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    Road to Magadan

    As we were preparing this trip around the world (, we were looking to find some information’s about road from Ulan Ude through Cita and Jakutsk to Magadan. Actually it was difficult to find all info on one place but I think we haven’t found enough. Most of the information’s we have received from one journalist from Jakutsk.

    Since we have been over that road recently, we have decided to write a short description for all of those planning to drive this route. The route on which we were driving was:
    Ulan Ude – Chita – Skovordino – Tynda – Nerjungri – Tommot – Jakutsk – Ust Nera- Magadan.

    Reaching Chita from Ulan Ude is easy. You have to drive 700 km and that’s it  Road from Chita to Jakutsk is more difficult. Road from Chita to Skovordino - a point where you turn left, heading Jakutsk is quite ok. There are lots of places where they are still repairing the road but it is ok. When you turn left, towards Tynda, thing are starting to be difficult. Road is in really bad condition most of the time. Until you reach Jakutsk, road will be bad. Dirt road with stones, sand but can be driven  120 km before Jakutsk there is around 20km of asphalt and then again dirt road to Jakutsk. When you reach Jakutsk, turn left to cross Lena river - if you want to visit Jakutsk. There are ferries going to Jakutsk all the time. This is the only way to reach city. Price is 95 rub (bit more than 3 dollars for person and bike. Actually this is price only for 1 person, they do not charge bikes). Be aware that ferries are starting practically from the beach and sand is deep enough to make you problems, especially on Jakutsk side, where beach is steep. If you need any kind of support in Jakutsk, you can always call +7 924 664 84 24 or +7 924 662 60 60. His name is Slava and with his brother he has service called AVTOSERVIS in Ocicenko street in Jakutsk. They have tools and knowledge and they can fix practically everything on your bikes. Service is really cheap. They stayed with us two whole nights in order to repair and prepare our bikes.
    If you decide not to turn left and continue towards Magadan, first 200km will be a bit difficult to drive. The next step is to reach Aldan river and wait for the ferry to go across. Ferry goes twice per day (9AM and 9PM). We had luck that ferry came for the third time around 11 PM. Captain and crew were drunk and they have managed to find some sand in the middle of the river and we were stuck until 8AM there. Normally, ride lasts for 1 hour and 20 minutes. Comparing to Jakutsk, ferry is expensive and costs 700 rub (23 USD) for person and bike. From this point, you will have maybe 50 km of bad road and then nice one starts. When you reach part where old and new road are separating (from this point you have 266 km to Ust Nera) road will be excellent. If you are willing to turn right and try old Road of Bones, please talk first to locals. All bridges on old road are down and rivers might be too high for motorcycles. If you decide to use new road, from this point you will have very good road in next 200-300 km.

    Before you reach Magadan, last 150km are asphalt. Route Jakutsk – Magadan is 2,100km.


    You should use every opportunity to refuel. Most parts of road to Magadan have gas stations but always be prepared to have enough for at least 300km. Prices of 92 octane gas vary from 27 to 35 rub. Not every gas station has 92 octane gasoline. We had 4 flat tires on this road. In Russia, tire repair shop is called “SINOMONTAZ” and every village has at least one.


    We were warned that there is lot of bears in this part of the world and that we should be putting tent in villages or near places where people live or work. We have slept mostly in two areas: on DPS (police) checkpoints and in small road bases where vehicles for road maintenance are parked. Workers are sleeping in those vehicles and all of them are more than willing to help, to give you food or water, if you need. One of them told us a story about two British motorcycle drivers that have stopped on his parking/base in order to try to put a tent. He said he went over there to offer them tea or coffee and they have escaped. During this running away one of them fell from his bike and other lost his sleeping bag. Russian people are very friendly and will help you in any way. In other road base, watchmen gave us a room where we can sleep. Police will let you put the tent on the checkpoint.


    Prices in Jakutia and in Magadan are high (comparing to prices in Montenegro). 1L of milk is 50 rub (around 1.6 USD), bread is 40 rub, water is around 50 rub, 1L of juice can go up to 120 rub… Try to use small cafés in villages where truckers are eating. There you can eat two eggs and bacon for 30 of 40 rub, which is considered as cheap. Prices for guest houses and hotels – In Jakutsk we have rented a 3 bed room in private apartment for 15 USD per person/per day. In Magadan, hotel price was 3800 rub (122 USD) in room with 3 beds. If you need a taxi (and in Magadan you will need one because they will load your motorcycle much before you leave), mostly for city routes, they are charging 120 rub (4USD). Finding internet in Jakutsk is easy. If you have your own laptop you can pay 50 rub per hour and use WiFi. If not, there are around 20 PC-s to be used for internet. Central internet café in Jakutsk is located within biggest city cinema. In Magadan there are NO internet cafés. We had wireless in hotel but were working only for 2 minutes. Local time in Jakutsk is +9 GMT and in Magadan is +11 GMT.

    Shipping from Magadan

    From Magadan we wanted to go to Vladivostok. Ship is the only way  We went to harbor and we got following price: 20,000 rub for 3 bikes and 18,000 rub for 3 persons. That is around 1,220 USD for 3 persons and 3 bikes, which is 700 USD cheaper than offers we have received from agencies. We had luck, because next ship was in 5 to 7 days. We have used ship called “PIONER KORSAKOVA’ Ship is 130 m long. You will get normal cabin, have 4 meals per day (at 08h, 12h, 16h and 20h). Crew is nice and polite. On board you have a place to wash your clothes, iron your things, and watch TV and DVD. Prepare yourself for 5 days ride. We did not have anything with us – not books, music, and movies.

    We were driving Chita-Jakutsk for 3.5 days and Jakutsk – Magadan 4 days. Some say it can be done faster but we think that even those 7.5 days that we were driving are too fast, since you do not get to see too much.
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    This is good, useful information.
    Thanks for taking the time to post. :thumb
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    Thank you so much for details. I'm planning a trip to Altanbulag, Russia to Magadan in next may via old summer. Is it a death wish?