Tire Compare E07+ Dakar/ TKC70/ Shinko 705 (with cross section of each) on Super Tenere

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    Feb 18, 2017
    So it was a great summer with a lot of miles and the chance to do back to back comparisons on different tires.
    My bike is a 2014 Super Tenere. The only time I rode the bike was when it was fully loaded. I put each wheel on a digital scale rather than guess or only have combined weight.
    My front was 330 LBS
    My rear was 488 LBS
    I spent 2.5 months on the road this summer. Most of the time I was in the Arctic (far northwest) and carried an extra 5 gallons gas (very much needed) and 3 gallons of water.
    I started with a Mitas E07 Dakar on the front and E07+ Dakar on the rear. I left on June 6th and was in cooler temps. I rode across northern USA, thru Canada, North Canol and up the Dempster to Tuk. I did this same trip in 2017 with the original E07 Dakar and I saw I was wearing the E07+ Dakar much faster. I got to Fairbanks with a worn out E07+ at 6200 miles.
    I put on a Continental TKC70. I then rode to Prudhoe Bay among many other rough dirt roads then returned home riding over 850 miles at 90°+. That tire lasted 7800 miles. I then tried a Shinko 705. That tire saw a lot more tar and 90°+ for half of its miles. It was also abused a lot on many Wyoming forest roads to 105° in Nevada and Utah. I got 7650 miles from it.
    The front Mitas E07 Dakar is the same for all summer with 24,000 miles and still going.
    I just put on a Shinko 804/805 Big Block. I got out last weekend and was really impressed. The bike is so neutral when in a corner. I got some dirt in but not enough to know yet.

    Bike the day I left

    Mitas E07+ Dakar at 6200 miles

    Continental TKC70 with 7800 miles

    Shinko 705 with 6750 miles

    Cross section of Mitas E07 Dakar (E07 with 14,500 miles) and KTC70. I couldn't get a cross section of the E07+ Dakar because I had it changed in Fairbanks but I also wanted to see how thick the Mitas Dakar tires really were.
    20190809_095409.jpg 20190809_095354.jpg

    Cross section of the Shinko 705

    Front E07 and still going

    Just mounted Shinko 804/805 Big Block
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    Sep 5, 2017
    Thanks for posting. I’m jealous of your trip. I need to do that before I get too much older. Let me know if your open for long distance trip planning advice.
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    Feb 18, 2017
    Haha, I'm 51. People tell me I'm too old to be going what I do. Never listen and never give up!!!!

    The ride report I did was mostly around the Artic part of my ride. I still did a few weeks in Colorado, Utah, more Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. I wasn't sure it was worth writing about but those areas can be just as exciting as riding the North Canol.

    If doing these rides will be solo, I feel good planning and having back-up plans for anything you can think of is mandatory.

    I'm always open to talk with anyone who wants trip planning advice. I've got 400,000 miles of riding and 17 years of road racing so it goes without saying that bikes are my life.
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    Nov 28, 2009
    Bavaria, Germany
    thanks for the comparison of these tires.
    I´m Looking for a Long life tire for my Mongolia trip.
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    pittsburgh pa usa
    on my fifth set of 804/805, my favorite tire for a big ATV bike ( Super Tenere / GS1200 )

    Good Tire comparison!
  6. Bigguy136

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    Feb 18, 2017
    I wish winter wasn't approaching so quickly as i would like to get a few rides in with my new 804/805. I have maybe 300 miles on it. So far, it feels the best of all tires used this summer.
    I'm glad you are having good luck with 5 sets on a big adv bike.
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