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    Hola a todos, no hablo muy buen ingles pero hare lo mejor, this post was written by me because i really don't understand some named riders that claim to have a lot of experience but when it comes to Nepal some things are totally different as in any other part of the world, in april 2016 i went with Mr Klein from Nepal Enduro Tours to Mustang passing trough Manang, the cultural schok was from the very first moment, i know India is worst in all aspects but maybe the size of the country make it easier, from my previous visit to Nepal in 2015 just 2 months before the quake i visited Pokhara and meet Alex for the first time , he just got married and was nice to meet somebody that can speak spanish too, he had a small shop with biking gears in the main street in Pokhara and runned a small day off road tours to anywhere, they had this chinese copy of the CRF RX a bike named Crossfire , quit funny looking but was suppose to do the job, after i learn that some garbage can be actually good in the righ hands, sure the bikes isnt a branded bike bust as Alex told me they are the only choice in Nepal for DirtBikes, taking a royal enfield is not my idea of a off road tour unless im into some sort of slow pace tour,and im not at all, i ride as fast as i can being very tecnich as i have a trial background.
    We decided to go to Mustang with Alex and other german guy, got the permits 2 days after and just start riding, we did the first day as a way to understand the chinese honda and actually did pretty well, trick to start but if you are used to kick start then it was just question of pumping 5 times without the key and then a last kick with the key in ON, sure is not a Bike for beginners as you need to use all the tricks you know, the route was a very free ride, we toook a lot of diversions as we wanted to explore more than the route, Alex has been in Nepal and Asia for several years and his personal history was full of experiences that hope one day i can have, very spiritual individual and sure very patience as dealing in Nepal a business is quit hard , from a German family but born in Colombia was quit a nice mix, like a street dog he said one time, this kind of person can handle situations in a different way that people used to the perfection of their countries, hpleanty of local food, name dhal bhat and it was the cheapest food we can have, the hotels were we stayed were one star but cozy and warm, sure in the mornings the blankets are covered in water but you are in the HIMALAYAS not in Hawai, all the tourists i meet in the road were in some kind of trance, im a very patience person but i guess a lot of tourist when they go to places like India or Nepal feel some kind of entitlement that makes them superiors and in the same way the demand the same standarts, to be honest i really like the schok , this small details that makes our minds stronger or they kill us, some nationalities tend more or less to this attitude ..i wont say anything but sure we know it..i guess the long history of european invasiones to the east is part of the attitude you can see in many foreigners, when you travel your mind is in another state of perception and naturally stressed by the experience of having to deal with everything NEW, the work of the GUIDE is to help us handle with some of this...but sure not ALL, a lot has to be taken in our own hands, we had some problems with the carburators, 3 times puncture, sparks, and the electric system but it wasnt that bad to wait for a fixture watching the Himalayas..some times we did 120 kmts other days like 50 only, when we deicided to explore sideways, they are millions of tracks to explore, this kind of "tour" was really more than a riding experience, we meet Shadus or Holyman, we visited old temples, went to meet the Royal Family in Lomangthand that run a Hotel the Blue Lotus, recommended, dust like hell, mud, sand, rocks of all kinds, kind of a Rally in many ways and i personally enjoyed every second, im writing all this in a way to express my suport and gratitude to such crazy guys, is in his 50's but actually ride too fast, we couldnt cope with him, i admire this patience, his sense of humour and just wanted to show the other side of the coin asn i understood from his answer one of the reviews here was a tour made by another company and his was just the middle man, i really now understand the complicated way Nepal works, and also the different between a ride and tour, we all Love to Ride, but sure not all the bikes are the same and all the riders have the same vision, it all depends on what you want, a smoth ride ? a rally ? just a highway ride ? we are all riders, but sure in this small world of biking we have plenty of categories and from my personal experience the Enduro Riders are the Kings, the way the handle the bike, skills, etc..i personally want to improve my ride, and Nepal was the hardest challenge in the kind of terrains you have at disposition, Nepal is a lovely land and i learned to drink chai every hour and enjoy the simple lifestyle, the dirty childrens without shoes were more happy that any kid in the west with their iphones, i had to say i learned to be more humble, those 14 days change me entirely and when i came back to spain i really had to wait until digesting all the experience..nothing was PERFECT and that was the lesson...i wish you all the best ALEX KLEIN,
    PD: Hope the quake didn't destroy your kind soul..only your business...and sure lets get this record in Jomson , i guess we need EFI, ...Peace and Love 73539237_2086966431403406_1403698958483587072_n.jpg
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