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The Vancouver Island 1000km loop

Discussion in 'Canada' started by shuswap1, Feb 6, 2020.

  1. shuswap1

    shuswap1 Long timer

    Mar 30, 2014
    British Columbia, Canada
    Apparently this ride needs some political help, to actually complete the last small portion of the loop.

    Posted from facebook:
    Some pressure needs to be directed at Tahsis council to get moving on building the Tahsis - Zeballos connector. It'll be great for their local economy. Pleas email...

    Martin Davis Mayor
    Phone: (250) 934-6344
    Email: mayor@villageoftahsis.com

    Bill Elder Councillor
    Phone: (250) 934-6344
    Email: belder@villageoftahsis.com

    Sarah Fowler Councillor
    Phone: (250) 934-6344
    Email: sfowler@villageoftahsis.com

    Lynda Llewellyn Councillor
    Phone: (250) 934-6344
    Email: lynda@villageoftahsi
  2. Maggot12

    Maggot12 U'mmmm yeaah!!

    Feb 21, 2010
    Canada's ocean playground
    That would be an outstanding trek...

    Hard to get an appreciation for the terrain but I assume it would take a few days to get through.
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  3. filterwrench

    filterwrench Been here awhile

    Apr 26, 2013
    Langley BC CANADA
    Probably would not even be possible in 2 days the section from CR to Gold River is mostly C+ 2 track built by the CR ATV club. The time estimates for the trail once fully completed is 5 days The north island has a lot of interesting places and things to see but its a remote area with most of the real gems in hard to find places that usually require hiking in on rugged goat trails. Everything grows in fast up there including FSRs so maintaining the sections of that trail that are not regularly traveled will be expensive requiring government funding.