The Summer of Stupid: 7400+ miles of 2up - OBCDR, CDT, TAT West and more...

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    :thumb Way to go LittleWan! You have set the standard for what I ride report should be like, and your husband has certainly set the bar for two up adventure riding.

    You guys......two up on the school bus going down the steps of black bear pass:eek1 :eek1 . I'm still amazed!!!
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    Aug 21, 2009
    up on the pegs, in CA
    It's Cake! From B-Sides and Rarities.

    It was quickest to pull it up on Amazon for this post, but you can probably find the MP3 somewhere else, too...

    Hi Bob! :wave
    What did you tell them? :lol3

    If you can stand it, here's one more version...

    Hi Tn Walrus!
    Thanks, so much. :D
    We're already getting suggestions for our next time in Colorado...

    Matt is intrigued...:evil

    P.S. I wanted to add - thank you for the very nice ride suggestions and invitations (via comments and PMs)! :D
    I wish we could just ride around and try out all the great dirt trails you guys suggest for us!
    We aren't sure what we're doing next summer, or if we'll even be able to get to do a long ride...

    But, If I had to guess, I'd say it'll be someplace in Idaho/Montana/Oregon...


    We won't know until June/July. :lol3
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    Great Picture LittleWan. I've added to my ADVrider desktop collection.

    Thanks again fro the great RR.

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    Thanks, WOXOF - I love the clouds in that one! :D

    I haven't gone back to read much of this RR, but with 63 pages, it's a challenge to find anything!
    The freaking pages take forever to load, too. :huh

    This morning I renewed our photobucket pro account for a year - the photos should be safe until next december...:thumb

    Anyway, if I can't find anything, I guess no one else can either.
    I added a very basic index to the first post, and I'll put it here at the end, too.
    Here you go:

    :confused The Stupid Index :confused

    Pacific Crest Quest: starts further down on this page, and there's an update (PCQ days 6,7 and 8 without snow) here
    Oregon Back Country Discovery Route: starts here
    Continental Divide Trail: starts here
    Trans America Trail: starts here

    Lava Mountain/Fleecer Ridge: here
    Black Bear Pass: bottom of the page, here
    White Rim Trail: here

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    No video index? :poser Just teasing!!
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    :freaky :freaky :wings :wings :ricky :ricky :clap :clap :clap Just great.
    Nice follow-up!!!
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    Yeah and we need a 'BigWan Grin' index:

    BigWan grinning because he has a burrito in front of him
    BigWan grinning because he has a beer in front of him
    BigWan grinning because he has a sandwich in front of him
    BigWan grinning because he has another beer in front of him.......

  8. LittleWan

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    Aug 21, 2009
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    haha, SlowRide13! :lol3

    You forgot the most important one!
    The "BigWan grinning because he has an ice cream" link...


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    bear-y jam?

    make bear-y jam your favorite :rofl
  10. pyrate

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    Mar 10, 2007
    Those aren't berry seeds in there. It is Pepper spray and the remnants of the person that sprayed the bear! If there are bells there then it typically means it was a backpacker! :lol3
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    Little Wan you are the best! That video was the perfect way to end the ride report. Sorry to keep it going with another post:rofl :rofl
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    Wait, wait, wait a minute.....

    I just bought this same bike <you made me> and bought my wife all the gear <you made me>, as we thought this post was going to take us through the winter and into the spring for that matter....

    Uh - oh crud - this TV advertising always gets me late at night. Now this bike is just sitting in my garage....:D and she has some pretty high expectations...

    Worst part - no more office chat about epic ride reports about the Wans, and I'm tired of Ewan and Charlie's DVD set...

    Great report guys - let me know if you ever frequent Alice's as we Bay Area folks love it.
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    ... but great ride report, LittleWan! your photos & video & commentary put this report in the best of the best category, for sure... especially for those of us who want to (or do.) ride two up. one hell of an adventure! it'll be tough to top it, but i'm sure you'll manage. those last few videos from the PCQ were insane, i don't know how you hold on to film one handed through that kind of stuff!

    i'm just finishing up two weeks of paternity leave (the new littleone is asleep beside me), and this report was the only thing from ADV that i kept open during this time of no-sleep. the wife saw me reading you report a few times, and it made her miss 2up (can't really 2up while pregnant). she's itching for the spring so we can get back out on the bike together.

    ... anyways ... congrats on finishing up, it was epic.
  14. LittleWan

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    Aug 21, 2009
    up on the pegs, in CA
    Hey Guys! :wave
    Wow, when did this go over 100,000 views??
    thanks for continuing to read the report!

    I think I've responded to most of the recent comments via PM - except kaia...

    Wow! kaia - congratulations! PM sent :D

    We've been traveling around, visiting family, and I haven't been signing in to ADV.
    edit: that clip didn't last long (was removed by user).
    Try this one instead:

    Flying out of Nashville, BigWan got a full body scan AND a nice pat down... You don't get that kind of love on a bike. Well, not normally. :lol3

    Also, I'm going to go ahead and post this list of TAT west motels. I've had a few PM requests, so maybe someone else will find it useful next year.
    I don't usually read ADV in the winter/spring, but now it'll be here for you if you want it.

    2015 - I assume most of this motel info is too old to be helpful, but I'll leave it anyway.

    Motels - TAT west (trinidad, CO to port orford, OR)

    BigWan and I are fine with Motel 6 and that type of 1 star motel. Clean is good, but :dunno

    I'’ve put an approximate price - what I wrote in my journal. Your price may vary - higher or lower.
    You can get better prices by booking online, but it’s not always practical on the TAT.
    Most of the time, we couldn't even get cell reception on the trail.
    I’'ve added a link if I could find a website for the motel.
    I looked at a lot of motels on and read reviews.
    We stayed at all of these (either 2009 or 2010) and none of them had bedbugs at the time!

