Teton or Denali

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by psyfalcon, Sep 18, 2020.

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    May 5, 2015
    Price vs features lead me to the Happy Trails Teton or Denali for the new Super Tenere.

    Has anyone used both, or have a pro con of the width vs height?

    The Tetons come up to 10.5 wide, which is much more like the Jesse or stock hard bags. The Denali is limited to 7.5 inches, with the opening even smaller. I am not sure exactly how tight my tent packs, but that would be close if I was going to put it internally. Plus, the Denali are 5 inches lower.

    I've never even dragged a peg on my Ninja 300, so cornering clearance isn't a huge concern, but maybe ripping it off on a stump or tall curb?

    But narrow has its advantages. Easier to shoehorn in my garage and its out of the wind a little more. I did like the 50mpg over 130 miles riding back from the dealer. Adding sails is not going to help that.

    Stock handguards are 38 inches wide.
    7.5 inch denalis are 7.5 x 18 x 20 tall. 47 liters at 36.5 inches wide on their rack.
    Tetons are 9 x 18 x 15 for 39 liters at 39.5 inches wide.