The Best Coffee Makers to Get In This Year: Reviews

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    If it feels wrong when you start your day without a good cup of coffee then congratulations, you— just like a huge portion of the world’s population— are irrevocably hooked on caffeine. However, after drinking coffee for a while, you will eventually realise that while all coffee cups can give the energy boost, what separates a “good” cup from a “bad” one is how it was made.

    Proper preparation is a key part of a good cup of coffee. Because the coffee makers sitting in our kitchens are often the one doing most of the preparation, having a high quality coffee maker is crucial to having a joyful morning for a caffeine addict.

    So in this article today, we will be reviewing best coffee machines for you to consider putting on your shopping list.

    Breville Precision Brewer

    We’re quite confident in our assessment that the Breville Precision Brewer must be the most impressive coffee maker we have ever tested. Aside from the design that is significantly larger than the average coffee machines and luxurious metal construction, the Breville Precision Brewer allows the user to extensively customize their coffee. No matter what your taste is, by tinkering with all of the settings we are certain the Precision can appease.

    The machine is equipped with a PID (Proportional, Integral, Derivative) controller, which meticulously controls the whole process and is usually seen only in expensive espresso machines. This makes the Precision a perfect for playing around with.


    You can select “My Brew” mode from the computer, which essentially allows you to set all of the brew parameters by yourself from the “Bloom Time” (the time that the coffee grounds soak in hot water before they are brewed) to the brewing temperature and the water flow rate.

    But you don’t need to know about all of the settings or have exacting standards for your coffee in mind. There are a couple of presets built right into the machine that you can set from the computer like the “Gold” standard. This setting spurs the machine into brewing the coffee in accordance with the “Gold Cup Standard” set by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). That’s just about the best cup of coffee you might ever get.

    Besides the traditional hot brews, the Precision can also produce cold brews for the hotter days of the year.

    The machine accepts both cone and flat-bottom filters.

    Although the Precision features a Pour Over mode (which you can toggle on and off in the computer), it requires a separate purchase of a Pour Over Adaptor that costs about $35 from the manufacturer to actually use Pour Over drip cones with the machine. Even though that may sound unreasonable after you’ve spent about $300 onto the machine itself, if you prefer Pour Over brews, the adaptor might be worth it to elevate this brilliant machine to the title of best coffee maker in the world for you.

    Bonavita BV1900TS 8-Cup

    Bonavita is one of the best coffee maker brands in the industry. The company is known for their line-ups of quality and reliable machines. As a matter of fact, the Bonavita BV1900TS is a recommended coffee maker of the Specialty Coffee Association. The organization recognizes it for its ease of operation and can brew a quality cup quickly and evenly. The machine is also quite affordable, making it accessible to virtually everyone.

    In terms of design, the machine is quite compact and won’t take up much space in your kitchen. Although the aesthetic design is modern and attractive with a steel outer skin and plastic outlines in black, the control is downright spartan in its simplicity. Unlike the Precision, the BV1900TS completely lacks fancy LCD screens, flexible settings, and control buttons. Instead, all it’s got is the power button.

    But that doesn’t mean that it lacks quality. Quite the opposite.

    The BV1900TS is a good coffee maker that can produce a finely-balanced drink— not harsh black like cheaper machines not light enough to closely rival with more expensive, professional coffee makers out there. It has the ability to fill up the entire pot worth about 8 servings in about five minutes all the while maintaining a great consistency.

    The coffee machine can also ramp the water temperature pretty high, which is an ability that’s highly rated among customers of top rated coffee machines. In our tests, it took the BV1900TS about one and a half to two minutes to reach the average brewing temperature to be around 200°F. This is the perfect brewing temperature that can extract maximum flavour from the coffee grounds, giving your drink a more robust and heavy-bodied taste.

    The way to operate it is as straightforward as could be. You only need to decant fresh water into the water tank (which has a maximum capacity of about 44 oz), put coffee grounds into the brew basket then put it over the thermal carafe. That’s virtually all you need to do. The last step is to turn on the power button and the brewing process will begin.

    The thermal carafe can keep the hot coffee inside warm at about 150°F for about four hours.

    One con we can think of about the BV1900TS is related to design. The filter basket, for some reasons, is placed on top of the carafe. This means that you will have to go the extra length to remove the carafe from the machine, put it on the counter or a table to put on the lid or to pour your freshly-brewed coffee.

    Moccamaster 59616 KBG

    If the answer to the question of “what is the best coffee maker” to you is how fast it can brew your coffee, the Moccamaster 59616 KBG is going to be a perfect purchase.

    This one has the quickest brewing time in the industry thanks to its copper heating system. In our tests, the 59616 KBG can produce enough coffee for 10 cups in about five minutes. Most people will never need to use the machine to its fullest capacity, however, it can give you an idea of just how quick the 59616 KBG can brew.


    This Moccamaster is shipped with a glass and electric hot plate carafe. This is a move away from the solid steel carafe seen in earlier models within the company’s products.

    The brew basket is user-adjustable. You can manually adjust the pre-infusion process as well as locking the brew head when you pull the carafe out of the machine. This effectively eliminates the dripping problem that even the best coffee makers for home (including both of the machines above) struggle with.

    In comparison to other machines, the 59616 KBG is fairly easy to disassemble and thus, easier to clean and maintain when it runs into problems.

    There are a couple of notable issues with this machine in spite of its many great qualities. The first thing is that it draws a lot of power. Some customers even reported that when the machine is run in tandem with a microwave from a single outlet, the 59616 KBG is powerful enough to flip the electrical switch in the house. Additionally, our testers have reported a minor problem about the glass carafe. When it is full, a little bit of coffee can leak while pouring.

    The premium price can prevent a lot of people from enjoying this coffee maker, too.

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    That concludes the best coffee makers reviews for today. We hope that you have found all of our products interesting and that the article has helped you found the high quality coffee maker you’ve been on the lookout for.
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    Mid February is still WINTER in the mountains.
    Stay south , even I -10 can still get icy in west Texas that late.
    Study some climate maps before committing
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    It's hard to predict you would have to make decisions on day by day basis. I rode in January across states and places in NM which were snow-free were all ice and snow week later.

    Your bet is probably not going into mountains at all and staying away from secondary roads.

    Perhaps going along I-10 corridor and then picking up I-15? It snowed a week ago in El Paso but snow doesn't stay there for long. Albuquerque is different matter.
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    Yeah .. middle Feb is NOT spring.

    No mater what the groundhog said.
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    When my son and i went to northern CA from WI in May of 2018, we had to change our route twice because of snow. Mid February certainly isn't spring. May barely is in the mountains. Stay way, way south and hope for the best.
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    Chances are very high that is not going to happen. Fly