The KTM LC4 Reliability research thread

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    1998 RXCe just bought I'll be back:deal
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    Jul 13, 2015
    1. Bike: 640 Adventure
    2. Year: 2001
    3. Bought used or new: Used
    4. Current mileage: 60000 km (37000miles)
    5. Modifications done: Akrapovic slip on; 03 header; Holan tank crash bars; Home made rear rack; Tool Tube; SW-Motech kickstand; Double Take Mirrors; Rebuild Seat by African Queens.
    6. Mechanical work done: Waterpump rebuild; Rocker arm bearing replacement; fork and shock rebuild; Carb rebuild; New regulator/recitifier
    7. Upgrades done: Zerodogs fork revalve and stiffer springs; Shock resprung and revalved by WP;
    8. Current tires on the bike: Mitas E09 Dakar
    9. Percentage of road versus dirt use: 80 road, 20 dirt (My only vehicle besides my bicycle)
    10. Would you buy another one?: yeah i think so. As there is no reasonably priced alternative availiable.
    11. Did you replace the main shaft bearing (if applicable): Yes at 40000 km but was in good shape
    12. Pic of the bike if available:
    IMAG0208 - Kopie.jpg

    But the big end conrod bearing is probably failing :cry. Bought an High Flow engine for exchange :jkam.
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    Just for completeness, I eventually parted mine out at about 75000K, engine was still OK, did a top end rebuild with High flow head and clutch bearing upgrade at around 65000 just as a precaution.

    Parted it out because seals and shit were going because I didn't ride it all the time and it spent a lot of time in the shed and I wanted to raid some of the parts for my 525 that replaced it.
  4. cbig

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    Had this bike over a year, should probably add.. fwiw it's a lot of fun off and on road. I would pile more miles on it but I also have an xr650r; both bikes get pressed into long distance dirt duty. It's a great hill climber!

    1. 625 sxc
    2. 2003
    3. Used 2016
    4. 901 miles
    5. Mods.. Hyder skid, bark busters, akropovic exhaust, full, gpr damper, trail tech headlight, orange bits here, there, warp 9 rims, just installled warp 9 Cush hub fcrmx carb
    6. Leaky rocker box cover, clutch slave, clutch o ring, countrshaft sprocket leak
    7. Redundant see 5
    8. 5987 miles
    9. Probably 70/30 off-road/ road
    10. Yes, probably. No other carb e start kick back up in this size, versatility.
    11. NA
    12. IMG_0437.JPG
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  5. CJBDRdude

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    Jan 7, 2006
    Upstate NY.. rockin it in Valatie!!!
    1. LC4e
    2. 2000
    3. used 2010
    4. 4800 miles
    5. Mods: Bark Busters, KTM comfort seat, da BIG fuel tank, upgraded plastics and SW Motech side stand, otherwise stock
    6. replaced sprockets and chain at 6500 miles, forks seals twice
    7. upgrades - nothing mechanical
    8. 7656 miles
    9. 50/50 - My TRUE dual sport!
    10. Yes.. This bike is a monster... 012.JPG keep yer 690 road bike ;)
    11. Nope...
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    Nov 30, 2003
    Giving my favourite thread its biennial boot! Oh, and Cbig, 901 miles must have been some sort of record.
  7. cbig

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    Sep 30, 2003
    Whittier, CA
    Well, thanks!
    I believe I'm on to 13, 14k? Couple of leaks but nothing major! Bike's seen a lot of interesting places. 20160716_100456.jpg 20160626_153226.jpg 20160706_195805.jpg

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