Tent Space Sign-Up Thread

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  1. Louise N

    Louise N Adventurer

    Sep 11, 2008
    Troms & Finnmark County, Northern Norway
    I believe in "pay it forward" and have stayed with a couple of really hospitable ADVhosts in the US some 11 years ago.
    Originally from Denmark, now living in the most northern part of Arctic Norway, approximately 200 US miles south of North Cape.
    Upon request, tent space is allways free and available. I recommend open air hammocking and tenting on one of the immaculate, scenic spots around the property, which always has availability. There's always a reason to make a good campfire by the shore or in the back yard.
    When I'm home, you can also access shared facilities (kitchen and bathroom).
    When available, I might be able to accommodate you in the simple guest cabin, or you can use the old barn for workshop and sleep over.
    I live in a very remote rural district, and have a secluded beach in the bottom of the fiord, if you're into cold swims.
    My back yard mountain is awesome for even the shortest hikes up to a lake in which you can fish trout or just relax. More fishing lakes on my property above treeline. I'm also just a couple of kilometres from a wild salmon river.
    I have a decent amount of tools for repair, and can receive tires and spares on my address if you need to order along the way to or from North Cape. Also somewhat connected to local suppliers in Storslett and Alta.
    NB: Bring a mosquitonet...
    Location: Kvænangen, 69.750375, 22.1318827, about 9 US miles from E6, the main E-road going through Norway.
    I'd appreciate a heads up if you wish to stop by. Don't hesitate to contact me, especially in case of bad weather.

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  2. Sir Ride A Lot

    Sir Ride A Lot n00b

    Mar 9, 2020
    Perth Western Australia
    Hi Guys, I planned for 2 years to come to the states to travel this amazing country, see some amazing places, and to meet heaps of incredible people that are on this site. So 8 weeks total duration of trip. I landed in Houston on the 13th of May. Taking a couple of days to get my bearings and sort out a bike. So organised the first week of my journey meeting 3 different people on the site.
    Only to find out that my really expensive travel insurance would not pay if I should land in hospital with the virus. My family back in Australia were freaking out and it was only prudent I get a flight back to Australia ASAP. Well I found a flight leaving that afternoon, lucky as 90% of flights had already been cancelled. Well I am home now and in 14 days quarantine.
    I live in Perth Western Australia, I would like to offer up 2 spare rooms, garage and workshop, a
    lawn space and shower. I have local knowledge of bike mechanics and tyre shops and some good tracks. So drop buy stay a while, share some stories over a brew.

    Personal contact information removed by moderator. Contact by PM if interested.
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  3. dogjaw

    dogjaw plays well alone

    Jul 13, 2008
    between the Ozarks and the Ouachitas
    Charlie Bravo's dad here; approx 40 miles south of the TAT , Little Rock, AR. three acres available to camp out back, but no one ever has, as they always end up crashing in the spare bedroom. Garage and storage space also available for trailers, etc. We were on the TSCT at one time, but for some reason our info is gone and we want back on! We have met some of the coolest folks ever...

    34.606974, -92.357102

    Personal contact information removed by moderator. Contact by PM if interested.
  4. brbo

    brbo Been here awhile

    Apr 11, 2014
    Ottawa, ON
    Hello I am just south of Ottawa, Ontario Canada in Kemptville. I'm 2 minutes off Hwy 416

    I have room for tents out back, parking, BBQ, and a fire pit.

    I'm at the end of a dead end road so it's very safe for travels with gear. I have some tools and space to work on bikes.

    Just send me a PM through here and I will provide my Cell and location
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  5. MTvtwin

    MTvtwin noob rymes with boob hehe

    Jul 10, 2009
    the bozone
    If your looking at riding both Glacier and Yellowstone National parks and want to hang in the middle get a hold of us. We are located in the Ruby Valley high in Tobacco Roots and offer creekside or high overlook camping. We have a cabin with wet bar and Shower, and would love to hear ADV stories and share a meal.

    *Google does not show actual address, PM for GIS

    Was able to ride both parks this summer in (7) days with Friends with ample time to explore.

    Shop available and can arrange supplies etc. BMW code, and will assist in maintenance and tire replacement: Montucky Cold Snacks on hand..... Maps and courses to get to parks via mountains. Both dirt and tarmac

    Personal contact info removed by moderator, contact inmate by PM if interested
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  6. Jman209


    May 30, 2015
    Le Grand
    Lots of room in Le Grand California 95333
    1.5 hours from Yosemite
    Plenty of tent spots in almond orchard
    Possibly room in rv with bed and shower for those who need it.
    Full shop with tools, air compressor, welder.
    Pool, hot tub, bbq.

    Personal contact info removed by moderator, contact inmate by PM if interested
  7. cyrider

    cyrider Been here awhile

    Jul 8, 2019
    Ames, Iowa.
    Shop with a bike lift and most tools you could need for anything.
    Willing to have packages/parts shipped here and I can help with repairs if needed.
    Beer Fridge usually full, if it isn't my neighbors will be.

