Thumbs up for STG !!!

Discussion in 'Vendors' started by Swampthing, Dec 22, 2006.

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    Mar 8, 2006
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    Yeah, I know, Sportbike Track Gear ( )doesn't sound like it would be a great place for an ADV rider to shop...but...

    They have an excellent deal going on Scorpin EXO700 helmets at $149 shipping included, AND my experience with them was fantastic from a customer service standpoint.

    I placed an order online, then 5 minutes later I decided I also wanted to order the Aero Skirt helmet accessory, so I called to make sure they could just throw it in the box with the helmet (to avoid a shipping charge).

    Again, this was 5 MINUTES AFTER I PLACED AN ORDER ONLINE. I was amazed when I called and the gentleman on the phone said he had my helmet boxed up and labeled, ready to send out! He gladly opened it up and added the accessory, and said I might see the shipment next day...I was skeptical to say the least.:huh

    Now granted, they are not that far away...Shelby, Mi. and I'm in Northwest Ohio...but still, I placed my order about 2:30 pm, and it arrived at my door before 11:00a.m. today!! Great service from them and UPS!!!:clap

    I'll post a helmet review in the equipment forum after I've had a chance to put some miles on with the helmet, but first impression is this thing is NICE! The anti-fog shield really works! :clap

    Anyway, plenty of vendors get bashed (deservedly so) for lousy service or products, so I thought I would give everyone a heads up about a great vendor experience.:freaky