The next time you see "Ergonomics" on a vendor page, ask..

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    Sep 20, 2001
    Minneapolis (don't even ask how i end up here.
    Them to send you pictures of their Dreyfus boards (No not a computer program or a paper print out, If they don' have them Drop to first gear and bend the Valves when hitting red line in you have to with out ever looking back.. Henry DREYFUS.pdf

    A million years ago on a galaxy long forgotten I try to bring my passion for Biomechanics into the motorcycle community and obviously was a absolute failure as a business (since I'm a total nerd and don't care for profits or sustainability..

    Fyi: I do not even visit "vendors" because it makes me puke how water down "Ergonomics" are (because to do it right you need massive computer power and extremely specific custom made programs) plus a massively silly amount of inventory (RickyBars stage ONE) or a product that is extremely adjustable (Rickybars stage TWO with more than 20 patents in the works that never happen because I was not able to keep going anymore)

    no wonder lady BARB use to tell me

    "Ricky you are giving caviar to the PIgs"

    I just did not realize how far gone I was on my pursue until very recently..

    i'm just making my peace for chasing such a stupid dream