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    Rather than having a bunch of stickied threads, I'm going to index these threads here and unstick them from the front page.
    If you have a bike specific index thread that you are willing to maintain dilligently, PM me and I may add it here.

    Edit: I receive frequent requests to add bike threads to this list. An index thread differs from a general bike thread where specific bike-related topics are indexed with URL links.. An INDEX thread is a thread where someone has spent many hours wading through the general bike thread, compiled a list of relevant topics and then provided direct links to those posts. Look at the BMW G650X thread as an example.

    BMW G650X Challenge Index Thread (also applies to G650X Country and G650X Moto)

    Honda XR400 Index Thread

    Husqvarna TE/SM 610 Index Thread

    KTM LC4 (640) Index Thread

    KTM 690 Index Thread

    KTM 500, 350 Index thread FAQ

    KTM RFS Index Thread

    SUZUKI DR350 Index Thread & FAQ


    Yamaha WR250R Data Thread
Thread Status:
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