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    Apr 12, 2016
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    First post in the Face Plant (now moved to the perfect line) - no accident, but I saw my maker. I drew you a picture (below) so it would make sense - I hope it does.

    Quick background:

    - 2006 Yamaha Stratoliner. Just purchased it. Last night I removed and lubed both the clutch and brake lever pivot pins.

    - 8/14/17 - Our family's 12 year-old yellow lab (Scout) had seizure and didn't fully recover. We decided we were going to put him down tomorrow (8/15/17, today).

    - Today 6AM - made it to work fine, noticed clutch engagement was different.

    - Today 11:30am - left work early for vet appointment to put Scout down ($165)

    - Today 11:45am - Clutch slipping in 5th gear. Pulled over and discovered I didn't assemble the pivot correctly. Did a quick side of the road fix - had tools - no issue.

    The $hit Hit the Fan:

    - Today 11:50 am - See pic below. I was crossing the intersection from the east to the west, my path is the RED line.

    - CAR A and B - Car A was stopped at a red light. It turned green and he wasn't going. Car B was honking at him to GO!!!! I estimate 7-10 seconds of green light passed before car A moved.

    - Car C and D - Were waiting for A and B to go. Car C and D had a flashing yellow intersection turn signal - yield to oncoming traffic, but can turn if clear.

    - Me - Happily passed car A and B in the slow lane because they were stopped - duh!

    - Car C and D - decided to GO GO GO because fucking car A was checking email or douching - either way.

    - Me - Some how - I passed between car C and D at 50 mph, not hardly having time to apply brakes or react (glad I didn't). C and D could not see me, not their fault. C and D we moving fast because they were trying to beat A and B through the dumbass intersection. There was 10-15' between C and D - make sense?

    Lessons learned:
    Test ride bike after service, if it don't feel right, fix it.
    12 year-old dogs die, which is sad.
    1 euthanasia is better than 2, in most cases.
    Don't trust intersections - ever.
    Flashing yellow intersection turn signals suck for motorcycles

    I am glad to be here.

    Beware the Flashing Yellow Turn Signal!.JPG

    Here is Scout 11 years ago. He helped us raise 3 kids (now one more on the way). Loved by all. A good dog. After the seizure, he cannot walk, his back legs dont work, He is in pain. Bringing him to the vet now. :(

    Oh Scout.JPG

    Here is scout today. The kids are taking it hard.
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    I'm glad you're still here! I was rear ended hard on March 25, very happy to still be here.

    My condolences on your fur-baby. Been there myself, having rescued cats and dogs for over 40 years. We do what needs to be done. Thank YOU for caring!
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    May 8, 2015
    Glad you made it through the traffic incident!
    Dogs- Sorry for your loss- it sucks.
    My German/Aussie mix will be 12 in a month. Best dog I ever had! She is slowing down quite a bit- I already tear up thinking about whats coming way too soon.
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    Dec 31, 2012
    You must have been lucky....glad it turned out ok....
    Sorry for your loss...been there too many times current adoptee is 13 years old and doing fantastically...but we know it's round the corner...remember how fantastic he
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    It's one of those things too easy to forget. Glad you got a safe reminder. We've probably all made that mistake at least once.

    I'm sorry for your loss of Scout.
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    Dec 7, 2012
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    Sorry about Scout , really. Watch out for impatient people , which we All get that way from time to time. Yesterday on my ride home , got to a 4 way. Horn was blaring for the 2nd car to my right. 1st car goes , I proceed out (my turn) and jackwagon in SUV holding the horn down has decided he doesn't need to stop at the sign because apparently the rule is "I waited long enough behind the car that took too long , so I'm blowing off the stop sign". Anyway.......
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  7. TripleDaddy

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    Sorry to hear about your pooch; you gave him a good, long life with your family. Nice job.

    Your near miss shows how easy it is to get distracted by things going on in your life. Hopefully your story helps others remain vigilant.
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    Oct 18, 2012
    Very sorry to hear about Scout. We have a situation like that brewing ourselves. Not looking forward to it. I also know that loss, even impending loss, is a powerful enough influence to mess up your judgement. I've fallen prey to it myself.

    With a clear head I think you would have known that if you approach an intersection on a green, but the lane on your left isn't moving for reasons you can't ascertain, that's a big, flapping red flag. Something unusual is happening (or not happening, but still unusual). You may not have been able to see cars C & D, but you knew there was a potential threat in what you couldn't see beyond the weirdness on your left. You know this. But in the moment you were pre-occupied and "Happily passed car A and B in the slow lane because they were stopped - duh!"

    Getting such an up-close look at that dark 6' deep hole gives you some perspective, doesn't it?

    You're not yourself. And rest assured, you won't be for days to come. Don't ride. Or if you have to, get your head in the game and ride safe. Your family has enough to deal with, and we'd like you to stick around too.

    May Scout rest in peace. Seems like you gave him a pretty great life.
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    Aug 17, 2017
    That definitely sounds a scary event!

    Sorry about Scout. Truly the worst part of having pets.

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    Aug 1, 2004
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    Sep 18, 2012


    Say hi to Sonny for me, buddy.....RIP
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    Oct 23, 2012
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    Sorry about your dog. Your near miss is exactly how my first accident (in a car) happened back in May of 1971. Inattentive folks that didn't go right away, I came up on the right lane, which was clear, guy in the oncoming lane was quick on the trigger to turn left, and I T-boned him squarely at about 35-40 mph. He tried to say I was speeding; the cop had none of it. He was driving a company car from Booth Fisheries; I was in my Rambler American convertible. Got more than I paid for it. Rambler drove really funny the rest of the summer until I sold it for about 100 bucks when I left for college. I kept it that long because of the seats that folded to make a flat surface. :feelgood.
    I haven't forgotten that situation since, and when I saw your diagram it immediately got my pulse going. I knew what happened and that time long ago flashed before my eyes.
    And now I'm thinking of the GF I had then that I needed that car for. I shouldn't. I'm sure she is old and fat by now anyway.
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    Been there with you having to put down a 12 year friend.You just never seem to get over those things.Mourn for a proper time,then get another 4 legged friend.It will help.
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