    PM me through the forum.
  8. jarthur

    jarthur Old Desert Rat

    Dec 23, 2006
    Sacamento, Ca. Foothills
    Cameron Park, Ca.
    Have a truck with MC trailer if have an emergency. Have most tools for maintenance or repairs. Fenced back yard, pool and potentially a spare bed.
    Advanced notice is best. PM me through the Forum or send an e-mail.
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  9. simp

    simp n00b

    Mar 24, 2017
    Tallinn, Estonia, Eastern Europe.
    Have a trailer and garage/tools for simpler mechanical works. Local contacts for anything that's more involved.
    Fenced yard, sauna, might have a couch/spare bed, depending on who's home.
    Happy to show people around/dinner&beers/etc...
    Advanced notice isn't really needed, but can help with making sure i'm available :)

    Personal contact info removed by moderator, contact inmate by PM if interested
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    Jul 10, 2015
    Southern California
    I have a nice flat side yard for camping. Garage space or street parking is ok in my neighborhood too, some tools for small repairs and not to far from BMW,KTM and Ducati if parts are needed. At some point I'm probably gonna fix up an outdoor shower this summer. After the world returns to comfortably spreading germs I'll probably offer up a back bedroom/shower but for now its just outdoor living. South Pasadena
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  11. staggart

    staggart Adventurer

    Feb 27, 2017
    Roseville CA 95661 USA
    Big back yard, shower, laundry
    Motorcycle tools and help, tire changer
    Know all the local riding from great backroads street to the hard off-road stuff with small bikes
    Need advance notice during riding months (Jan-Dec)

    Personal contact info removed by moderator, contact inmate by PM if interested
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  12. dbroxson

    dbroxson Wanderer

    Jun 27, 2008
    DC Area
    Falls Church, VA .

    Back yard of suburban house near Washington, DC.
    Basic tools
    Tire change assistance and basic maintenance assistance on uncovered patio
    1/2 mile from motorcycle dealership and auto parts stores.
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  13. Sideoff

    Sideoff Long timer

    Nov 14, 2005
    Hood River, OR
    White Salmon, Washington, in the Columbia River Gorge, just across the bridge from Hood River, Oregon. Our free backyard 'Bates Mototel' moto campground is a perfect stopover between the Washington and Oregon Backcountry Discovery Routes.

    We're 5 miles from downtown White Salmon, where you'll find a grocery store, hardware store, pharmacy, auto parts, coffee, brewery, and several good restaurants.

    We have 8 tent sites situated around a parking area, created specifically for moto travelers. There's a porta-potty, an outdoor shower with hot water, an outdoor grill and stove, and a spot to recharge your phone, camera, and batteries. The 'Dusty Lizard' tent lounge is available to escape the elements if the weather is cold or wet. There are extensive hiking/cycling (not moto) singletrack trails across the street.

    There is a KTM & Honda dealership in The Dalles (Fun Country, 20 miles) and a Yamaha dealership in Hood River (Mid Columbia). The nearest BMW dealership is in Portland (BMW of Western Oregon).

    We'd love help with improving the camping area, from anyone who's skilled in such things. Any contributions that will improve the experience for future visitors, are much appreciated.

    Email Jenn & Paulina, they'll have the details: moskomoto (at) moskomoto (dot) com.






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  14. Spoilyfarts

    Spoilyfarts whomp whomp

    Feb 28, 2018
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Pittsburgh, PA - Garage, tools, extra bed/space for tent/posts for hammock, shower, helping hands.

    Please give advance warning as I'm not always able to host.
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  15. Mariuspo

    Mariuspo n00b

    May 30, 2020
    Space for tent and wooden bothy near Žasliai, Lithuania (right on TET passing Lithuania). Also some tools, garage, fire pit, coffee and some company. Last minute arrivals are ok, but please do inform me via email listed below.

    Personal contact info removed by moderator, contact inmate by PM if interested
  16. Boianovich

    Boianovich Old and Cautious

    Jan 29, 2013
    The 8th Dimension
    Prospect, CT 06712
    10 minutes from RT84/RT8 interchange in CT
    Tent, camper, RV space in lot next to house

    Quite town, secure location, kid and dog friendly. Full moto services, tire changing (free disposal), suspension services. Welcome to use garage and tools, welding service a few housed down from me.

    Usually have WP48 seals and bushings, KTM brake pads and wheel bearings on hand

    Limited space for multi night secure bike storage
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  17. dlrides

    dlrides 1:1.618 Supporter

    Jul 21, 2005
    Cranial Perfection
    Catawba, NC 28609

    Garage, moto lifts, spare room, tent space, rural setting near I-40.

    Two small dogs own the residence, but they allow humans to stay.
  18. elliot_scott

    elliot_scott n00b

    Oct 22, 2016
    Elora Ontario Canada
    Tools , beer, coffee, bench racing
    backyard is all yours.

    Personal contact info removed by moderator, contact inmate by PM if interested
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  19. RDX*

    RDX* Adventurer

    Jul 7, 2007
    Teckomatorp, Sweden

    Garage and basic tools
    Bike parking
    Shower, laundry, BBQ

    Personal contact info removed by moderator, contact inmate by PM if interested
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  20. Jud

    Jud Long timer

    Dec 22, 2007
    Arkansas Ozarks
    Offering tent space in North Central Arkansas. Closest towns are St Joe (pop. around 130) and Gilbert (pop. around 30) and about a mile from the Buffalo National River. Not too much of a detour from the TAT.

    Have plenty of tent space along spring fed Tommahawk Creek. Or, if you a weary of putting up and tearing down the tent, I can offer a 10x10 elevated play house right by the creek. The spring water comes out around 50degrees so while it won't keep your beer ice cold,,,, it's cool at least.

    We have a large shop in case the bike needs attention.

    Make sure you are on a dual sport or adv bike though as a Hardly Ableson or a 'Wing would have a rough go at it on the 5 miles or so of dirt road it takes to get here. But hey,,,, if you feel up for it, come on! I've been known to take a FJR in alot worse!!!

    PM me here a few days in advance if at all possible.

    Personal contact info removed by moderator, contact inmate by PM if interested