Testing my new tubless conversion Yosemite!

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    Jan 23, 2016
    After a torrid year of finding the one bike that does it all I happened upon an Africa Twin 2016 DCT.
    Test ride and grin later I trade in my second Concours 14 ( her suspension was suspect ) Tubed tires on a modern motorcycle that does mainly road miles ?!#.
    After researching the best solution I chose the Outex tubless system from Japan. An expensive load of bollocks. I sealed my spokes with silicon and the valve hole area. “Tight as a nuns chuff”. Used the Outex tape to help the situation but honestly it was like brain surgery trying to follow their instructions.
    No wonder the Japanese are masters of engineering.
    Not me sadly.
    Great solution was found after some shenanigans with a silicon gun.
    Worked well on my 600 mile ride. Here are the numbers
    42psi bk. 41psi fnt
    Max air temp 100 F
    Min 58F
    Max altitude 9984 ft
    Min 113 ft
    Average fuel consumption 46.8 mpg
    Average speed 47 mph
    13 hrs of riding
    50 mph cross winds in Central Valley CA
    75 F at top of Tioga pass
    Back pain 7/10
    20 texts from missus.

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    Nov 1, 2006
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    :rofl "20 texts from missus." This has a strange familiarity to my life....... Glad the conversion worked well, the AT is a fantastic bike. Not sure why Honda (and others) continue to avoid tubeless rims and while they're(all) at it get with cruise being available as plug and play. I use cruise more than any other "toy" OEMs now routinely add and I've done my last tube repair on a road trip bike years ago. If Honda would OEM option those two things I'd buy an AT in an instant as the auto shift has no competition even compared with several very good "shift assist" equipped bikes I've had.