    For a few towns, I also listed alternate motels.
    I tried to add notes when I could. Some of the links are messy, sorry.

    1. Trinidad, Colorado. Trail’s End Motel, 616 East Main St.
    ph. (719) 846-4425
    Friendly. Rooms seemed a lot crappier in 2010. Room 14 is nicer than room 19.

    2. Salida, Colorado. Silver Ridge Lodge. 545 West Rainbow Blvd
    ph. Toll Free: (877) 268-3320 or local (719) 539-2553
    Nice breakfast. Pretty gardens. Friendly.

    alternate: America’s Best Value Inn. A little dumpy. Lousy breakfast.

    3. Lake City, Colorado. Silver Spur Motel. 301 N. Gunnison Ave
    ph. (970) 944-2231 or 800-499-9701
    Funky and old. Creaky.

    4. Monticello, Utah. The Monticello Inn. 164 E. Central Street (Highway 491)
    ph. Toll free: 877-927-3191 or local (435) 587-2274 $50

    5. Moab, Utah. The Bowen Motel. 169 North Main St.
    ph. toll free 1-800-874-5439 or local (435)259-7132
    $74 plus tax
    Really liked the Bowen. They have a special bike wash area!
    Nice pool, other guests were very friendly. Lots of international travelers.

    alternate: The Adventure Inn
    Nice towels. Grumpy owners.

    6. Richfield, Utah. The Comfort Inn. 1070 W 1250 South.
    ph. (435) 893-0119
    I think this one was our favorite room. Really nice and comfy.
    Big, roomy, airy. super clean.

    alternate: The Rodeway Inn in Salina, UT.
    Pool, hot tub. The clerk was really nice to us in 2009.

    7. Ely, Nevada. Motel 6. 770 Avenue O, US Hwy 50 at US Hwy 93 S
    ph. (775) 289-6671

    8. Battle Mountain, Nevada. Super 8 Motel. 825 Super 8 Dr., I-80 Exit 231
    ph. (775) 635-8808
    price varies - over $92 in 2009, about $75 in 2010.
    Clean, nice. Indoor pool (nice). Expensive for Battle Mtn, but worth it.
    When I checked Tripadvisor in 2009, this was the only motel in BM that didn’t have bedbugs!
    Make a reservation - it fills up fast.

    9. Denio Junction, Nevada. There’s nothing here but the restaurant/bar/gas pump/motel. You can’t miss it!
    ph. (775) 941-0171
    There are only 6 rooms or so. Call ahead if you can’t camp - you have to go at least 100 miles if they are closed or booked up.
    (if that link doesn't work, google "denio junction motel")
    Funky. Our room (#1) didn’t lock. Can be loud if the bar is rowdy.

    10. Lakeview, Oregon. The Budget Inn. 411 North "F" Street.
    ph. (541) 947-2201
    $57 for one bed. $66 for 2 beds (ask for cash discount).
    Dumpy, but we like it. Stayed here 3 times and the clerk is really nice. Can be sketchy in the cleaning dept...
    Jan/2012 - Uh oh. looks like The BudGet In is the Executive Inn now?

    alternate: Best Western. Didn't actually stay at this one.
    Around $100 and not very bike friendly. Got dirty looks when I walked in with my helmet.

    11. Crescent, Oregon. Ugh - keep going! :deal
    We stayed at the Woodsman Country Lodge in 2009.
    They are assholes. Nice rooms, but the owner (Barb) is horrible.
    You can read about our experience here:
    If you must stay here, make sure you call ahead and make a reservation.
    They will NOT give you a room if they see a bike or helmet!

    12. Port Orford, Oregon. In 2009, we couldn’t get a room in Port Orford - everything shuts down at 9pm!
    We continued down the road to Arizona Beach (about 11 miles).
    Arizona Beach Lodge. 37015 Arizona Beach Road.
    Ph. (541) 332-1001
    These folks were so nice, we went out of our way to stay here in 2010 (when we could have stayed anywhere).

    Make sure you double check all the info before you leave.

    I may have made typos or the info may change.
    (Tried to update the links january 2012)
    Denio Junction (#9) is esp. hard to get a hold of, you may have to call several times.

    Okay, you guys - hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!
    Time to break out Pee Wee's Christmas special...


    take care and ride safe!

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    Happy Holidays LittleWan and BigWan. :freaky
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    :wave LittleWan!

    Once again you've increased my cultural knowledge with that PeeWee Herman Christmas video. :clap :clap :clap

    Have a good holiday!
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    Great summary of info, LittleWan.
  18. katoomryder

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    finally finished reading your great RR!! Thanks so much for putting all this info up here for the rest of us. I'm planning a TAT trip next summer, with all the links and such you put here, it'll save a lot of reseach time.

    Thanks again for taking us along! :freaky :clap
  19. LittleWan

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    up on the pegs, in CA
    katoomryder - glad to help and hope you have a great trip! :D

    :wave WOXOF, Nixels, LionBR...
    Thanks, you guys!

    I used to make BigWan watch that Pee Wee xmas special every 3-4 years, until our VCR died.
    After seeing that clip yesterday, I was inspired to find a torrent - now I've got the whole special on a thumbdrive. :evil
    A little goes a long way, though. :huh
    I'm good til Christmas 2014!

    Oh, but real quick - you should see Laurence Fishburne as Cowboy Curtis...

    Man, I'm really going to miss having a place to dump out my bookmarks. This report made such a nice repository for random shit. :lol3

    Just in case you missed the WTF? links,
    here's a nice catchy one for the holidays...

    Make ukuleles your favorite!


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    ... still one of the best ride reports on ADV. I was thinking I would have to start from the beginning again.:clap

    Cheers, Guy
    aka canuk_guy