The Hills Are Alive...7/7/19

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    Apr 8, 2019
    The weather here in VT was spectacular on Sunday after the storms on Saturday which broke the high heat and humidity. Since I was left to mine own devices (wife away), I decided to go on a nice long ride. Now this most likely is not a long for most people, but being a relative newcomer to scooters, was for me. Plus I was able to ride my ride and not have to be concerned with the rider usually behind me (wife).

    So, I consulted the gazetteer but pretty much knew where I wanted to go. Pretty straight forward, RT 4 from Rutland, to Scenic RT 100 to Morrisville, RT 12 to Woodstock, then RT 4 home. About 200 miles.

    Packed a picnic lunch which I ate at my planned stop at the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, hence the title of this post. It was a glorious ride with lots of scenery. I also am trying an app that was shown to me at AV2019 called Relive. Since pics can be included in it, I tried to stop and take pics. I need practice at that and also need to work on editing in Relive.

    Here is the link to the ride:

    IMG_3650.JPG Main falls where Moto Guzzi was, chatted with owner.
    IMG_3657.JPG Played chess with this guy at Trapp Lodge and won.
    IMG_3664.JPG Stopped at Long Trail Brewery on way home. Bought this to take home, hope it is not foreshadowing.
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