The Colonel and his horrible crash

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    Jun 30, 2001
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    Some of you know the Colonel :cool3 (moderator of the oilhead tech forum after he shakes free of his currrent busy schedule) as one very tough hombre who has taken two wheels through Africa, South America and a whole lot of other places.

    On June 30th he and his wife were riding up Highway 1 north of San Francisco when they crashed, badly, totalling his GS but more importantly involving broken bones and pain for he and his wonderful wife.

    He sent this email to me and many of his friends, and to the GS list. I thought it only appropriate to post it here:


    I most sincerely, and with greatest possible thanks, appreciation and respect, thank everyone who offered and provided help to me for my totally destroyed bike, to help prevent further problems with a blatantly dishonest insurance company.

    As perhaps everyone here knows, I am a "nut-case" about certain things, with loyalty, mutual active support, respect for one another and honor foremost. I shall never, ever forget those kind and sincere individuals who demonstrated their active support. Each man knows who he is, and so do I. Please know that whenever you need help, wherever that might be, I shall be deeply honored to help you in every conceivable way, unconditionally regardless of what it takes.

    Full repayment of such kindness is never possible, because it came from the heart, and was so genuine. I was and am deeply impressed with the large outpouring of kindness and offers of help from so many gentlemen here. I doubt is there is any other group that has such a high percentage of MEN with such personal integrity.

    Importantly, I feel that it is vitally necessary to inform everyone here about the actions of Mr. Ray Peery, AKA "Biff-Boy" and/or "cRAsH".

    Yesterday morning, without being asked, he showed up with a set of OEM shocks, and set about helping me remove nearly all of the almost US$15000 worth of aftermarket add-ons that I installed on my R1150GS before the insurance adjuster showed up. He was here nearly all day, and asked nothing in return.

    Because of still serious pain from broken ribs, collar bone, severe back, arm & shoulder pain and a bunch of other things, I was unable to do all that much myself. Ray came with lots of tools (mostly unnecessary, because I have a huge assortment of tools of all kinds), the preparation and the competence to do whatever was necessary to "get the job done".

    He did. Again: I did not even hint at asking him to do this. He did it entirely out of the goodness and decency of his heart, and mutually supportive friendship.

    Words are easy, cheap, and very easily misunderstood. There is, however, no possible or conceivable misunderstanding of the true, sincere quality of a man who demonstrates so thoroughly honorable and utterly unselfish actions such as this. Whatever else anyone might have ever thought of Mr. Ray Peery merely judging him superficially from his words or statements, nothing speaks louder or is remotely as genuine as such honorable actions.

    I shall never be able to re-pay such kindness and sincere friendship, but I most certainly shall never cease to try.

    I respectfully request of everyone on this list, to remember this, and to assess their opinions of Mr. Ray Peery by the unmistakable, impossible-to-misunderstand actions, loyalty, unselfishness and integrity he demonstrated.

    A quotation from the wise Khalil Gibran: "When one gives of his possessions, he gives but little. It is only when one gives of himself that he truly gives." Mr. Ray Peery gave freely of himself, without being asked, simply because he knew it would help, instantly, and despite many other urgent plans. He was scheduled to leave on an extended trip early yesterday morning, but put it off despite the adverse consequences and considerable inconvenience because he placed his personally felt obligation to help friend in need, urgently, above all else. Virtually nothing else could demonstrate intensely deep personal integrity as he has proved himself to possess.

    Again, I am most sincerely grateful for the unbelievably kind, supportive, loyal, sincere friendship and unselfish willingness to help by some many obviously honorable MEN here. I am thankful beyond words, and honored to be among such fine men.

    I met Mr. Ray Peery, Mr. David Fishman, and many other real gentlemen via this list, all of whom have turned out to be exemplary men indeed. I hope also that those that have been deprived of the opportunity to personally meet Mr. Ray Peery can now have an infinitely better understanding and basis upon formation of their opinion of this most honorable and respectable man.

    Let me state, again, that I feel a deep sense of gratitude to those many members of this list who so quickly and unselfishly offered their help. Further, again, I want to express my resolve to re-pay, in every way within my ability, the kindness and genuine friendship, without limitation.

    With greatest respect, honor and loyalty,

    '00 BMW R1150GS - now dead
    '94 BMW R1100RS
    Silicon Valley (San Jose), CA
  2. pbansen

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    Jul 8, 2001
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    Well, damn.

    This is really a pity. Best wishes to the Colonel and his wife for a speedy and total recovery.

    Hats off to Biff for being a true friend in need.

    A big, wet, sustained Bronx cheer to the Colonel's insurance company for trying to weasel out of the obligation to cover the aftermarket parts that had been installed on his bike, even though he had paid additional premium to provide that coverage.

    This was amply described on the GS list, so I won't belabor it here. I'd be interested in knowing which insurance company it is, though. Fargin' bastiges...

    Good luck, Colonel - give 'em hell!

    Pete Bansen
    Truckee, California
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    Hi Colonel: Sorry to read of your GS's demise and your injury. Punky & Lew are back down from Prudhoe Bay and now in Fairbanks, AK. Heading for Ushuaia and hope to see you mended in San Jose on the way. Hope your wife is OK. Later.

    Punky (the dead, but now resurrected and riding again miracle dog) & Lew (the great man -- according to you)