Thomson Illinois Track

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    Here is a track derived from my “NorthwestILBigBike” track that has been earlier posted. This is a shorter version utilizing some of the same roads but with different routes added as well as some notable waypoints. This track is more enjoyable ridden counterclockwise. If the weather ever cooperates I will add some photo’s later. The track starts and ends at the Thomson Causeway Campground in Thomson Illinois and is 187 miles in length. If you arrive from the south a trip to the windmill along the river in Fulton is worth a stop. This is best suited for a larger bike but gravel roads are used extensively. There is a half mile long dirt road west of the Blackhawk monument that will give you trouble if it is wet and I mean real serious trouble. If it is dry you best like face slappers and deep ruts. You have been warned. There is an easy go around past the egg farm if you are not feeling frisky that day. Highlights include; Palisades State Park, the former Savanna Army Depot, Blackhawk Battlefield park, old bridges, rail tunnels, the Raven’s Grin “experience”, Blanding Tavern, Iron Horse Social Club and motorcycle collection, Mississippi River and its bluffs, winding elevation changes, flora, fauna and a tattoo/food/whiskey bar named Poopy’s. Enjoy and ride safely. I have attached the .gpx but you can also download the file here. Link to Thomson track from another site.

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    Thank you sir -- looks like a great way to kcik off the riding season!