Tewster's Traveling Circus Summer 2019 (the Drive/Ride)

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    Mar 24, 2018
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    WOW, Happy birthday my friend! Just so you know, you are so more than welcome to leave the new Talon parked up at my place, for safe-keeping of course, and with an extra key!! Aaaaaaaahahahahahaha(no seriously). :{)
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    Nov 27, 2015
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    Have been off line for awhile and just found this thread tonight. I read through all of it to catch up on your latest adventures. True life adventures really are beyond what anyone can make up and yours keep all of us coming back for more.

    Congratulations on your birthday present. It looks awesome and I know is even more fun to ride. Nice to see someone is really making the most out of retirement.

    Go have fun!
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