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    New bike means new tool kit! Here's what I've got so far for the 690.

    I'm a fan of the modular approach a few people have mentioned in this thread already. I keep some basics on the bike at all times for commuting, running around town, etc. (quarter for size reference)

    The combo 10/13mm is for chain adjustments, though in hindsight I could probably leave this one out from every day carry since the chain will be right before I leave the house.
    The pliers are often redundant since I have a leatherman with me a lot of the time, but not always.
    Zip ties and bailing wire - pretty obvious.
    The MP Tool is the KTM version - basically it comes with less screwdrivers and more Torx bits. I added a t20, and I may need to add the extra hex bit MP sells. I'm aware of the issues with the driver on the MP tool, but it's been good for so far.

    When I'm heading off road, I take a "trail pack", which all packs into a 5 liter Wolfman 303 with room to spare.

    Spare 21" tube, MP combo tire levers, quick steel, nitro tape, snap jack.
    One baggie has CO2 cartidges. The other is the tire goodie bag - bead buddy, spare valve core, valve core tool, CO2 inflator, tire gauge.
    Upon review, I'm seeing some room for improvement. I don't think I need all of the quick steel, which means I could put it in the bag with the nitro tape. I don't have a backup tire pump - so a small hand pump should get added. And some bigger zip ties. And some tube patches.

    The MP Chain Tool is just that along with some spare chain and a couple master links. The pouch has extra space in it, so I also threw in a 14mm wrench (needed to use the tool), lock tite, and some spare hardware. I may put the 10/13mm combo in there instead.

    When heading out on a big trip I'd pack things differently, and would add an 18" tube, spark plug socket, and some extra wrenches.
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    Looks interesting, but I'd worry about the torque on the ratcheting mechanism when used in the T handle configutation.
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    Quick follow up to my post from about a month ago. Just today DeWalt got back to me with this info on their stubby ratcheting combination wrenches:
    As I mentioned in that earlier post, I was pulling as hard as I could on a 13mm and only generating ~30Nm. So, ganging up wrenches would give you about twice the leverage (60Nm) which would still be lower than the maximum tested value.
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    As I have not yet read all 238 pages of this I hope nobody else has suggested it yet, but here's mine: soldering tape; it weighs about as much as dandruff and can save the day used with that Bic lighter you carry:
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