The Australian BMW F850/900GS Missed The Speculation Bit Thread

Discussion in 'Australia' started by BygDaddee, Apr 13, 2017.

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    Oct 26, 2012
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    Yeah sam it was interesting to get a good ride on it, i reckon if i just went for a test ride round the dealers block i probably go back and say no thanks. But getting a good day on it you really found the good and not so good

    Around town your right motor is a bit noisy, not as tinny as a 790 but a noisier motor than i like. And theres just something missing in the right hand left hand feel to motor to ground connection.

    But once out of town is when i really liked it, out on the open road, up and down the twisties, that motor is great pulling hard out of a corner taking you to the next, reminded me a bit of the MT07 motor and makes me want that T7 70deg crank asap.

    The bike is surprisingly well balanced and nimble in the corners, the only place i found the suspension wanting was hard into a downhill corner where id prob need it stiffened up a bit

    Having all the electronics , quickshift, and TFT dash was just like sitting on the 1200, very nice,

    Not sure if id buy one, id prob ride some others and see
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    Nov 11, 2008
    I took a 750 for a 3,300 km test ride, wasn't impressed. Probably a better road bike than my F650GS, but if I wanted a road bike I'd get a road bike, and not as good an adventure bike as what I've got.
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