The ShitShow that is Vancouver's North Shore Mountains

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Bill 310, May 23, 2021.

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    So... the 100% volunteer North Shore Rescue is so busy that the Knowledge Network made 3 part series on them

    Another dead Hiker was found yesterday, and they will be likely out again today looking for some lost and/or injured soul(s)

    They just came out with a video challenge game that is based on hiking decisons.

    It was interesting to run some scenarios and this might be a great learning tool for a lot of young people who are getting into hiking
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    Ya we get the weekly SAR stats in the local Squamish newspaper for Squamish and IMO if it's not mountain bikers crashing and needing full recuse, it's people who should NOT be going into the mountains/back country in the first place then expecting to get rescued or have there bodies removed for free.

    Shit can happen for even to the most experience people but at least they know/accept the risks when make their CHOICES.

    Anyway, thankfully I've made the right choices living and exploring BC :)
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    We've got our own feces exhibition over here called Kananaskis Country.
    The main difference is the SAR is fully tax payer funded. If I slip and fall in my bath tub
    it costs me to get an ambulance ride across town. If unprepared moron hikes up a mountain
    and gets weathered in or twists an ankle, they pay the same amount. Pretty fair isn't it?
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    The more things change ...

    Back in my time, the early '80s, we used to head out and joke, "last seen wearing a t-shirt and jeans". Because that's what the news papers used to report.

    I remember from then seeing a guy top of Unnecessary Mtn walking in a leisure suit and dress shoes - no joke. We snickered and carried on and, being young, boot skiing down what was probably an avalanche slope ...

    But yeah, soo many people now it's bound to be a poop show. The North Shore and Sea to Sky is brutal now. Flip flops, tube tops and photo ops.

    Nirvana for the new, good times memory for the old.
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    Nothing but respect for our volunteer SAR folks, great place to donate funds if you some to spare, they deserve great equipment and our gratitude.
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    mountain biking the N Shore has certainly turned into a shit show.
    lineups at every trailhead, e bikes ripping and shredding up the terrain.
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