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tires for the 1150GS

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by Pete Carter, Oct 8, 2002.

  1. Pete Carter

    Pete Carter Adventurer

    Aug 20, 2002
    What are the tire alternatives to the Tourance for my 1150GS?
  2. mleir

    mleir Evil Doer

    Apr 3, 2002
    Mpls MN
    I can't remeber who posted this before but here is the low down on tirees from a German mag:

    The German magazine MO BMW tested the available tires for the R11.. GS. In short the translation:

    Metezler Tourance;
    easy and light cornering,great grip on wet and dry roads,
    little restles in corners under hard riding/ heavy load and two-up, sandroads are no problem,
    to little negative profile for real offroad.
    high milage
    set price = 204 Euro

    Michelin T66 X;
    Maximum corner stabilaty even under max. load,
    good grip on dry warm roads, slippery on wet roads,
    much cupping on front tire,
    handling is average.
    profile fills-up fast in offroad conditions.
    very high milage.
    set price = 232 Euro

    Bridgestone TW 101/152G;
    Handles very good, soft rubber mix,
    good in corners on dry roads, mediocre on wet roads,
    stabilaty on hard cornering and topspeed is also mediocre,
    tendency to raise the bike in corners when breaking.
    only dry dirt roads,
    Low milage.
    set price = 228 Euro

    Dunlop D604;
    Handling in dry and wet conditions is OK,
    Very high stabilaty but no "tiredampning" there for feels a little wooden...
    Steering into corner is averidge
    wider profile, so better offroad tire then most
    Good milage.
    set price = 220 Euro

    Dunlop D 60;
    New, street oriented tire, max. grip, stabilaty and cornering
    no other input available.

    Pirelli MT 90 S/T;
    Hard rubber mix, not good handling in wet conditions,
    average grip on dry roads, mediocre handling,
    very high straight stabilaty,
    feels little wooden....acceptable offroad handling on dry grounds.
    exctreme high milage.
    set price = 213 Euro

    Metzeler Enduro 4;
    The secret tip, Impressive easy and fast cornering,
    very good grip in dry and wet conditions,
    compared to the competition good offroad tire,
    milage almost the same as Tourance.
    set price = 203 Euro

    Avon Distanzia AM 43/44;
    Brilliant on asphalt, best handling on dry road,
    endless grip in cornering,
    good contact on wet roads and good cornerstabilaty
    mediocre offroad
    high milage
    set price = 209

    Continental TKC 80;
    soft rubber compound,
    warms-up quickly,
    has unexpected good grip on, wet and dry, cold asphalt roads,
    not good "wobbly/spongy" feeling in corners,
    Good tire in mud and snow conditions.
    very low milage, speed limmit 100 mlh
    set price = 225 Euro

    Later this year Continental will bring the new "ESCAPE" with more asphalt capability then the TKC 80.

    Sorry for the translation errors but this German-English translation stretched my capabilitys beyond my Dutch limmits.
  3. Hacksaw

    Hacksaw Long timer

    Nov 9, 2001
    Southeast Texas
    Unless your going to be doing a bunch of dirt, Tourance's are hard to beat. Just my $.02.:1drink