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    May 25, 2020
    8FABB953-9C39-4690-8DC4-0E73CF07161C.jpeg Hey everyone! Long time lurker on this site and I finally gonna be doing my own RR.

    i had been planning a 2 month long Alaska ride From California this summer, but due to border closures I had to cancel. I’m a wedding and travel photographer and ended up booking 2 elopements in Montana for August so I figured a good alternative to Alaska would be to spend 2 months on the road after the shoots!

    I’m going to be trying to update this twice a week with photos and a report of what went down. As it stands my current itinerary is very loose, but involves starting off in the Jackson/grand Teton/ Yellowstone area for about a week, then heading To a friends off-grid home in the forest near Helena for a few days, then spending a few days making my way up to glacier and after that hunting out some hot springs and waterfalls that I have pinned in northern Idaho. No set dates or locations. Just going to take it day by day.

    i will be camping for the entirety of this trip, save for a few days at a friends house. I’ve got everything i need for work and living on my bike and have created a custom top case from a pelican air 1607 that Pelican sent me to shoot during the trip. It’s mounted with the caribou case quick release plate so I can take it off the bike and use it as a desk.

    the goal during this trip is to avoid towns as much as possible and spend at least 90% of the time in national forest, national park, and BLM land. (Hence the title)

    ive never done a ride report before, but hope you all will enjoy this one! I’m riding a k8 Vee with a little over 20k on the clock
    Im currently in tahoe city, CA waiting out some rain. Going to hit I-80 for the longest stretch of the trip at sunrise tomorrow
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    Sounds good
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