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Sold Terry Symmetry Womans Rode Bicycle/SouthernIllinois $200

Discussion in 'Other' started by BigDogAdventures, Aug 20, 2016.

  1. BigDogAdventures

    BigDogAdventures Fart Letter Supporter

    Sep 13, 2003
    Mt. Vernon, Illinois
    This is a Terry Symmetry Woman's (or small person) bicycle.
    This is my wife's bike and hasn't been ridden in years.
    I'd be guessing how old it is------ I don't know.
    She's the 2nd owner and I'd be guessing how much it cost new---maybe $700 ?????
    She wants $200 out of it and you'll have to pick it up in Mt. Vernon, Illinois.

    It's in perfect garage kept condition with almost new tires.

    My wife has had several strokes and just doesn't have the balance to ride this bike anymore.
    We've kept it around but have realized she'll never be able to ride it again.
    She's bought a very small mountain bike that she still can ride--just easier to handle.




    I do not know the frame size--or even how to measure a frame ???
    My wife is 4'9" tall----from looking at how low the seat is in the seat tube I'm betting a taller rider could ride this-------don't have any idea of how tall tho.
    The bike looks like a full size road bike except for the smaller front wheel.

    It has seven gears in the rear and 3 in the front for a total of 21 speeds.
    Shifts perfectly


    Sold-------------well not really.
    Found a nice young girl who's parents couldn't afford to buy her a bicycle and I gave it to her
    for X-mas.
    Just did my heart good to do something nice for somebody at X-mas.
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  2. galejt

    galejt Been here awhile

    Nov 22, 2014
    Roanoke, VA
    My wife has a Terry, different model. She loves it! Did I say she LOVES it! Perfect fit for her at 4' 11". The front wheel geometry doesn't seem to have any effect on steering, comfort, etc. She has ridden it in a century or two. Regina Terry does nice work.

    Nice bike. Nice price.