The KLX140G Thread

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    Skimming through this thread after reading the first pages (specs & mods) with some care. I'd like to get back into off-road riding but don't want high power or high weight. What I do want is range. At 90 mpg, this bike will go about 135 miles on a 1.5 gallon tank. Is this what you are seeing? Also, is there an aftermarket tank that can be modified to fit? It took almost 20 years for Clarke to make a 4.0 gallon tank for the XT-225, even after "Lois on the Loose" proved the bike as a long distance travel bike for an adventurous woman on 4 continents. TIA.
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    Update on this.
    On the oem parts list it seemed like 140L and 140G shared the same sprocket and maybe I read it wrong but that lead me to buy the 51t.
    The 140L rear sprocket WILL NOT fit on the 140G. FYI.