The Geezer Factor

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    And thank you. Like a cook who samples a little too much of the product I'm pretty selfish in that I post and make slideshows for myself as much as for anyone else. It reinforces the memories and I get to live it all over again. And for a geezer, having people respond is a big help in avoiding the invisible person syndrome. A little while ago I told a millennial that I was a machinist for 42 years. Got a blank stare. Shoulda said alchemist. Same diff. Anyway the pic of the Superbug (that you took and sent to me) was in there as a reminder that VBOM is unfinished business. That and the Wansfel trail. But I have a monkey on my back. I completely revised the southern portion of the Great Basin trail. Renamed it the Great Basin Rim . I plan on leaving mid July, kinda why the VBOM has always been mid July. The damn passes. But the kit is all sorted - and locked down for weather. :devildogOne forecast was for single digit temps for PA next week. One nice thing about an extended lock down is that I don't have to ask permission for a trip. I get thrown out.:mulie