Alisa (MotoAdventureGirl) Cleaning house on the East Coast
    6/11 Aurel & Marion, Frenchies on their way from Argentina to Alaska
    6/11 Anthony, the Motojournalist on his way back from the Overland rally
    8/11 Rafael, (hitchiker_forever) as his final destination Cross country on a Honda C70
    10/11 Spencer Compton (SpencerCompton) from PA visiting NYC for a couple days.
    4/12 Adam Lewis (JediMaster) from the UK taking the short way 'round
    7/12 James (bluesurf) & Rachel on their US tour.
    8/12 Alicia (the most interesting woman in the world) & Miguel (the most interesting man in the world) on their world-wide travels.
    8/12 Heinrich (Heino) & Anna from Germany, touring the US, 2-up on a V-strom.
    (sorry for the negligent updating of the guest list!)
    5/14 Ilta, Wolfi, Hertta, Lyra and Ulpu (Sauerkraut & Tofuwurst - Vegan bikers trotting the globe)
    6/14 Teo & Lily on their round the world trip
    7/15 Chris on his epic coast-to-coast trip
    8/15 Stuart & Janell of the PackTrack on their East Coast leg
    5/16 Caroline and Evan winding out from under the dome.
    6/16 Michnus & Elsebie staging the return to their Piki Piki trip
    6/17 Eddie from WI on his post-grad / pre-work trip to AK
    8/17 Bob S. from Chicago on his way to points north.
    and many more!